How to saddle a horse

Riding a horse is not only beautiful, but also useful. Horseback riding is a sport known throughout the world. In order for horse riding and training to bring people pleasure, it is worth knowing how to ride a horse, as well as all the features of this wonderful activity.

  1. Important points
  2. Preparation <
  3. How to wear a bridle
  4. Seat Riding Rules
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How to saddle a horse

How to ride a horse

Important points

The procedure of saddling a horse consists of 3 main stages:

  • preparing a horse;
  • saddle fastening on the horse’s back;
  • putting on a bridle

These are the most important steps when riding a horse. It’s easy to ride a horse , it is important to comply all the rules for a good and safe ride. To ride a horse, the first thing you need to get to know him. A man must find a common language with the horse and properly position him to himself. The horse must feel that it is not in danger. It will be especially effective if the rider in a calm and gentle voice he will talk with the pet. But you don’t need to saddle a horse in a sleeping state, as it will lose confidence.

Need to find a common language with the horse

You need to find a common language with the horse and place it to yourself

The next step is to examine the animal for damage and injuries. You should pay attention to even the slightest scratches, especially on the abdomen and on the sides.Carefully inspect each leg of the steed, as it is in this area that belts and girths are installed. It is the cinch that can rub the animal underfoot during the trip.

When minor injuries are still found, they should be treated with special antibacterial agents. Also, such wounds can bring severe discomfort and pain to the pet, so it is advisable to postpone the walk and pay attention to the health of the horse.


If the horse is in good order, continue the preparation. First of all, you need to clean your pet. To do this, use special scrapers and brushes.

To clean the horse of dirt, they begin from the body, smoothly moving to the head and so on in a circle. If dirt remains in the places where the equipment is mounted, the horse will experience severe pain and inconvenience during the trip.

Special ridges are used to put the beautiful mane and fluffy tail in order. The material from which they are made can be any. When combing, you must be extremely careful not to accidentally scratch the animal.

How to saddle a horse? This issue should be approached with full responsibility. The result of the race depends on the exact fastening of the saddle and bridle. An incorrect saddle can easily result in injury to the rider or animal. If you rent a horse, then almost always it has a personal saddle.

When a person first mounts a horse, a simple all-round saddle is suitable for him.You can also use a special student. The student’s saddle does not have additional parts that are attached to the withers and ridge, so it reduces the weight on the back of the mount and facilitates the saddle.

Clutching a saddle on a horse is very simple, the main thing is to know the basic requirements of this process.

  • The horse is stroked before racing to check for dirt.
  • Before putting the saddle on, check the saddle strap for possible defects, it must be in perfect condition and clean.
  • Waltrap is worn carefully and over the growth of the coat. First, it is placed on the withers and begin to move back.
  • It is always necessary to approach the animal on the left side, the saddle is mounted there.
  • The saddle is attached to the horse using the same technology as the saddlerack. It also needs to be moved a little back and not against the coat.
  • Everyone carefully looks, the sweatshirt should not be bent, it should be viewed from both sides.
  • Girths are lowered only on the right side. If they twisted, they need to be corrected. Then they move to the left side, which is closest to the legs.
How to saddle a horse

How to saddle a horse

Each type of saddle has individual characteristics, so putting a saddle on a horse yourself without experience in this matter is not worth it. The first few horseback riding lessons are best watched by professionals and learn from them.

How to wear a bridle

How to tie a bridle is important for everyone to know who is involved in equestrian sports. The horseman stands to the left of the horse and throws reins on his neck. Then the head is clasped with the right hand so that it is below the eyes and above the nose, and slowly pulled down. Then they put on a capsule and very carefully push the iron into the mouth of the horse.

During this process, you cannot pull the bridle or pull it: it will only harm the animal. There are times when the steed does not open his mouth to take iron.If this happens, yelling at the mare is unacceptable. You just need to press her finger near her mouth, and she herself will open it.

How to wear a bridle?

How to wear a bridle?

The next step is to pass the bridle into the ears of the pet. This should be done so that the forehead strap is not very high and not very lowered. If the animal has a bang, then it should be thrust into the forehead. They always do this so that the hair does not interfere or tickle the horse. The field of this belt is fastened on the chin. In conclusion, you need to give the horse a little time to rest and gain strength.

Rules for landing on a saddle

When the saddle is ready, you can try to sit down. It’s not always possible to get a horse right the first time, so you should know some nuances. Landing is always through the left hand. The leg, also left, is placed on the stirrup, and the right one is thrown over the back of the mare and inserted into the stirrup. People who are just starting to learn can use a special stand in order to correctly and conveniently sit on a horse. A person who first mounts a horse can cause inconvenience not only to himself, but also to the pet. This is the reason why you should ask for help from teachers: a professional will hold the head of the animal so that it does not move.

How to ride a horse

How to ride a horse

How to saddle a horse if there is no one nearby and no one to help? To do this, follow the recommendations of professionals:

  • tightly hold the halter with your left hand: in this way it will be convenient to control the head of the horse;
  • do not pull on the halter: the horse can start walking from such movements.

After the actions taken, the rider mounts his horse, straightens his back, straightens his shoulders and looks to make him comfortable to sit. You also need to learn how to balance, but there should be no problem. It is important to try to keep all parts of the body in one vertical line. The knees should not be turned outward, and the legs should grasp the body of the mare. The heels should point down, and the fingers up. The mass of the rider riding the horse should press the mare on the buttocks.

Some tips

The rider riding the horse should try not to leave it alone, always be near it and watch her behavior. After the saddle is finished, you should not allow the animal to tilt its head down: this can create a girth. In addition, the mare can lie down with all the outfits, which will lead to numerous injuries and fractures of the hips.

The main thing is that the belts are correctly adjusted to the rider’s height, so you need to stretch your hand and put a putter along its entire length. It’s great if the tramp comes to the start of the shoulder.

It’s not difficult to saddle a horse, the main thing is to train and take 1-2 lessons from specialists. They will tell and show how to saddle a horse, answer all your questions.

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