Growing rabbits at home for beginners

For normal functioning of the body, a person needs protein. The most common way to get it is raising rabbits to get diet meat.

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  4. Breeding rabbits on a professional level
  5. Purchasing rabbits
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  10. Approximate business plan
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Выращивание кроликов в домашних условиях

Growing rabbits at home

Growing Deco rabbits at home for beginners can be an excellent option for developing their own business. All that is needed is taking the initiative and starting capital. Breeding rabbits at home is becoming more popular every day.

To grow pets in the country or at home without loss, you need to thoroughly prepare for this matter and know all the secrets of production. For beginner farmers, it is possible to grow rabbits correctly only if a competent and approximate business plan is drawn up for the development of this project. You also need to love animals and treat them with attention and care.


Despite the fact that rabbit meat is in little demand, in this case it is quite possible to build a business. This method is not new, but there are not so many competitors in the market as cattle breeders. This is the main distinguishing feature: rabbit breeders will always find consumers for their product.

Cultivation of decorative rabbits at home should be carried out in accordance with all the necessary requirements.

At the initial stage, certain financial investments will be required, therefore, before grabbing on to this idea, you need to carefully consider whether you have enough money not only to purchase, but also to further support the rabbits, because you won’t be able to get profit right away.

Выращивание кроликов как бизнес

Breeding rabbits as a business

In addition to the main costs, which include food and maintenance, there may be unplanned ones, such as equipment repair or veterinarian services. Young growth needs constant monitoring. All costs incurred will ultimately pay off in full and generate income, because there will not be as many competitors in the meat market as other sellers.


This the business is quite profitable, which is primarily due to the fact that rabbit meat is not yet so common, you can not find it on the counter next to pork or beef.It is not in the public domain, it is often purchased directly from breeders.

Despite the small popularity of rabbit meat, it is considered very useful and dietary. There are always buyers for a product because this type of meat is not only perfectly absorbed by the body, but also is an excellent substitute for the usual pork or beef. Nowadays, “proper nutrition” is very popular, and not only among those who go on a diet, so rabbit meat is very popular among PP adherents.

In addition to this, a huge number of various recipes are known, which are based on rabbit meat that cannot be replaced, as the dish instantly loses its special taste. In some cases, when manufacturers do not want to engage in sales themselves, it is possible to conclude contracts for the supply of goods either to points of sale, or to a cafe or restaurant, in whose menu there are rabbit dishes. This option may be more profitable than direct selling.

Pros and cons of growing

The advantages of doing business with rabbits include the following:

  • low competition among sellers;
  • constant and increasing demand for products;
  • self-determination of prices;
  • payback on all investments.

The disadvantages of rabbit breeding include high costs at the initial stage.In addition, you need to independently find consumers and adapt to the market’s pricing policy.

If you plan to keep pets and breed them only for yourself and your loved ones, you can first start several paired individuals and see how things go. With positive dynamics, you can buy several females and males.

Professional rabbit breeding

In our country, the rabbit breeding industry is not given enough attention, therefore it is not considered developed. Often rabbits are kept by those who live in their own houses outside the city. The number of eared heads in this case rarely exceeds 50. Farmers raise rabbits mainly for themselves, and not for mass sale. There are times when the investment does not justify itself at all, but this does not mean that rabbit breeding is an unprofitable business.

The main reason for the failure is that the breeders were simply not sufficiently informed about the proper management of rabbit breeding, because with proper care rabbits can even be kept in their own apartment.

The best breeding option is a mini-farm. It is very effective for expanding the business, and also convenient for the breeder himself. The mini-farm is mainly done on the site, for this they build special houses, equip them with cages and everything necessary for keeping pets.

Purchase of rabbits

All rabbit breeders started their business from scratch, only a few acquired a ready-made established breeding and marketing structure. How to grow decorative rabbits from scratch right? The very first point in building your business is buying rabbits, so at this stage it is already necessary to determine for yourself what direction rabbit breeding will have: selling meat or skins. In the first case, you need to choose breeds that grow and develop quickly.

