Characteristics of the Kostroma breed of cows

get a lot of milk at once and meat — that’s what the scientists set themselves. As a result of long work, the Kostroma breed of cows was born. It is distinguished by endurance and is considered one of the best throughout Russia. Interestingly, its popularity went beyond the borders of the country, and now such animals are found in Ukraine and Belarus.

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Костромская порода коров

Kostroma breed of cows

Short description

Kostroma breed of cows is equally popular on farms and in private households, which means that it is recognizable It has large sizes and strong bones, has a developed muscular system, and the Kostroma cow is rapidly gaining weight. C. The appearance of it can be described as follows:

  • gray;
  • udder cup-shaped;
  • wide and even back;
  • long head;
  • narrow forehead;
  • legs are short;
  • strong chest;
  • elongated body.

Numerous photos of animals testify to the visual similarity of the Kostroma breed with the Schwitz one. The thing is that it is she who is her ancestor. This bright representative of cattle can weigh up to 850 kg. And bulls recorded cases of weight gain up to 1.5 tons. Animals always rejoice with a good healthy offspring.

Kostroma breed appeared as a result of selection of specialists in the harsh war years.That is why they strove to create not only highly productive, but also hardy breeds, therefore the Kostroma cow is so unpretentious.


This breed is successful – the result of labor and the right choice of genetic material. Thanks to this, the individual of such cattle holds its primacy and is increasingly popular with farmers. Although, if you think about it, this breed is more than 70 years old. Kostroma breed of cattle, its characteristic in brief:

  • ability to easily adapt to changes in weather and changes in diet;
  • strong digestion;
  • thanks to good immunity, a cow can do not get sick for 20 years and reproduce healthy calves;
  • easy calving and good survival in calves;
  • Kostroma breed gives a large amount of high fat milk;
  • adapts to different living conditions;
  • because of the ability to quickly gain weight, it has a high meat indicator: a killer yield on average 65%;
  • each individual has dense skin.

Even this breed has, albeit one, but a minus: slow milk production, which means that Milking a cow takes more than 10 minutes. This time should be multiplied by three. And half an hour of time comes out every day. This feature is due to the structure of the udder, but there is only one conclusion: the milking machine will solve the problem.

Performance in detail

Kostroma cow gives high quality milk and a lot.An average annual figure is considered to be 5000-6000 liters with a fat content of up to 4%. All this makes it possible to bring the breeding of such cattle to an industrial level and thereby reduce the cost of milk.

And what about the productivity of meat? Here, too, everything is on top. The weight of castrated bulls by 1.5 years can be 500 kg. True, the key to this is good nutrition and proper livestock maintenance. A separate topic is the high quality of meat. Excellent tastes are widely known and create additional advertising. It is interesting that calves of the well-known Kostroma breed gain weight from 1 kg per day.

Feeding and grooming

Even such an unpretentious burenka has its own characteristics, and they must be taken into account.

  • Balanced nutrition. Minerals and vitamins must be present in food. Taboo for individuals – concentrated feed. From him, the cow is sick and her milk yield decreases.
  • There should be a lot of food (up to 20 kg per day). This aspect is especially important for young cattle. Proper nutrition in the right amount promotes the growth and development of animals.
  • In summer, one animal needs 70 liters of water per day.
  • Kostroma breed bulls are tempered by keeping in unheated rooms. In this way, the mortality of young animals is minimized.
  • If a cow of this breed is kept in a cold room, the fat content of the milk will increase, but the milk yield will drop.A completely different picture is observed at high temperature conditions: productivity increases and fat content decreases.
  • This breed of cows is sensitive to noise and does not like a large accumulation of its own kind. This also negatively affects the milk yield.

An important point: the calves are only up to 5 months old, and then the males and females are separated. Puberty in gobies is recorded as early as 8 months, while in heifers this occurs from 15 months. Earlier mating will entail problems with the offspring.

Final part

It is interesting that the Karavaevo plant, which brought it to the distant 40s years of the last century, the Kostroma breed, still remains the largest in its sector in Russia. Many years of experience in cattle breeding makes it possible to obtain strong and high-quality young animals. Their specialization remains Kostroma breed. At one time, she received several high government awards.

Records were also documented, for example, the Novice, who remained unattainable in milk yield, her record was 16252 kg of milk in one year, and Thunderstorm with a slightly inferior figure – 14203 kg .

Numerous reviews from cattle breeding specialists and individuals always speak in favor of a Kostroma breed cow. The fact that such individuals began to be bred in neighboring states, once again underlines the success. The cow of the Kostroma breed truly deserves special attention and respect.

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