The choice of feed for cattle

Only patient farmers who are not afraid of difficult tasks are getting cattle. You must learn how to give compound feed to calves and what to choose compound feed for cows before breeding animals that are demanding in food. The composition of feed for cattle is important for many reasons, but primarily food for livestock is a source of vitamins, nutrients that are necessary for all the development cycles of calves and bulls. How to organize the work of the farm?

Compound feed recipes for cattle are passed from one farmer to another as very important information. It is necessary to select compound feeds for cattle carefully, and you can buy them only from trusted sellers. Subsequently, a person eats the meat of an animal, eats its milk, and the well-being of the farmer’s family depends on the quality of feeding.The composition of food for livestock is not chosen at random or “by eye”. A negligent attitude to one’s own farm leads to its decline.

Use of compound feed for cattle

Why give cows and bulls compound feed? Dry food is used to feed females and males without fail, because it consists of the most necessary substances and trace elements that cattle need so much. Cattle is unpretentious to living conditions, but very demanding on food. This is a feature of the breed. The whole life of animals depends on food, green and dry food. Before starting, they change their diet because their composition goes completely into milk for lactation. Gobies are prepared for meat according to a special table so that the resulting product is tasty and healthy. The composition of feed for cattle varies several times a year. Such an obligation rests entirely with the farmer.

What kind of compound feed cannot be given to a calf, and which one will not accept a cow? All these little things are difficult to keep in mind, therefore, in those cases when the farmer starts cattle, he needs to create a special feeding schedule. It should be noted in it that and when the cow, bull, and calf consume. The composition of the feed is selected first, and then it is supplemented with green and vitamin supplements.

Proper nutrition for cows

How much does a cow eat in one day? The nutritional value of feed and dairy products determines the composition of the feeder. From what diet does a healthy cow and a bull grow?Every day, the calf must be given vitamins, without which young growth develops more slowly. Cattle are divided according to age and gender: it is easier to monitor the behavior and feeding of animals. In such conditions, animal injuries and unwanted unprepared pregnancies will not occur.

Giving a calf or a cow only greens is very dangerous. Such a thoughtless attitude will put an end to organizing your own large farm. A cow will not be able to tolerate healthy offspring, and a calf will not be able to grow in a short time only on green stern. From the month of life, the calf is vaccinated with the right nutrition for livestock.

How to properly compose a calf’s diet

A balanced diet is what animals need at any stage of development. Food recipes in which there will be high nutrition and minimal harm will help take care of cattle. An important condition for a comfortable life of cows and males is clean water, which, with the exception of some cases (preparation for launch at the body or special fattening of a bull), should always be in large numbers. The nutritional value of complementary foods affects the quality of dairy products and meat, which falls on the table to the person. For young animals, the main problem is weight gain.

Skotina, who does not eat enough when she is in the pasture, clogs the stomach with grass, which adversely affects weight gain.

В over a month, the growth of young animals may be zero.It’s pointless to keep cattle from which there is no use. For milking calves, feed recipes (regular feeding) come first. All the farmer needs to ensure that production does not stand still is to take care of the nutrition of cattle. Quality indicators are the state of dairy products and meat obtained from pets. If you can grow cattle with your own hands there is no strength and opportunity, then you should not take up a difficult task at home.

Useful compound feed for cattle

What is suitable for bulls, but what for cows? Recipes for young animals and feeding adult livestock depend on calving, starting, weight gain. Each process is based on nutrition and a balanced, but changed diet. Finding quality feed is not as easy as it might seem. The best option is to cook the food yourself. It is profitable, fast and safe for livestock. First you need to decide what to consider in this process so that the calf does not overeat, and the recipes for young animals are not too expensive.

A balanced diet of adult livestock consists of:

  • juicy and roughage;
  • hay;
  • top dressing;
  • clean water;
  • sometimes waste from production (bread and bakery products for bulls).

Recipes for young animals can not do without additives in the form of top dressing. Such a concentrate is made from salt. It is necessary to dose the concentrate carefully and according to a certain scheme.For growth, young animals need vitamins that are contained in herbs. Feeding only dry hay will not give the growth that the farmer expects. The concentrate is added to young cattle for several months. At the age of 1 year, cows and gobies enter another phase of their own lives. They can be prepared for propagation, left for growth on meat and taken away for special purposes (castrated probe bull). At this age, for the first time, the nutrition of animals changes dramatically. Their feeding becomes fractional, and starter feed is added to the feeder.

Cattle feeding option

Cattle feeding is a priority for humans. Feed stocks are produced several times a year according to a pre-planned feeding plan. What does the quality of compound feeds depend on?

