Is it possible to include burdocks in the diet of rabbits

Is it possible to include burdocks in the diet of rabbits


Can rabbits be given burdocks? You should not worry about this, because long-eared ears are happy to eat a variety of plants.

  1. What do we know about burdock as feed
  2. The rule of introducing burdock into food
  3. What mugs are combined in the diet of rabbits
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Can rabbits have burdocks

Can rabbits get burdocks?

Even greens, which have bitter juice, are easily perceived by the animal’s body. choose not only burdock, but also dandelions, wormwood. different types of food.

What do we know about burdocks as feed

As mentioned above, people with eared animals often wonder if rabbits can be fed burdock. The answer is simple: it’s allowed and even necessary.The plant itself is very useful, it contains a large amount of vitamin C, protein and several subspecies of essential oil.

The root of this plant for the animal is a diuretic.

Using it, the pet strengthens the immune system. Rabbits have a weak digestive tract. To avoid problems, veterinarians recommend alternating this plant with other herbs.

The rule of introducing burdock into the feed

The fact that the plant is considered harmless to the eared ears does not mean that rabbits can eat this wild culture as much as they like. Burdock for rabbits in unlimited quantities can be hazardous to health. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the portions of food.

So, do rabbits eat burdock? Yes, but the rabbit breeder is required to track the amount of greens eaten. It is acceptable to give such lure a couple of times a week. A mature rabbit will need only one sheet.

The amount of burdock in the diet

Number of burdock in the diet

If the animal eats its portion with great desire, the dose can be slightly increased. It is recommended to give leaves of burdock with fresh grass.

It is important to observe the physical condition of eared animals. Unfortunately, rabbits are not able to control their appetite and can eat leaves more than the norm.

What are the burdocks in the diet of rabbits

As mentioned above, the burdocks need give with another kind of green feed. The main thing is that the grass be similar to each other. The leaves of the burdock combine perfectly with clover, plantain, dandelion.

The ideal solution is to give food, observing a certain pattern. First, you can add the plant to the greens, and then, at the next feeding, in dry grass.

If you feed the rabbits, following this scheme, you can quickly normalize the level of vitamins and trace elements. But if you do not follow the scheme and feed the animals with one grass, the body will soon fail. The stomach will be full, and there will be no benefit from it. In this case, for the rabbit, everything can end with the disease.

Is it possible for rabbits to burdock together with other herbs? Agrimony boldly combine with different types of feed, such as:

  • green;
  • coarse;
  • juicy;
  • concentrated.

The green fodder includes primarily leaves, specially prepared or freshly picked wild grass, young green branches. It is better to collect grass away from the road: there will be less toxic substances in it. It is advantageous to mix any greens with burdock and give the mixture to the eared ears.

The coarse fodder includes young branches of trees, hay. They need to be harvested during spring and summer. Coarse food should be ground and mixed together with a detailed stem and leaf of a burdock. Rabbits really like this food.

Combination of burdock with other feeds

Combination of burdock with other feeds

Juicy foods are rich in vitamins, but they are low in fiber and protein. Juicy feed is given mainly in the winter, it can be potatoes, cabbage, carrots.Combine them with burdock, but only if you have a desire to prepare the plant for the winter.

Concentrated feeds can be called the most productive of all, because if you focus on this type of feed, rabbits will be much faster grow. The amount of milk in lactating rabbits will also increase. This effect occurs due to a large amount of protein and a minimum percentage of water. It is advantageous to give it at any time of the year, and in the summer mix the food with burdock.

How to properly collect burdock

In order for the grass not to lose its beneficial properties, it needs to be collect and store, following certain rules. It is also recommended to collect the leaves of this plant in a non-road area, for example, in a forest glade or in the forest itself. You can also find burdocks full of vitamins in gardens.

It is not advisable to collect burdock leaves growing along the road or nearby. There is a possibility that the plant has absorbed exhaust and toxic substances.

For storage of grass and burdocks, a room in which there is no moisture and good ventilation is best.

Before leaving the grass for storage, it must be carefully sorted, and then put in an even thin layer on a flat, dry surface. Before giving rabbits grass that has been harvested since spring, it must be washed under running water and then doused with boiling water.By treating grass in this way, you can kill all the germs and parasites in it.


So, the answer to the question whether rabbits can be given burdock is positive: they are happy eat this product. The main thing is not to forget to keep track of the portions, because otherwise you can harm your health. Rabbits are also needed, following the pattern. Due to this, they will timely receive the necessary vitamins and minerals for healthy growth and development of the body.

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The storage room must comply with sanitary standards. Before feeding the rabbit a blank, it must be treated to avoid problems with parasites and microbes living on plants, if you follow all these simple rules, then there will be no problems with eared animals during feeding by burdock.

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