Закупка кроликов

Purchase of rabbits

If the purchase of rabbits is carried out for the further sale of skins, the focus should be on the color and density of the coat: it can be Thuringian or Fire-red rabbits, as well as rabbits of the breed Alaska.

In order to start breeding a rabbit tribe without any loss, you need to familiarize yourself with the description of all breeds, read reviews, see photos and videos. Only in this case you can choose the appropriate breed of rabbits.

Popular breeds

These can be rabbits of the Chinchilla, Giant or Silvery variety. The choice of these breeds is due to the fact that by 2 months the weight of these representatives can reach 2 kg.Varieties of Giant rabbits are widespread in Europe, but it will not be so easy to purchase them in our country, so the cost of the finished product (rabbit skins) will be quite high. Focusing only on the production of hides is impractical, as the result will still be a freshened carcass of a rabbit.

Plus, rabbits whose skins will be sold in the future require much more care (starting from individual cages so that the eared ones do not damage their fur in possible fights), i.e. additional costs. Yes, and these rocks grow much more slowly, respectively, and gain weight too. Based on this, it is safe to say that such breeds as the Gray Giant, the Silver Rabbit, Chinchilla or Flander are absolutely paying for themselves. In addition to the fact that these rabbits grow very quickly and gain weight, they also reproduce quickly.

In addition, the quality of the fur remains at a decent level. It is up to the farmer to decide which breed to purchase. Ideal is the acquisition not of young rabbits, but of adults. Best of all – 2 females and 1 male. On average, a female can give birth to up to 7 rabbits at a time. This process is able to repeat up to 6 times per year. Accordingly, the growth of rabbits will be greater if you buy a pair of females. This will be a great start.

How to choose rabbits

First of all, it is better to get pets at special breeding plants.If you buy rabbits with your hands, some unscrupulous sellers are able to sell the wrong breed. Females are valued higher, so their price will differ from that characteristic of males. Depending on how many individuals it is planned to purchase, the seller may make a discount for wholesale.

Выбор кролика

Choosing a rabbit

Before buying, it is very important to inspect all rabbits and abandon those that remain under suspicion. If the pet is lethargic, drowsy, too thin or fat, this may be a sign of problems with the body or poor living conditions. Individuals should be of medium build: such a female tolerates cubs better. The breeder should be chosen according to the recommendation, you can also study the reviews. If this is a large rabbit farm, breeders should not hide information about who the rabbits were and at what age the female gave birth to the cubs.

Choosing a place for breeding rabbits

В At home, it is right to start your own business by determining the place for breeding and raising pets. The best option is a quiet and peaceful place away from the city. For a small farm, an area of ​​5 acres may well be enough, but for a larger-scale breeding, a much larger area is required. It is best that the site was with a margin, because the rabbits are growing quite quickly.It is also necessary to allocate territory for a warehouse where food will be stored, and a corral for walks. It will be much easier in this regard to be the owner of your own home.

Rabbits can be bred in a previously built barn. The main thing is that the room is warm, windproof and adapted for its inhabitants. If while on a site or in a private house in the basement rabbits are kept without a place or a cage, this problem should be solved. You can consider areas where it is possible, in addition to breeding rabbits, to grow food for them: oats, clover, alfalfa. This will save money on rabbit food.

Methods for breeding rabbits

  • in a cage;
  • in a pit.

Each of the methods of keeping rabbits has its own characteristics. If you are planning to breed rabbits in cages, you should take into account that you will have to clean them daily, as well as spend a sufficient amount of time pouring into each feed and pouring it into water. With the pit, the trouble will be much less. Cleaning is carried out once a week, and food and water are served in one large common feeder. Cleaning the rabbits takes a sufficient amount of time, so cleaning once a week with a shovel greatly simplifies this process compared to daily cleaning of the cage.

It is also worth considering that the rabbits breed quickly, so here the content in the pits wins again . In the pit, it is easier to find out whether the female is idle or not.In the cell, the process of reproduction in the female often does not exceed 4 times per year, in the pit this indicator can grow 2 times. Also, the feed is not wasted in the pit, because it is in a common feeding trough, which can be approached by anyone who wants to. This fact significantly saves the breeder’s finances.

