Hereford Cow Breed

Hereford breed became famous for its bull-calves, which are world producers of cattle in livestock. Hereford meat is famous for its excellent taste.

  1. About Hereford breed
  2. External features
  3. Attractiveness of the breed for breeders
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Герефордская порода

Hereford breed

About the breed of Hereford

According to the classification existing in animal husbandry, the Hereford breed of cows belongs to the meat industry, therefore, among the main indicators that breeders are often interested in, it can be noted:

  • rapid weight gain;
  • the ability to breed in conditions of both private farming and industrial scale;
  • unpretentiousness in the use of feed;
  • flexible character b chkov;
  • excellent quality of reproduction;
  • taste characteristics of the resulting meat products.

It is based on the blood of red breeds bred in XVIII century England, because Hereford cattle carry dark red genes.

The name Hereford comes from the name of the small homeland of the animals described – the English county of Herefordshire. At present, representatives of Hereford cattle can be found in Australian, Canadian, American and New Zealand livestock. This breed is bred on the territory of Russia in the Siberian and Far Eastern regions.

The price of hereford is calculated based on the age of cattle.The table below contains the average cost:

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Sub-adult calves (up to 8 months)weight from 25 kg and above130 rub / kg
Conversers who didn’t eat general food (by the age of one year)bulls – weight 0.2-0, 32 t

heifers – weight up to 0.27 t

300 rub / kg
1,5 year old and adultbulls – weight 0.43 t

heifers – weight 0.4 t

500 rub / kg

External features

Hereford bulls grow at the withers to 1.20-1.30 m with a body length of 1.5 m, they have a wide chest to a depth of 65 cm and a girth of 1.95-1.97 m. Gobies gain body weight from 0.9 to 1.3 tons Cows weigh a little less. Massiveness, developed musculature, impressive size and proportional coherence of Hereford bulls can be seen from the photos, clearly demonstrating them becoming full-fledged producers. In addition, the Hereford breed of cattle is characterized by other distinctive features. So, the description of the appearance suggests that beef cattle should have:

  • barrel-shaped squat body with a direct dorsal section;
  • protruding anterior breasts;
  • short cervical department;
  • tightly folded short limbs.

The skin of animals is elastic and covered with soft fleece.

The color of the breed is manifested in the main body color. The head and lower body, including the belly, are painted white.

Attractiveness of the breed for breeders

Hereford breed of cows is characterized by high vitality and can easily acclimatize to new conditions content. Thanks to these characteristics, as well as taking into account the aesthetic component and the good characteristics of offspring reproduction, Hereford has become a frequent resident of farms.

Herefords are one of the most prominent representatives actively used in breeding, passing on to the next generations genetically fixed qualitative characteristics breed.

Hereford offspring is resistant to survival, deaths among newly born Hereford breed calves are rare, calving in bodies to pass usually without complications.

Do not expect that Hereford cows will bring a lot of milk. These representatives are usually not milked and bred not so much for milk, but exclusively for new offspring, crossbreeding and meat. Slaughter yield is from 60 to 70%. Hereford bull meat gives marble.

Reviews of breeders note not only the rapid weight gain of animals, but also their high fertility and longevity.Scott Hereford showed good results in the resistance of animals to infectious diseases.

Among the minuses noted by breeders, one can mention the gluttony of representatives of this breed. For the wintering of cattle, Hereford of 15 individuals is able to destroy up to 200 tons of hay. But the resulting meat is nutritious and juicy, with a uniformly distributed layer, therefore the farm is often ready for such feed costs, assuming what indicators can be achieved from Hereford cows and what quality meat is from it.

Content features

The non-aggressive nature shown by Hereford makes it easy to keep livestock not only in large rooms, but also in confined spaces. As a rule, these are open ranges or easily constructed buildings. Among the main conditions for keeping Hereford cattle are the absence of drafts and dryness in the room.

The excellent fat layer of the animals and dense skin protect the cattle from the cold, therefore keeping and feeding outdoors is permissible even at the beginning of winter period. In summer, the best place for herefords will be a pasture.

Typically, pens and calf pens are set up around the performs, and water drinkers are located in the center. A calf is provided for young animals, where they feed them for the purpose of raising offspring and fattening.

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