How to build a barn for cattle

How to build a barn for bulls and cows is of interest to every person who decides to have such animals. It is precisely such a building that is necessary for livestock maintenance, because it becomes their home.

  1. What should be a barn for cows and bulls
  2. What needs to be done before construction begins
  3. Rules for creating the foundation and floor of the barn
  4. How to properly build walls and cover the roof
  5. What should be in the barn
  6. Barn for cows with stall
  7. How to properly maintain calves
  8. Features of creating a barn

Как построить сарай для быков

How to build a bull shed

If you build a room If the animals are milked correctly, then the animals will give milk well and not get sick, but if you miss something somewhere, it can hurt them very much, then don’t be surprised why cows get sick so often. requirements.

What should be a barn for cows and bulls

To properly equip a barn for bulls and cows, you must first take into account the fact that these animals are not related clean, so you need to immediately think about how it will be more convenient to clean the stall. It is also worth carefully choosing the site where the shed for the cow and bulls will be located. The place of the barn should be selected so that in the spring and in the fall moisture does not accumulate there, and in all other seasons there is no draft.

You need to choose the right material from which the barn will be built.

It should be not only very durable, but also have a good service life. Since cows are cattle (cattle), you should not take materials that break easily. It is advisable to use wood or other stronger materials that cannot harm. In order for cattle not to get sick and give good milk, we need a material that has good thermal insulation performance.

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What needs to be done before construction starts

Before you build something, you need a plan, or rather a project. It depends on him the further erection of the barn. It doesn’t matter if it is a barn for two cows or if it is designed for a large number of cattle. This stage is needed, because how much the building will stand and how to serve depends on it.

To build a stable with your own hands, you need to determine the number of animals. Cows should feel comfortable, and not only those that already exist, but those that will. Construction takes a lot of time, so it is advisable to determine the dimensions in advance. It is also worth considering the type of animal welfare: it can be tethered or detached.

Stalls for gobies and stalls for cows must comply with certain standards. It is customary to allocate at least 6 square meters per individual. m. If you plan to maintain calves with mom, the size of the stall for them can not be less than 12 square meters. mThe place for one bull or cow has the following parameters:

  • width – 125 cm;
  • length – 260 cm;
  • height 2.5 m.

The cattle shed should be approximately the same size, they may vary slightly. It is worth noting that the length, height and width can be more, but not less. For the content of 2 cows, these parameters will be more. You can do a centimeter or two more, but do not overdo it. Too large a room can also negatively affect livestock.

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Rules for creating the foundation and floor of a barn

To make a bull stall with your own hands, you need to know that any building starts to be built from the foundation, therefore, for the room to serve for a long time, it is necessary to make it as durable as possible. There are several ways to equip the foundation:

  • Monolithic is the best, as it is more stable and durable. But it is worth considering that such a foundation will cost dearly. This type of preference is given only if the building will be built of brick.
  • The column foundation is more budgetary and simple. It can be done not only easily, but also quickly. But it is worth noting that this type of foundation is not intended for a heavy load. It is used if the stable is built of wood and there will be few heads in it.
  • The strip foundation is something between the first and second options.

It is worth noting that any foundation has its pros and cons, but before deciding on a view, it is worth considering how many goals there is a desire to put in a stall.

To make the foundation as correct as possible, after its construction it is necessary to carry out waterproofing. There are enough materials on the modern market, you can use any.

The stall for a cow should have a good floor, at this point it is worth paying special attention. Wood floors spoil very quickly, because in any case moisture will get there, and the content of bulls and cows in such conditions is unacceptable, therefore it is better to make the floors concrete, they do not deteriorate over time and do not absorb odors. In order for the cow to be healthy, its content in the stall must comply with the rules.

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In order for the cows not to get sick from cold cement, it is necessary to cover it with shields made of wood. Making such shields with your own hands is not difficult, and you can ventilate them. In addition to shields, it is also necessary to lay hay on the floors. How to do it right will show a detailed video. Each owner should know this, because without straw, it will be very difficult for animals. The litter warms them up and allows the waste to be absorbed, which a wooden floor cannot give. So the owner will just need to remove it and put a new one.

In order to properly make the floors, you need to know that they should be slightly inclined.Here we need a clear calculation so that the cows feel comfortable and at the same time the waste merges into the pit. Cow stalls can be seen at an angle in the photo.

