Ways to teach a rabbit to a tray

People are responsible for the maintenance of their pets: their nutrition, sleep, living space and general health. Sometimes pets can cause inconvenience to their owners, for example, if they do not have a specific place for a toilet. So the question arises: how to teach a rabbit to a tray? It is necessary for the animal to feel more comfortable in the cage. And the owners are much easier to clean.

How to choose the right tray

Choosing a new toilet for the animal does not will be of great difficulty if you clearly know the requirements put forward to him. A properly selected tray is already 90% success in training an animal. What you should pay attention to when choosing a dish:

  • Rabbit trays should be comfortable and spacious enough so that the animal can freely cope with needs and bury its tracks. If the tray is too narrow and tight, the pet will simply refuse to go into it.
  • It is better to avoid acute-angled containers in order to prevent injury to animals, because rabbits are animals that constantly jump and cannot sit still. Sharp corners can cause serious harm to your pet’s health.
  • You don’t have to reinvent the wheel by deciding how to train the rabbit in the tray, and just buy a cat toilet with a special grill. They are quite spacious and comfortable for cats, which means that it is much easier to teach a rabbit to a toilet tray of this kind. An important aspect in this case concerns the interaction of the animal with the lattice. It is better to take it out, since its rods put pressure on its tender legs, as a result of which the animal can get injured or simply refuse to cope with the need in a certain place.
  • In extreme cases, you can build a toilet for the animal with your own hands. To do this, you can use an ordinary metal basin (it is important that the corner sector is rounded to avoid injuries). But when choosing exactly this method, the owner should take care of the room temperature so that the cooled metal does not scare away the pet.

To train a decorative rabbit to the tray, it is not enough just to choose the right vessel. Experienced breeders know that getting a pet to use the toilet is much easier with the right choice of filler.

Rules for choosing a tray, filler and location

Rules for selecting the tray, filler and location

This should be taken care of at the initial stage of training, otherwise the process will not go as it should.

Toilet filler

How to choose this filler ? What should it be: flavored or not? Is it better to take sand in granules? Maybe sawdust? About all the intricacies of selecting the filling in the animal pot in order and in detail:

  • sawdust is the best option for filling the tray in the apartment;
  • it is better to choose deciduous species of trees, because sawdust of these plants absorb moisture and unpleasant odors well, and also can’t hurt the sensitive legs of the animal;
  • cat litter is better for cats to leave: rabbits like to try everything, so the likelihood of poisoning pets with granules with chemicals increases significantly;
  • filings, if their dos It’s impossible to eat, it can be completely replaced with paper, hay or straw;
  • it is allowed to use just clean paper, and not a newspaper with printing ink, which can also be harmful to health when ingested.

If nothing repels the good sense of smell of the eared ears, they quickly learn and then go to the toilet throughout their lives in an organized manner.

Another important aspect: correctly place the tray made by yourself or bought in the store. Crawls are very clean animals, they will not spoil the entire territory of the cage. More often than not, they have one specific place, and all that their owner needs to do is just find it and put the tray there.


To teach the rabbit walk the toilet to a specific place, you need to be patient. In no case should you swear or shout at the animal, and the punishment for wrong actions is better to replace with encouragement for the successes made. The most important thing to teach a pet to a tray in an apartment:

  • Decide on and choose one or more code words (“toilet”, “place”, etc.) to teach the rabbit to understand where he is it’s worth it.
  • In front of the animal, place a bowl, constantly repeating code words at that time.
  • Observe the behavior of the animal and, identifying the moment when he wants to defecate, carefully, without frightening, pick it up and transfer it to the prepared tray, while again pronouncing the code word.
  • Determine the moment when Speech is very difficult, so do not despair. The owner can take the feces of the pet and transfer them to the tray, then put the rabbit in there and let it smell. The same thing should be done with urine: wipe with a cloth, and then put it in the tray.It is important that there is no smell left in the wrong place of excrement, otherwise the animal will perceive it as a necessary place of dislocation.
  • It is recommended to praise pets when they go to the right place. To do this, you can give them your favorite sweets and treats.
  • Training can begin with a month and a half months old rabbit. It’s more difficult to accustom completely adult individuals or not yet independent babies to a pot.
  • Sometimes it can happen that a trained pet has stopped going to the proper place. This may be due to two factors: pregnancy and puberty. In the first case, you just need to be patient and immediately after the birth begin to retrain the animal. In the second case, things are more complicated, and sometimes only castration can help, because rabbits do not just go to the toilet everywhere during this period: they attract the opposite sex.
Tray accustoming process

The process of accustoming to the tray

The training process itself is not complicated, and teach the decorative rabbit going to a certain place is no more difficult than taming a cat or a dog to the same place. It is important to simply be patient and sincerely willing to do it.

Love for the pet is also very important: the animal feels the attitude towards it and assimilates the information much better when the training process takes place with love and patience.

Additional recommendations

If a person has already dealt with the instillation of such skills in other animals: cats, dogs, chinchillas, guinea pigs, etc., then special work it will not cause it in the case of the eared, but beginners are advised not to forget about the basic hygiene rules for keeping rabbits. Useful tips:

  • The filler in the pot is best changed every 2 days. Maximum – once per week. This will not lead to unsanitary conditions and will not scare away the animal, because rabbits are very clean and do not go into dirty trays.
  • When letting your pet walk around the apartment, you need to decide whether additional trays will be equipped on its territory. If not, then if you want the rabbit to defecate, you need to immediately transfer it to the tray so that it is used to it.
  • The best location for the bowls for stool will be the same place where she stood at the breeder.
  • When buying a rabbit with a cage, the future owner should ask the seller for a small amount of filler from the tray, which he is used to so that the rabbit does not get confused later.
  • It is better if only one person is engaged in teaching the decorative rabbit to the tray.
  • These animals love to relieve themselves while eating. You shouldn’t be afraid or scold a pet, you just need to transfer the animal to the tray or throw out the feces.
  • To enrich your knowledge, you can study additional literature or watch videos on the Internet.If you can’t manage it on your own, you can turn to the breeder for help.
  • Living only behind bars, the animals become closed and dull. Therefore, they just sometimes need to get out to freedom and learn new horizons.


The answer to the question is whether the rabbit can be accustomed to the tray positive: can and need. The main thing is patience and love for your pet.

If a person is truly devoted to his pet, then there should be no problems with his upbringing, After all, the owner will look at all difficulties as an opportunity to become better and teach the rabbit something. As a result, under such conditions of keeping fluffies, after a short amount of time they go where they need to.

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