Description of horses of Arden breed

The Ardenne horse is a special breed of horse. Animals first appeared on the lands of Belgium, from where they were brought to the Roman Empire.

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Horse of Arden breed

Horse of arden breed

The horse is ideal for carrying heavy loads. No modern equipment is capable of carrying the load along the paths along which the horse can go.

Appearance of the Ardenne breed of horses is quite severe, but its representatives are very obedient and easy to train. These are indispensable helpers on a farm for farmers. This breed is also an excellent supplier of horse meat due to its body structure.

Mention in World History

The great commander Julius Caesar mentioned these horses, recalling the battle with the Gauls. Caesar described hardy horses with pronounced musculature and powerful body structure. According to the remains of the skeleton found by archaeologists, it was clear that the average height of the Ardenes at that time was 150 cm.

The initial appearance was significantly different from how these horses look now. Horses were smaller, and in those days heavy trucks were in demand. As a result, purebred horses of the Ardenne breed were crossed with a massive Brabancon. As a result, they got a completely new look, characterized by a large physique and great weight.

The first mares of the Arden breed died, giving birth to foals from the Brabansons.Some received back injuries incompatible with life while mating. This was partly the reason why the experiments stopped, and purebred Ardenes survived to the present day.


The Ardenne breed of horses is characterized by massiveness and well-developed muscles. p30>

The limbs of the horses are thick, resembling the legs of a heavy-duty breed. There is a tradition: upon reaching maturity, the horse is trimmed with a tail along the most mobile vertebra, thereby protecting it for the entire period of its further life.

The color of the horse of the Arden breed can be a roan, gray, red, bay.

Description of Arden breed horse

Description of the horse of the Ardennes breed

At the withers the horse reaches 170 cm. The circumference of the chest is an average of 190-220 cm. The circular circumference of the metacarpus of horses is 22-35 cm. The average mass of the horse is 700-800 kg.

The Ardenne breed of horses came to the territory of Russia in the 19th century. Based on the results of crossbreeding of the Arden and Brabarson breeds, they bred their appearance in Russia. Today, the Arden horses are bred on the lands of Austria, Hungary, Argentina.


Pregnancy lasts 11 months: approximately 320-345 days.

The better care and nutrition, the faster the mare will give birth. In the second half of pregnancy, the animal is recommended to be transferred to lightweight work.

Without complications, labor takes place within 45 minutes. After about 30 minutes after the appearance of the calf, the last leaves. After a couple more hours, the mare is given hay and water. During this time, the foal independently gets to its feet and begins to feed on mother’s milk.


Every self-respecting owner of these animals must have a stable, a fenced area for walking, a dry storage for feed, a place for inventory. Cook has already been mentioned, in caring for animals it is important:

  • Stable. The room where the horses will be located must meet certain standards. The stable should be well lit and ventilated. It needs to install ventilation and windows. They should be located slightly above the head of the horse. The breed is very sensitive to cold and moisture, therefore, in the stable, the temperature should be within 18 ° C. The stable should fit the size of the horse. The room should be spacious.
The stable should fit the horse

The stable should be sized horses

  • Feeding troughs and drinking bowls. When designing, one should take into account where the nursery, the feeder will be located, how to properly and conveniently attach the drinking bowl and where to equip a place for additional feeding. The feeder is recommended to be installed at the chest chest level: the animal will not have to strain the cervical vertebrae, leaning too low.As for the drinking bowl, it is fastened firmly in the form of a bucket or set automatic.
  • Stall. It is recommended to be spacious. This is a place where ardenes can be alone, lie down to rest. Doors should be trellised or along the stallion’s chest height. This is done so that the horse can look out of the stall.
  • Cleaning. The Ardenne breed of horses on average relieves need 10-12 times a day, so you should clean the stall and replace the litter regularly. Several times a week it is recommended to carry out a general cleaning of the stable. During cleaning, horses should be taken to fresh air. At this time, the stall and stable are completely washed, cleaned of manure.


The horses should be balanced. There must be vitamins and minerals, so that the horse remains full of energy. This is especially true for mares that carry the fetus. How good the mating will be and how healthy the younger generation will depend on proper nutrition.

All the necessary vitamins and minerals of Ardena are obtained using the main food. But for health and longevity, the horse’s main diet is not enough – supplements are needed.

Food selection

Food choice

For health and strength Ardena need bran, oilcake, chalk and fish oil. This entire list of additives should be given in a specific way.The lack of vitamins manifests itself in the fact that horses quickly tire, they have problems with ligaments, the development of a horse stops.


Ardenes are an incredibly powerful breed of horses. She immediately gained mass popularity in farms. These horses could be used both in work and for horseback riding. The breed also serves as an excellent supplier of horse meat.

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If you properly care for the animal, it will become a true friend to its owner.

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