How to properly build walls and cover the roof

It has already been said that the dimensions of the shed play an important role. Based on this, walls can be built of wood or brick. The first option applies only when you need to build a barn for two or more cows. But their number cannot be more than 10 goals per building. It is not difficult to build such a barn for livestock with your own hands, but you need to know that a tree is such a material that quickly deteriorates, so it will not last for a long time, and for a large number of cattle you need a strong room. Since the brick is very expensive, you can replace it with foam blocks or gas blocks and build a shed for young bulls from them.

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For the shed, you can use materials such as:

  • wood;
  • brick;
  • foam blocks;
  • gas blocks;
  • gas foam blocks.

No matter what material is used for walls, the main thing is that the room has ventilation. To do this, make a small hole in them. In the summer, ventilation allows you to maintain the required temperature. In the cold season, ventilation must be closed. Properly made ventilation can be seen in the photo.

If you use a tethered type of content, it is important that the barn has good lighting.The size of the windows depends primarily on the area of ​​the barn. They should be at a height of 120 cm. They need to be made so that they open.

In the shed for cows and bulls, you need to make a good roof that will not leak during rains. Most often, slate is used for barn. The advantage of this material is that it has a long service life and low price. Each barn should have an attic where it is very convenient to store hay in winter and feed. If there is no attic, then you need to insulate the roof, it is not difficult to do this at home.

Shed for gobies
Building a shed | Part 2
Shed for gobies.
Stall for bulls and cows

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What should be in the barn

When you create drawings, you need to think about the fact that you need to include drinking bowls and feeders in the stall. could easily get to it.Many experienced farmers recommend putting feeders from the outside, it’s It is possible to clean them of the food that remains, and to sprinkle a new one. You can also build a feeder with your own hands, its width should correspond to the size of the stall.

The feeder should be easy to use, it is better to use the most convenient type of equipment: this is a feeder , having the form of a trapezoid, which can easily be made with your own hands. To make it right, there is a special scheme. If you do not deviate from it, then this will be your favorite cattle feeder.

The feeder and drinker should be located at a small height from the floor: it will be more convenient for animals to get food. If you decide to make a feeder from a tree, then you need to clean it well from different thorns. This must be done so that the cattle do not get hurt while eating.

Remember that cow stalls in the barn should be comfortable and safe. This is just as important as the size of the stall for gobies and cows, so you should pay special attention to this.

Barn for cows in a stall

Stall for a cow in a stall the content must have three important components, these are:

  • not less than 1 feeding trough;
  • good floor;
  • channel for cleaning manure.

There must be straw or sawdust on the floor, this will allow the animal to be in a dry place. The size of the stall for the cow should be such that the cattle feels comfortable. In order to make it more convenient to remove manure, a special scraper is used. It is better to make it yourself from plastic, because all other materials can quickly deteriorate under the influence of acid.

The stall for a cow should be heated, because in winter the heat that the walls give is not enough, so it is advisable to heat it. In the summer, the barn should have ventilation, which will provide fresh air, because with stall keeping cows are not walking. The dimensions of the stall for a cow with stall maintenance must be calculated in advance. It is advisable to do it when drawings will be created, because the stall should behave well when fattening and milking.

How to properly maintain calves

To properly maintain the calves, you need to know some moments.Firstly, they are more whimsical, and secondly, they are still small. Many farmers make a stall for calves in the form of a house. But it is more suitable if the babies were born in the winter. Maintenance in such conditions allows them to quickly rehabilitate and grow actively.

Calves are undesirable to be tied, because they are still very small, normal development is important for them, and under such conditions this is impossible. For small livestock that was born in spring or summer, it is better to do a stall with a range. It is better to put calves indoors after they are strong and grow a little. animals can have different sizes, so before you build a barn, it is important to think about which breed will be kept there.

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To create a barn it is better to use materials that will expand the stall or reduce it. If the barn is made at home, then you should take metal pipes or wood. From them it is possible to make constructions that will be easy to disassemble and assemble.

If you plan to breed cows and bulls, it is better to divide the barn into two parts. On the one hand, make stalls for calves, and on the other – for adults. For the barn, this will be the best option, because when the kids grow up, they can be put in place, freed from an adult animal.

The size of the stall for the cow should clearly correspond to the size of the animal. This will allow the pet to feel comfortable and develop normally. If the width of the bull stall is larger, then they can relieve themselves near the feeder, and this will affect the health of the livestock.

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