There is an opinion that a large space gives rabbits freedom of movement, which means they will gain less weight than if they were in a cage. This is mistake. In rabbits in the process of movement, the metabolism works much more efficiently, so they can not only be 20 grams more cellular pets, but the meat quality will be much better.

Another undoubted advantage of keeping rabbits in the pit, is that it has a large capacity. One pit can hold up to 200 individuals, but it is better not to let this number go beyond 100. Here again we can talk about saving not only labor costs of time, but also financial resources. Rabbits in the pit are much more difficult to steal, because when the slightest danger is shown, they hide in their dug minks.

The content of eared pits in pits is more economical and effective than in cages, but the breeder has to decide.

Purchase of rabbit food

In order to grow decorative rabbits by all standards and to keep pets healthy and active, you should properly feed the animals.In order for the weight of rabbits to grow steadily, and they develop and multiply properly, it is necessary to monitor their nutrition, which should be saturated with minerals and vitamins. Compound feed is considered the best food for rabbits, but despite this, the diet should not be limited only to them.

Rabbits also need to eat vegetables and fruits, hay and grain, and in winter their food should be enriched with special additives based on the necessary minerals. In winter, many pets have vitamin deficiency, so you need to give additional vitamins. For each pet, a certain food is sold, taking into account all the characteristics of the animal. For pregnant and lactating females, nutrition should be more fortified and nutritious, therefore, feeding all individuals with one type of food is not necessary.

Корм для кроликов

Food for rabbits

For small rabbits, whose digestive system is still being set up, a special feed has been developed. You need to learn the basics of a balanced and varied diet and adhere to such a diet for your pets. Growing ornamental rabbits at home from scratch will be profitable if you take this activity responsibly and keep your pets right.

Approximate business plan

A business plan needs to be drawn up taking into account prices in the region and the number of individuals.Perhaps the largest part in terms of costs will be rents that can reach 80 thousand rubles. in year. Those who have their own land will only have to pay land tax. The individual will need to pay taxes monthly.

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Next you need to purchase a cage ki, which will cost about 20 thousand rubles (capacity will be about 20 rabbits). 1 cell will not be enough, i.e. the cost will increase, depending on the number of cells. Breeding rabbits in pits will be significantly cheaper. Costs will be limited only by the materials necessary for the arrangement of the pit.

Another item of expenditure is the acquisition of the animals themselves. The approximate cost of one individual varies from 500 rubles and above (for example, Giant). This value is multiplied by the required number of individuals: 500 * 60 = 30 thousand rubles. Also included in the cost estimate is the cost of feed.As a rule, rabbits can be fed up to 4 months, during which time rabbits can eat about 15 kg of feed. Given that 1 kilogram costs about 12 rubles, the total cost is approximately 30 thousand rubles.

Summarize the costs. According to rough estimates, the necessary capital for breeding rabbits can reach 170 or more thousand rubles.

Farm Profitability

Let’s proceed to calculate the approximate income. From one female, offspring of up to 48 rabbits can be expected. In the event that each rabbit lives up to 4 months, it will weigh about 3 kg, i.e. You can get up to 114 kg of meat only from the offspring of one female. The average cost of rabbit meat is from 200 to 350 rubles. per 1 kg, using simple calculations, we calculate the revenue, which is about 40 thousand rubles.

This also includes the cost of processed skins that are given for sale. And this is a plus to the revenue of about 10 thousand rubles. But not one rabbit will be acquired. With large-scale rabbit breeding, the number of females can reach 40 pieces, i.e., the total revenue can be about 2 million rubles. per year of breeding.

This business plan does not include additional costs associated with the services of a veterinarian and obtaining licenses, and also does not take into account a possible decrease in offspring. These factors can account for up to 30% of the cash. But even despite this figure, the final profit significantly exceeds the initial investment.

As already mentioned, raising rabbits is a rather time-consuming task, but it is very profitable. Do not cling only to numbers. It is worth considering that this is not only money, but also time. The rabbit business, like any other, requires attention and concentration. If you still decide to do it, first of all carefully consider your financial capabilities, consult with specialists, and then feel free to start raising rabbits.

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