How much does a cow weigh on average?

How much does a cow weigh? This question is of interest to many farmers, because I want to understand in advance what will be the meat output for sale. The exact weight of cattle may also be needed if you need to calculate the amount of feed or medicine. Today there are many methods of calculating weight, the most accurate of which, of course, is weighing.

Features of weight gain depending on the direction

As mentioned earlier, cows are divided into two types: dairy and meat. The average cow weight and meat yield will largely depend on this factor. Milk cows do not differ in excessive weight gain, that is, they stop at a certain point, which is considered optimal for a particular animal. But the meat cow is gaining weight more rapidly, the growth lasts longer.Burenki meat can gain about 1 kg in one day. Thus, already at the age of about one and a half years, a meat cow can give a live weight of about 500 kg. Dairy breed by this time usually weighs 100-150 kg less. Of course, it is worth mentioning separately that there are some features in the mass gain in a particular breed, since this can be laid down at the genetic level.

To summarize all of the above, we can say that it is possible to determine the weight of an animal by various ways, both direct and indirect. We must not forget that animals will increase in mass unequally, it depends on the genetic predisposition and on the direction of cows and bulls. Build on how much a healthy average cow weighs on the exterior and take it at an approximate rate.

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