Description of the horses of the breed Rysak

Rysaki horses are popular due to the fact that they are better than other breeds adapted to harness. The fact that they are trotting has enabled them to become indispensable in this matter.

  1. History of the origin of the breed
  2. Appearance of the horse
  3. Breeding trotter
  4. How to feed the trotters
  5. Caring for the Trotter
  6. Diseases
  7. Conclusion

Характеристика лошадей породы Рысак

Characteristics of the horses of the breed Rysak

The trotter is an energetic variety, and this quality is passed down from generation to generation, and it is because of this that the species is most often bred in pedigree factories. Having such a horse is a great success, Veda it will not only become a good helper, but also a true friend. The historical place of occurrence of the breed is Russia.

The history of the origin of the breed

Orlovsky trotter is a breed that It is best suited for riding and racing, which is often used at racetracks, which was brought up by the commander of the Russian fleet, Alexei Orlov. The breeding began with the fact that Orlov was presented with a horse. After the trotter, they were mixed with females of various breeds.

The presented horse did not live even a year, but still was able to leave offspring. The Danish female gave birth to a foal, which was eventually mixed with a Dutch horse. As a result, a baby appeared who became a producer of the breed.

Appearance of the horse

The lobster horse is one of the largest among congeners.The height of its withers can reach 170 cm. The length of the body is within 160 cm. The size of the belt is approximately 20.3 cm. The chest volume is about 180 cm.

Due to the fact that the trotter, – This is a dimensional horse, its weight is about 550 kg. The breed has a harmonious physique. His head is small and his neck is gracefully arched. The mane is thick, the tail is long and fluffy. Massive muscles and strong legs.

Внешний вид Рысака

Appearance of the Trotter

Often horse breeders breed Rysakov in order to participate in all kinds of competitions. The main type of suit of these horses is gray, but the animal can have a black color.

Trotter breeding

A trotter is a horse that develops rapidly and conceive she can already be at the age of 3.

A male can look after his female for a whole year, but activity is most often manifested in the spring. How easily a mare can become pregnant depends on estrus. This process should occur monthly and lasts from 3 to 7 days. When estrus comes to an end, ovulation begins, which lasts for 2 days.

You can bring horses at home in a variety of ways. Most often it depends on the type of content. One mare may have one 1 or 2 stallions. At home, the process can be completely controlled by a person.

Случка лошадей

Horse case

Main types of case :

  1. In the herds. The process takes place, as in the wild: the male chooses the female himself.
  2. Manual method. A man picks up 2 horses of different sexes and places them in a corral. The host can fully control this process.
  3. Cooking method. 5 mares and one male are placed in the pen. If the trotter constantly selects one female, it must be removed. And so on until the male pays attention to everyone.
  4. The artificial method of fertilization depends entirely on the person. The veterinarian comes and launches the stallion sperm in the mare, after which it remains only to wait, if the female is not pregnant, then the process repeats again.

To get good horses of the Rysak breed, you need to select only the best males. The rest should be neutered. The same applies to horses that engage in heavy transportation.

How to feed the trotters

Trotter is an active breed that needs good nutrition and maintenance. Horses are herbivorous creatures, so grass and hay are the basis of their diet. But for the trotter to develop normally, he needs about 2 tons of oats, 500 kg of bran and 1 ton of root crops. The trotter should eat salt, which is best mixed with basic nutrition. One horse should receive 13 kg per year.

Питание Рысака

Rysak food

Breed with pleasure eats vegetables and fruits, so you can safely give her representatives seasonal products. In the warm period, animals can be grazed: this will help to equip the mount to fresh grass. It is forbidden to graze horses in the fields where clover, alfalfa and legumes grow.

The trotter drinks a lot, so he needs to be given 80 liters of water a day. In general, the amount of food and drink depends on the loads a horse receives per day. The more there are, the more liquid and food should be in the diet.

Caring for a Trotter

To ride a horse, you must carefully look after it. But this does not mean at all that the horse should be simply fed and watered.

The trotter care consists in:

  • brushing the coat;
  • washing;
  • cleaning hooves;
  • horseshoe.

Such actions should be carried out once a week. To clean the hair of a Trotter you need to use a special brush. Moreover, for the mane and tail, it should be stiff, but for the remaining parts – soft. Brushing wool begins with the head and ends with croup. Such actions must be carried out on both sides.

To comb out the mane trotter, you need to take a comb with small teeth. Some horse breeders braid horses with a mane in a braid. With the tail, you can carry out exactly the same manipulations.When cleaning, carefully inspect the horse for scratches or more serious damage. After training or hard work, the trotter must be wiped with a damp cloth.

Правильный уход за Рысаками

Proper care of the Trotters

It is recommended to bathe the breed only in the warm period, because in winter the animals have a high probability of catching a cold. It is necessary to pay attention to the trotter’s hooves: they must also be cleaned regularly. To do this, you must prepare a stiff brush and a hook with a blunt end in advance.

It is imperative to shoe trotters who work hard or participate in horse racing. You do not need to do this yourself – you should seek the help of a specialist. He will clean the hooves of dirt and bend the horse. A similar procedure is carried out every 1.5 months.


A trotter, like any other creature, can get sick. To make a correct diagnosis, you must seek the help of a veterinarian. Only after a series of examinations he will prescribe treatment.

There are some symptoms that every breeder should know about in order to provide first aid during the horse.

The diseases are divided into infectious and non-infectious.The most common are:

  • tetanus;
  • rabies;
  • flu;
  • anemia;
  • gastrostylosis ;
  • toxoplasmosis;
  • arthritis;
  • mastitis;
  • cataract;
  • abscess.

This is a small part of the ailments that the trotter can be subjected to, so you should carefully monitor the health of the horses. The causes of the symptoms are different: often horses are poisoned by poisonous plants, fall, injure, etc. If the pet refuses to eat, his temperature rises, you should seek help from a specialist.

With parasitic diseases, approximately the same symptoms appear. The only exception is temperature: in this case, it may not rise. At the same time, if a horse is ill with an infectious disease, it is urgent to contact the veterinary service: such diseases can be transmitted to people and often not treated. Often sick animals are killed and burned.


Over the past century, the species has changed, its representatives have become more hardy and large. Today, having such a breed is an indicator of status. Many are trying to improve this type. Due to the fact that the economic situation is unstable, a number of problems arise, the main of which is that there are not enough stallions for all females. You need to hire a person who can artificially impregnate the girl, and this time and a lot of money.

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