We do motherboards for rabbits with our own hands

When breeding rabbits on a private farm, it is important for rabbits with offspring to create comfortable conditions by providing a special place – a mother queen for rabbits, which you can make yourself.

  1. Why do I need a motherboard
  2. Suitable material for the mother liquor
  3. The process of assembling the mother liquor
  4. Little tricks

Маточник для кролика своими руками

DIY rabbit jack

Why do we need a mother Queen

Many rabbit breeders are inclined to believe that the mother mother for rabbits is necessary only in the cold season, and the rest of the time you can feed offspring in conditions of an ordinary cell. However, every year those farmers in, who are convinced that, in addition to the cage, this construction of the rabbit is necessary at birth and raising healthy offspring, it is becoming more and more.

In vivo, animals feed their cubs in a burrow, giving them privacy and a sense of security The rabbits begin to feel uneasy in the open cage at home keeping.

The rabbit uteri, made independently, provide the rabbit with the cubs warmth, which is especially important in the winter season, protect animals from kvoznyakov, and this is of no small importance for the weak immunity of only born rabbits.

The design of the mother queen for rabbits with their own hands looks like an ordinary box with a slotted hole, which is easy to make yourself.

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Suitable material for the mother liquor

The number of components required for the independent manufacture of the mother liquor for rabbits includes:

  • plywood sheets up to 3 thick mm,
  • wooden board,
  • wooden slats up to 2.5 cm thick,
  • insulation material,
  • door hinges.

You can save on the materials used, thereby reducing the cost of manufacturing the structure, when replacing the rails with wood trim. As a heater, builders usually use sawdust, which has good thermal insulation properties and low costs.

A simple do-it-yourself mother rabbit queen is a universal option for raising offspring in a domestic rabbit farm, it performs its functions like the principle of operation of a thermos, maintaining the necessary temperature even in severe winters.

Some consider fiberglass as a heater, only when used in the mother liquor to sinter the absence of cracks, because at the slightest contact with the rabbit with the offspring, its particles will certainly fall into the ears and eyes of animals.

Some experienced rabbit breeders do not recommend putting straw in the form of insulation for the reason that it is faster than any other material begins to rot, spreading bacteria harmful to babies.

Asbestos should not be used as a heater for the rabbit mother liquor, since it is a carcinogenic material.

Among the tools that are needed in the construction of the mother liquor:

  • hammer and screwdriver,
  • small nails and screws,
  • tape measure and pencil,
  • saw.

do-it-yourself mother rabbits mothers
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DIY mother rabbit cage !!! Device, dimensions, description !!!
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Cheap do-it-yourself motherboard for rabbits

The process of assembling the mother liquor

The mother liquor for rabbits is assembled according to the previously made drawing with the dimensions that can be seen in the photo. As an option for self-construction You can take the following accessories:

  • the front wall of plywood measuring 0.5 * 0.5 m – 2 pcs. and 0.3 * 0.25 m – 1 pc.,
  • back wall made of plywood 0.3 * 0.5 m in size – 2 pcs.,
  • 0.25 m long rail – 6 pcs., 0.5 m in size – 6 pcs.,
  • side walls made of plywood 0.3 * 0.35 m in size – 4 pcs.,
  • bottom made of plywood 0.3 * 0.5 m in size – 2 pcs.,
  • plywood lid 0.35 * 0.55 m – 2 pcs.

These are dimensional standards for medium-sized individuals of ordinary breeds, but for large breeds, under gray giants or California breeds, proportions need to be increased.

The assembly technology determines the sequence of how to make a motherboard for rabbits with your own hands, which you can see in the photo and video:

  1. According to the set parameters, the necessary components are cut, which are taken in 2 pieces (for internal and external sides) in order to create an insulated structure – 2 floors, covers, sides.
  2. Preparing slats used for edging.
  3. Slats are nailed to the plywood, then the insulation is placed material, on top is covered with a second layer of plywood, providing max closing the wall without gaps, as the video shows.
  4. The front wall cuts in the entrance of a round or square shape according to the parameters of an adult (usually 15 centimeters for large breeds, for a giant rabbit – 20 in diameter), it is preferable a round hole, since it is less traumatic.
  5. Prepared and insulated walls are assembled in the form of a box (cage) using self-tapping screws: first, the side walls are attached to the bottom, then the back. Artificial heating is installed if the rabbits were born in the winter. For large breeds, heating is not required. If this is for example the offspring of Giants, they do not need heating because the heat from the mother’s body is enough for the kids.
  6. The top cover is installed on the door hinges to enable you to observe the young growth and provide care and maintenance for the rabbit nest, as well as an additional source of fresh air during the hot season.
  7. The size of the mother liquor for rabbits should be folded taking into account the comfort of the future offspring.
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At too low temperatures in the rabbitry, additional heating should be used, as a result of which the required temperature is maintained.

Little tricks

With self Experienced rabbit breeders encountered a number of problems in the manufacture, the solution of which was taken as an instruction in subsequent constructions.

So, you should not build a motherboard for rabbits larger than necessary, since the animal often perceives the place for reproduction as offspring and begins to defecate there. At the same time, the mother queen’s size too small can lead to the fact that in the conditions of limited space the rabbit can crush the rabbits. subsequently independently.

To prevent rotting of plywood under the influence of excrement, which must be removed in a timely manner, many spread galvanized sheets on it and cover them with a thicker straw layer (at least 20 cm) so that the cold does not feel from the iron sheet, but conifers they don’t take fresh cut trees for making mother rabbits for rabbits, since the well-preserved resin smell repels the female.

The hole is not too high in the wall, otherwise it will be difficult for rabbits not yet grown to get out of the mother liquor.> Summarizing all the material, it can be noted that it takes no more than half a day to prepare a drawing of mother liquors for rabbits and how to make mother liquors for rabbits, and when using simple tips, products come out good, durable and effective to use.

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Remember that for the giant breed you need to make a mother queen of larger sizes. Since the rabbits and their mother are quite large.

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