Treatment of an ear tick in rabbits

Ear mite in rabbits is a fairly common disease. Rabbits are extremely popular animals for breeding, so farmers need to know how to properly care for them and, if necessary, treat them. Rabbits are bred both for sale and because of well-selling fur. In addition, farmers are attracted to pets by the simplicity of the content.

  1. Symptoms and manifestations of the ear mite
  2. Folk treatments for ear tick
  3. Ear tick treatment with medications
  4. Sprays
  5. Ear scabies injections
  6. Ear mite emulsion
  7. Prevention of the disease

Ушной клещ у кроликов

Ear mite rabbits

Despite this, pets often get sick, ear problems are not uncommon, which is not surprising given the impressive size of the organ hearing of pussies. The mite that is not familiar to all of us leads to such a disease: an ear parasite has a special oval shape and yellowish color. The length of the tick is about 0.7 mm. can successfully pick her up from her mother.

In babies, this disease can occur with complications. In general, such a disease is quite contagious. As a rule, the ear tick in rabbits is transferred from one to another. The mite willingly lives inside the pet’s abalone and builds tunnels there, where it lays the eggs from which the offspring is born, therefore it is important to devote extra time to the purity of both the pet and the cage where it lives so that the ear scabies does not grow into a brain tumor, which happens quite often.You can find out what the ear mites look like in the photo or video.

A simple way to treat ear ticks rabbit.
ear tick ( how to deal with it)
Treatment of rabbit ear scabies

Symptoms and manifestations of an ear mite

In case of ear scabies, when a tick wants to bite, the pet changes its behavior and scratches the ears. It may seem that the rabbit simply behaves too actively, frolicing behind the bars of the cage, but such behavior is a reaction to a difficult disease for him.

The next symptom follows from the previous one: wounds appear on the ears of rabbits, which are the result of the fact that the rabbit constantly itches. Already at these stages, you need to contact your veterinarian for appropriate treatment. It’s important not to delay it, because if you don’t pay attention to it in time, this small, at first glance, problem will turn into a more serious, undermining rabbit’s health. gradually weaken. Further, the pet may have purulent otitis media or meningitis, which can lead to death. It is also easy to identify the disease by simply looking at the ears of the rabbit. In the ears of animals that have been attacked by parasites, noticeable changes occur, such as:

  • bloody sores;
  • increased temperature of the ears;
  • accumulation of sulfur.

In order to find out about the presence of the disease before the onset of the first symptoms, it is necessary to periodically do special tests in the laboratory or at home. For an independent analysis, you need to take a scraping from the rabbit’s ear and place it in a liquid paraffin warmed up to 40 ° C. The resulting mass should be considered with a magnifying glass, and if a mite or larvae became visible during examination, then it is time to start treatment. The main thing is to start treatment early, then defeating this terrible ailment will be quite simple.

Folk methods for treating the ear tick

You can help the rabbit remove parasites at home using folk remedies, because not always and not everyone has the opportunity to consult a specialist, but risk the health of the little one I don’t feel like a rabbit, and there’s nowhere to delay time. You can do everything at home with improvised, the so-called folk remedies, which will help as well as special medications. There are several recipes that will help in the home treatment of sick rabbits.

First treatment method

The ear mite in rabbits and its treatment should be carried out immediately upon diagnosis. At home, some farmers make this solution: mix one to two turpentine and vegetable oil in a proportion. Using a syringe, you need to dial the mixture and wash the pet, after which the animal’s ears will immediately remain without ticks. This procedure must be carried out every few weeks.

The second way

At home, you can cure the disease with a few elements. This method is also for washing the ears, only here you need to mix not only turpentine and oil, but also add kerosene and creolin to this. Perform the procedure also once every 2 weeks. From such an aroma, a subcutaneous tick on the ear should pass. A similar treatment method is also used on hares.

Third method

This time, a glycerin-iodine mixture will be needed for treatment.It is necessary to mix 4 parts of glycerin and 1 part of iodine mixture. Such a tool will help remove the crust from the ear, due to the presence of a softening effect in the mixture. You need to use the drug daily, and then the result will appear soon.

The fourth way

The last tool that will help with home treatment and the use of folk remedies is camphor oil. Thanks to him, you can remove the parasite to the surface from the skin of the ear, after which it makes sense to remove or destroy it.

Treatment of the ear mite with medications

In order to get rid of ear mite and prevent the terrible consequences of the disease, there is a whole list of special professional medicines. There are many such medicines for the disease, but the most effective ones are sprays and drops. Medicines presented in the format of injections and solutions also help well. But no matter what drug is chosen, you first need to consult a specialist to get the parasite out of the way.

Of course, meeting a veterinarian is not always possible, but you need to consult a knowledgeable person. So, in the pharmacy you can clarify all the details, the same applies to ordering the necessary medical supplies for rabbits by phone or the Internet. For each individual, the dose of the drug is selected individually, since the specialist takes into account the physical data of the pet, the stage of the disease, and other features. The same medicine for different individuals can be prescribed in different dosages.


In order to overcome the ear tick in rabbits, aerosol preparations should be used: ciodrin, psoroptol, acrodex. They help well against various types of ticks and have an antiparasitic effect. They also help against scabies. In order to process the entire surface of the ear, the rabbit needs to be picked up. The spray must be sprayed 10-20 cm from the wound for 2-5 seconds.

The procedure should be performed once a week. All treatment takes only 2 weeks. Rabbits tolerate sprays well, but, as veterinarians advise, you need to watch your pet on the first day after using the medicine.

These drugs are very effective and, as practice shows, the benefit from them is about 80% after the first use, and subsequent use allows you to completely get rid of the tick.

Injections from ear scabies

The preparations Baymek and Ivomek have proven themselves in the fight against ear tick not only in rabbits, but also in cattle and pigs. These drugs are made by injection. Rabbits should be given an injection in the back of the head, but only after consulting a veterinarian. This drug has contraindications: it should not be administered to lactating and pregnant rabbits.

Ear tick emulsion

Valexon is one of the most popular and effective emulsions against ear ticks.To treat ears at home with such a drug is necessary according to the instructions or on the recommendation of a veterinarian. This drug also has an antiparasitic effect. Method of application, duration and frequency of use is the same as that of aerosol preparations. Before any method of treating a pet from a tick or other ailment, it is important to remember that a qualified consultation with a veterinarian is required.

Disease prevention

Prevention of an ear tick in ornamental rabbits should be carried out regularly , only then the effect will be noticeable from it. To prevent the disease of rabbits from an ear tick, it should be remembered that preventive measures are needed, even if the pet has not undergone this terrible ailment. Scabies has an incubation period of about 5 days, and it is very difficult to notice. If a lactating female is ill, immediately isolate her from the rest of the herd and immediately seek the help of a veterinarian.

To avoid this disease, or your pet’s disease, you must follow the simple rules: clean the feeders and cages, change water in drinking bowls, avoid moisture in the cells. Cells should always be treated with disinfectant solutions: if they are dirty, pathogenic bacteria are first brought into them. You need to regularly inspect rabbit ears. If you follow these simple rules, the risk of animal disease is significantly reduced.

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