What to do if a cow has no chewing gum

Every year, everything becomes it is more popular to have cattle on your farm. Many face health problems in cows and bulls. Farmers often wonder why a cow has no chewing gum. There can actually be many reasons. To understand why this happens and what to do in this case, you need to know the main points and understand how to proceed.

Why the cow does not have chewing gum

  • calving;
  • digestive problems system;
  • tired state of the cow.

Calving at the cow

The most important process for a cow at the end of the winter period is calving. Lack of chewing most often occurs when the calf has already appeared. In some cases, this is a problem of a purely psychological nature, since childbirth for an animal is a kind of stress. If at the time of calving the female was injured or earned mastitis, there may be no chewing gum. If such a problem occurs, you must invite a veterinarian to determine what the reason for the lack of a typical reaction lies.

It happens that the chewing gum of a cow appears periodically. In this case, the diet should be adjusted: perhaps the female needs a different feed, especially during feeding the calf. It is not worth it to carry out treatment and give folk remedies on your own, as this can harm the cow. If a female is diagnosed with mastitis, it is necessary to improve her condition by proper massage of the udder. If the udder ceases to hurt, the chewing gum may appear afterwards.

If the digestive system is disturbed, it must be started gradually. To begin with, you can restore the water and vitamin supply, and then gradually give the food that the veterinarian prescribed. In order for the cow not to get a violation of the chewing gum when the animal does not eat or drink, it is necessary to establish normal ventilation in the room. The thing is that in musty and dirty rooms where there is no fresh air, the cow may have gum missing.

Problems with the digestive system

If the normal chewing gum disappeared from the cow A possible cause is various blockages in the esophagus, gas and bloating. In this case, it is necessary to treat the cause that caused the absence of a chewing reflex. In many ways, this is the fault of the farmers themselves, since they do not know how to properly harvest food or do not create proper living conditions for animals. If the cow is sluggish, her legs are spread wide, she has lost her appetite, you need to call a veterinarian.It happens that the female burps, there was a noticeable loss in weight, as a result of which the milk yield also decreased. This is a serious reason to call a specialist.

First you need to check, perhaps the animal has swallowed some object. If this is so, and it cannot be pulled out, treatment is prescribed with special drugs to remove a foreign object by emptying the intestines. This problem is characteristic not only for the cow and its calf, but also for the bull. Animals habitually pull everything in their mouths.

It is very important to keep clean in the paddock and not to leave work equipment near cattle. If cattle spits out food or cannot chew, sometimes the reason is that the pets used to eat small pieces of root vegetables, which are most often swallowed without chewing, so they can create a cork in the stomach or intestines.

large pieces of vegetables, then cattle will be able to chew them and turn them into a jelly-like mixture that is perfectly digested in the stomach. If the reflex does not appear, then some farmers pour a small amount of vegetable oil into their mouth, which effectively removes the cork and scar. When the stomach has stopped, the food does not digest normally and its work should be restored.

Fatigued state of the cow

It happens that a cow does not eat for no apparent reason: high-quality hay, the veterinarian did not reveal anything serious, and the animal was tired.If the cow does not want to chew or has a bad reaction, then you can restore the normal state of the body. You should observe the cow and look at its behavior and diet. If she does not burp and the stomach works, then the reason may be in some kind of emotional stress. There is a department that is responsible for the normal functioning of the whole organism, it needs to be restored.

The chewing gum of a cow disappeared. What to do? / Village life

It is worth checking to see if the female had taken the recently born calf. If the female is after calving, then the family should live together for at least several months.For the first 2-4 times, the female feeds the calf with her milk and teaches him everything, they are very dependent on each other, and if they are kept on separate pens, the cow may be so bored that she will not have chewing gum. Also, a very poor diet is able to tire the animal both physically and emotionally. You can try treating the animal with something new and tasty. The livestock should be pleased with a long walk in the fresh air. If possible, try to find fresh weed full of vitamins and minerals.

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