What is a bridle for a horse

From the outside it seems that riding a horse is not so difficult, but already the stage of development of horses becomes an insurmountable barrier for many beginner riders. The most important part of the seat belt is the bridle for the horse; it is worn directly on the horse’s head. ReachGoal (‘sood’); “>

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 Horse bridle

Horse bridle

what is the bridle in horses, which bridle is considered the most suitable, whether it is possible to use a rope halter. You also need to understand what the main differences between the subspecies of the bridle are and what the concept of “horse halter” means.

What is a bridle for a horse

A bridle for a horse is a means by which the mare is controlled. Externally, the bridle can be compared with the muzzle, which we used to see on dogs. However, things are not so simple for horses: it is important to know which bridle option is best suited in which case and what is the difference between their structure.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is bit off. This is an iron part that should be in the horse’s mouth.It is the fishing rod that allows you to turn in time, stop the horse, and also, if necessary, increase the speed of movement. Of course, the animal feels a certain discomfort, because a foreign object interferes in the mouth. However, for a person, the process of controlling a horse is much easier.

In addition to the bit, the standard elements of the bridle are considered:

  • belts located on the back of the head, chin, and on both cheeks;
  • capsule;
  • forehead;
  • reins.

The structure of the bridle

We will examine in more detail what is the structure of the bridle. The first part is a belt on the back of the head, it is needed so that the entire structure does not fly off the horse’s head. The lower belts located on the cheeks, or on the cheekbones, play the role of a connecting element, since they connect all the belts to each other, making the bridle a single device. The last belt, the chin, has recently been abolished, in a bridle of a new type it is almost impossible to meet him. Previously, its function was to stabilize the product on the horse’s head.

What is a capsule? A capsule is a mechanism that holds the bit in the mouth of an animal. Naturally, the horse by all means wants to get rid of fishing rods that interfere with normal swallowing and chewing, block the normal functioning of the tongue. So that she did not spit out the bit and the capsule was invented. Its place is located in the nose bridge of the animal.

The principles of the structure of the bridle

Principles of the structure of the bridle

What is forehead? This part has a more aesthetic load. Horse breeders make a beautiful decoration out of the headband, decorating it in every possible way with ribbons, sequins, stones and rhinestones, everything is limited only by the imagination of a person.

The last part of the bridle is the reins. Everyone has ever seen how they look in a photo or video. These are 2 ropes or ribbons of the same length, attached to the horse’s bit. You can buy them ready-made in a specialty store or make them yourself. It is with the help of the leash that the fishing rod is set in motion and the horse performs the required actions.

Types of bridles

Several types of bridles were developed so that each horseman could choose the one he would like soul, and will also correspond to the loads in which the horse is involved. We list the main types of bridles for horses and horses:

  • mouthpiece;
  • used for runs and walks;
  • western bridle;
  • a la cowboy, also used for bulls;
  • snaffle;
  • hakamor.


It’s time to find out how this or that reins model differs. We begin the description with the most commonly used snaffle bridle. It contains all the basic elements. The only thing the rider can refuse is a capsule.

There is a significant difference between this type of bridle and the rest, because standard bits are changed for snaffles made of iron and rubber, they can also be plastic. It is worth saying that snaffle bridles should only be used by those who are confidently holding the saddle and confident in the behavior and character of their horse.

Mouthpiece bridle

options, only in this case, additional fastening parts are installed on the headband for another fishing rod and reins.

This method allows you to maintain maximum control over the horse, most often used at times when the animal simply does not have the right to fail: at the races or important public events riyatiyah.

cowboy bridle

cowboy bridle does not include a set of standard cap, and a snaffle mouthpiece, including time as a standard set of 3 belts remains. At the same time, depending on how the occipital belt will be made, cowboy’s bridles are usually divided into 2 subspecies:

  • Slotted, when in the thick belt, often from the skin, 2 slots are made for horse ears.
  • A belt that involves slots for each auricle, and the size must be removed from the horse so that the product does not bring her discomfort while wearing. It is possible to sew such a bridle on a horse yourself, following simple recommendations.

Bridle for walking

In cities and small horse farms you can often find just such an option harness. What is its advantage? Riders note that it is quite easy to use: if a long horse ride is expected, the horse will definitely want to drink.

Having a walking bridle, it will be easy to give the horse a drink. To do this, with the help of simple manipulations, the bit is taken from the horse from the mouth, which gives him the opportunity to get plenty of drink and rest without the bridle dressed. A walking bridle for a horse is a kind of mixture between the standard bridle we talked about earlier and the halter.