From year to year, the livestock diet changes when it occurs:

  • period of the start of the cows;
  • increase in the bull calf for meat;
  • calf hunting and calving;
  • massive cattle disease;
  • winter time when there is no greenery;
  • the postpartum period in calves.

Cattle are fed on time, so that the animal is accustomed to the regimen. Violation of the regime will lead to cattle diseases, there may be an eating disorder, etc.

How to choose a diet for calves

Combined feed can be pre-starter, starter and for adult animals.Scientists have been developing recipes for such food for several years. The homogeneous structure of such compound feeds consists of refined, ground cereals and substances rich in carbohydrates and low in protein. Combined feeds are characterized by additives from barley, oats, wheat, corn and meal. If adult individuals of any age are given starter feed, such nutrition will give the best results: such complementary foods are useful and satisfying for all cattle.

There are also granular and complete feed. Short contains fiber, and cereals contain oil, through which animals metabolize rapidly. Animals feel good and satisfy their hunger for a long time.

For a dairy cow, the ration with oilcake does not exceed 2 kg per day, but meal is given to animals without restrictions. Granular and complete feed is added to the feeder according to certain indicators: if adult cattle consumes up to 15 kg of food per day, then 1 kg allocated to the concentrate and 1 kg of oilcake (starter) will lead to better milk production and for rapid growth of animals.

To enhance growth, they use corn silage and concentrate, which is especially useful at the age of one year.Salt consumption for males and cows is 100 g per individual. they can increase the amount of concentrate to 120 g, but no more.After fattening before calving, the cow is returned to its previous nutrition.Starter allows you to maintain milk production, and they can feed animals after protracted diseases. A special table showing pre-starter and balanced feed will help to observe the regime for livestock.

Advantages and disadvantages of compound feed

Contains compound feed not only cereals, but also legumes. Peas, beans and colza practically do not contain protein, which is harmful to livestock. For the preparation of such complementary foods use grains. You can add a similar product to the feeder in raw form.After him, cattle is growing rapidly. A cooked product helps a cow or a bull to quickly get enough.

The main advantage of a balanced diet is its low cost, because the consumption compared to other feeds is minimal. Any vitamin, protein or minerals are added to such compound feed. It is also allowed to dilute the calves’ daily meal with the help of such complementary foods (it quickly granulates).

The disadvantages include only the difficulties in preparing it at home. Getting all the necessary components is not always easy. Balanced feed has several forms:

  • friable powder;
  • granules;
  • briquettes.

Buy compound feed possible in any form convenient for the farmer.

How is feed for calves useful?

How should the calves be fed? For modern feed its own quality indicators. Vitamins, amino acids, and protein compounds should be in the feed. So that cattle do not overeat, they should be trained from an early age. Increased consumption will only worsen the growth of young individuals. The quality indicators of feed are strictly regulated by the farmer, because young animals are susceptible to various diseases. Characteristics of food for the calf:

  • grain feed;
  • protein group;
  • vitamin and mineral supplements.

Quality indicators for grain crops: 35% of corn, 30% of wheat. If possible, wheat is alternated with barley or oats.Diluting basic cereals is beneficial and effective. The norm for calves in proteins is 25%. This category includes high-quality cake and meal. The norm for vitamins is 4-5%. The development of young males and females occurs according to different schemes. It is important for the bull to gain meat weight, which will be for sale. The body has a different role.

Treatment of young individuals affects nutrition. The farmer is increasing the amount of vitamins and proteins consumed. It is important to teach young animals to eat fractionally, with constant overeating, food is not absorbed and knocks down metabolic processes. The necessary mode is a balanced diet according to the table and variety in food (multigain, vitamins and minerals). Keeping cattle is a straightforward process, if you grow the first young animals until the calves go to start, and the calves go to the meat product.

Variety of feed

There are several types of feed, which each farmer needs to study:

  1. Full-time. The source of energy for the animal, consisting of crops. With the help of such crushed cereals, livestock feels constant satiety and does not overeat greenery.
  2. Concentrated. The feed contains concentrated protein substances, vitamins and various minerals. Such food is responsible for the health of all livestock.
  3. Mixed. Granular substances that are suitable for both cows and lambs.
  4. Extra. Protein, vitamin and mineral substances for feeding livestock.

The animal world helps people. It is a source of milk and meat. Useful and environmentally friendly products are always especially popular among urban and rural people. Organizing a farm is not easy at first. Over time, a well-coordinated system will work like a clock.

The schedule and feeding schedule for cattle is a big help to the farmer. Having planned the nutrition of animals in advance, a person can be sure that no important detail of the development of cows or males will be missed. Modern feeds do not need extra advertising. They are useful, economical, and cattle enjoy eating them.

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