Why dream of hares and rabbits

In a dream, rabbits can take on a wide variety of meanings, depending on your personal associations and dream context. However, according to the dream books, there are some general interpretations – what do rabbits or hares dream of. If your rabbit does not transform into a specific association in a dream, turn to dream books (Miller, Freud, Wangi, etc.) – maybe they will come up with some ideas.However, remember that interpretations of dream books should not be accepted unconditionally – connect your own intuition and figurative thinking, supplementing and “deciphering” generally accepted interpretations.

  1. Common Values ​​
  2. Color
  3. White
  4. Black
  5. Red and gray
  6. Size and condition
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  9. Additional interpretations

What do rabbits dream of

Common Values ​​

According to the dream books, the rabbit is considered a good sign, talking about increasing Either (profit, offspring, gaining top position, etc.) The extraordinary fecundity that these furry animals are characterized by is associated with increased financial prosperity and replenishment in the family.

However, rabbits may dream and on other occasions, symbolizing timidity, tenderness, vulnerability, etc. For successful decoding of dreams, it should be remembered that a person also means a lot a person who dreamed of a rabbit.

  1. So, for a pregnant woman, a healthy and cheerful animal will promise a successful birth and the birth of a healthy baby.However, in women who give birth for the first time, a restless rabbit may be associated with some fear of the responsibility of motherhood.
  2. And why do rabbits dream of a woman who is only dreaming of having children? More often than not – to make this dream a reality (or at least a good opportunity to conceive and have a baby).
  3. Why do rabbits dream of a girl who doesn’t think about children yet? Here you should consider the financial aspect, career, relationships with a loved one and the prospect of becoming a married woman.
  4. Why do rabbits dream of a man – family or unmarried? In this case, the “loving” animal symbolizes sexual appetites, possibly unsatisfied. The details will depend on the context, but generally seeing a rabbit in a dream can serve as an incentive to prudence (since increased libido often makes men lose their heads and act recklessly).
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If you had a rabbit, try to remember the color of his skin – this will be a good clue to unravel your dream. Of particular importance are white and black colors, and it is also worth paying attention to gray and red (or brown). The “multi-colored” (black-and-white, red-white, etc.) hares do not have a specific meaning. However, bunnies of unnatural colors (pink, blue, green, etc.) have a separate interpretation, symbolizing a craving for extravagant acts.


Why do white rabbits dream? Provided that the animals are alive and healthy, they symbolize success and joyful events. To better understand what a white rabbit is dreaming of, ask yourself – in what area does the dream context send you? If personal relationships come to mind – the animal promises a long period of fidelity and romance, and if it seems to you that the dream speaks of a career – you will be promoted or a successful deal. If you dreamed of a dead white rabbit, you should mentally prepare for the fact that your hopes may not come true.


Why are black rabbits dreaming? Seeing a rabbit or hare with a black skin in a dream is considered an alarming sign. If you dreamed of a completely black rabbit, you may be suffering from a mental disorder that could cause physical illness. Often negative news and sad news are associated with a black animal (sometimes – about the death of someone from friends). In addition, a crawl with black fur can mean your wrong attitude towards sex (low selectivity, consumer attitude, dependence, etc.).

Red and gray

To understand why a red bunny is dreaming, ask yourself – what sensation does the bright skin make you feel? A joyful feeling should be interpreted as positive change, and irritation as negative (in any case, you should prepare yourself for a change). What is the dream of a gray rabbit for?Often, it means the upcoming fuss, as well as the need to listen to intuition.

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Size and condition

The essence of the dream – what the rabbit is dreaming of, can be influenced by its size and condition . So, big rabbits can dream of a big income, however, if the animals from your dreams are simply huge – perhaps you exaggerate the value of money in your life. Why do little rabbits dream? Newborn rabbits (with or without a rabbit) can dream at the beginning of a prosperous period and promise a good income. However, many small animals snooping around here and there can warn of especially fussy time, which requires attention and skill. relationship. A bad omen is considered to see dead rabbits – dead or killed. It is especially bad to participate in the hunt for hares, to choke a rabbit in a dream, and also to kill him (see the carcass and blood). This may indicate a desire for self-destruction, a great need to find peace and harmonize your inner world. The sick animal also symbolizes psychological problems (though less obvious than the deceased).


What is the dream of a hare running away from you with all the agility and forcing himself to catch? Perhaps in life you will have to run to achieve your goal. If the animal ran away, do not be discouraged – most likely, the moment for the embodiment of the desired was chosen incorrectly. Not being able to catch a hare does not mean failing a business; rather, it speaks of the need to postpone it. If the animal was caught, the plan will soon be fulfilled.Holding a captured animal in your hands and stroking its soft fur means that you can fully enjoy the results of your project.

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If you dreamed that you were catching two birds with one stone – try to see which of the life spheres you cannot decide . If the animal has bitten you – perhaps an unexpected and unpleasant circumstance will arise in the case. If the angry rabbit, which was painfully biting, eventually became quiet – you will successfully cope with any difficulties. If for several consecutive dreams you have to see that the animal is hungry, and at the same time feed it with carrots, you will see a steady increase in well-being (especially if the little bunny grows up at the same time).


What is the dream of a rabbit turning into something else in a dream? To unravel such dreams, it is especially important your personal attitude to the end result of such a transformation. For example, if you like cute dogs of the breed breed and hate giant rats, then the transformation of the bunny in the first means an unexpected but quite acceptable turn for you, and in the second – definitely a negative result. If a girl dreams that she picks up a rabbit and that she has a kitten in her hands, most likely she will recognize her chosen one from an unexpected direction.

If a lively real rabbit turns into a plush toy, it’s worth considering your relationship. Are you not a toy for a partner and do you play with the feelings of other people?Those who stubbornly ignore the voice of their intuition can dream of a talking animal, operating with words and even telepathy. A white rabbit walking on its hind legs like a well-known character can dream of a call to more often notice the wonders of this world, not limited to the gray routine. If he runs ahead, as if pointing the way, boldly follow his most cherished dream.

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Additional interpretations

  1. According to the Islamic dream book, a rabbit in the hands of a man means a quick marriage.
  2. If someone gave you this animal – you will receive an inheritance or help in making a profit. Buying a bunny on your own means investing resources in a business that will bring you income.
  3. Dreaming of rabbits that change color (for example, were white and became black) is a call to change your point of view on some situation .
  4. To treat, save or revive dead animals is a great success. Perhaps in life you will also be able to save the obviously “fatal” business.
  5. According to some dream books, the rabbit meat on your table promises profit, but according to others it indicates spiritual discord.
  6. K What is the dream of a rabbit inside a cage or in a collar on a leash? You are in good control of your emotions, but the collar can be removed and the cage can open … You should sometimes “walk” yourself at large.

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