This variant of the bridle suggests abandoning the use of conventional iron fishing rods , hakamor offers to control animals without their use. How, then, will control the behavior of the horse? Hakamor suggests that control will be carried out by exposing the horse to the nape and chin.

For example, it is advisable to use such a bridle if the horse is injured in the oral cavity or has bad teeth. Such a product is made strictly according to individual sizes, so that the mare in it is as comfortable as possible. Experienced horse breeders say that choosing the right bridle is a big half of riding success. This applies to both adults and foals.

Speaking about the selection and selection of bridles for horses, you need to be guided not only by the appearance and price of the product. Everything must be done to make the animal comfortable. Well, if this is a new product, which will be made strictly according to individual measurements, taking into account all the wishes and preferences. Trying is strictly obligatory, and it is necessary to carry out it only when the horse is standing, while acting very carefully and not making sudden movements.

What is a halter

Previously we mentioned such a thing as halter in the article, now it’s time to figure out what it is. This is a special device that serves as a reliable lock when the horse is standing. For example, a halter will be useful if you need to wash your horse or make any medical measures or scheduled examinations. In addition, using a halter can greatly facilitate the movement of an animal over short distances, for example, from one stall to another or to pasture.

Why does the product have such a name? The fact is that this is an imperfect bridle in which the most important element is missing – fishing.

What is a Halter

What is a halter

Recommendations for using a halter:

  • To use a halter you need to use it correctly, so if you need to get the horse out, you should keep the reins as close to the head as possible so that the horse feels that she is driven, and not vice versa.
  • When using a halter, always be on the left side. At the same time, it is necessary to keep up with the animal, not lagging behind, but not stepping forward.
  • You should always be on the alert, because even the kindest animal can show character and kick the person with a hoof.

Features of using a rope halter

A rope halter is most often used for the most delicate and sensitive horses. The horse owner has a choice whether to buy the product in the store or make it with his own hands at home, for this, nylon threads or twine used in yachting are suitable. Of course, if there are several individuals on the farm, you can’t talk about weaving a rope halter for a horse with your own hands, it is easiest to buy ready-made than to tie. Anyone who gives preference to just such an option should pay attention to the manufacturer’s company Schleich, the reviews about their products are mostly positive.

How to make a halter yourself, how to connect it correctly?Weaving the product will not be so easy, because the twine or thread will constantly slide in your hands, which will greatly complicate the weaving process. It also happens that an animal categorically refuses to use store halters, then a do-it-yourself halter will be more useful than ever. When creating it, it is possible to use a variety of weaving styles, but the most common one is nodal, where each knot should be located at a distance of about 2-5 cm from each other. More detailed description of it can be found on numerous video and photo instructions on the Internet.

What else you need to know about halters

There is no iron in the design of the halter, so there is total control over the horse will not be. A special plexus of threads that, like belts, wrap around a horse’s face helps to keep the animal on a leash. In connection with the special structure of the halter, it is important to remember precautions that will help protect both the animal itself and the person who is caring for it. In short, the outline of the rules required to comply is as follows?

  • Even if the halter is securely fastened, you cannot leave the mare or horse tied for a long time. A horse is a strong and powerful animal.
  • A horse cannot be allowed to frolic at the moment when a halter is fixed on it.
  • You can’t buy hand-made products, it is important to make the halter strictly according to individual measurements, so that it fits the size and characteristics of the physiological structure.
  • Ropes, even if braided in a special way, can injure a horse, so you can’t keep him on a leash for too long.

How to wear a halter

How to wear a halter? In order for the product to sit correctly, it is important to follow all recommendations. We describe the whole scheme in stages:

  • The first thing you need is to carefully examine the halter, it may have cracks or other damage, or it has changed its size. Leather halters are used longer than those made of ropes.
  • Stand on the left side of the animal and show a friendly mood.
  • With a sharp movement of the hand, throw a chombur on the horse’s neck, then unfasten the upper belt on the back of the head.
  • Proceed to straighten the lead ropes after the chumbur, if a rope halter is used, then put the bridle itself on the horse’s head, then close the carabiner.

When working for the first time you should not make sudden movements with the animal while throwing umbura. Also, you should never show your fear: the horses feel it. It is better to wait for the time when the horse will be more located.

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Now you know how to choose the right bridle, how to make a bridle for a horse with his own hands. In conclusion, we say that all of the above devices are designed to simplify the care of horses, as well as the implementation of control over them. It is important to choose the right bridle or halter model, use it only for its intended purpose and according to the instructions exactly as long as it will be in normal condition, that is, without cracks and holes.

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