Is it possible to give a rabbit a quinoa

Recently it has become very popular to get rabbits. They are bought both for breeding and as pets. Pet owners should know how to properly care for rabbits and how to feed them. Very often, summer residents are interested in whether it is possible to give a quinoa to a rabbit, because in the gardens it reproduces very intensively, and summer residents simply throw it away like a weed.

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  2. Quinoa feeding rules
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Quinoa is a fairly popular plant. It resembles ground spinach in taste. It is customary to use it in folk medicine as vitamin supplements. But is it useful for pussies? whether to feed rabbits with quinoa? In this article we will try to answer this interesting question.

Why feed quinoa animals

Quinoa for rabbits is very useful. It contains elements that necessary for the good work of the entire body, as well as the digestive tract. If quinoa is given to animals in small quantities, it can establish the activity of the intestines and stomach.

Quinoa can treat constipation, it includes vitamins and amino acids that support normal immunity.

Pros of eating quinoa:

  • it helps the body absorb food;
  • weed contains a large amount of vitamins;
  • it grows in almost every garden plot.

Rules for feeding quinoa

Rabbits are given quinoa both fresh and dried. To feed pets with fresh grass, you need to choose only young and nutritious stems. Perfectly grass, which blooms in spring and autumn. It is advisable to feed the rabbits only with flowering grass. Serving for rabbits should not contain more than 15% of the plant.

You can still cook fresh leaves, but first they need to be doused with hot water or dried slightly. You need to dry the leaves on the street under the sun for several hours. Quinoa is given in small portions. To begin with, the rabbit is given only a few sheets to see its reaction: not all animals like the weed.

Rules for feeding a quinoa

Rules for feeding the quinoa

If the rabbits did not like the grass, do not force them to eat it. Each animal has its own tastes and priorities in food. If the pet tasted the quinoa and it did not have an upset stomach, you can increase the portion. It can also be mixed with other plants and fed to rabbits 2 times a week.

If the pet is not full and asks for more herbs with spinach flavor, you can adjust its daily diet. A large rabbit will be able to eat 2-3 leaves at a time. Large portions are not recommended.

How rabbits relate to the swan

Quinoa will please the pet to taste, but only as an additive. The grass must be served correctly so that the rabbit does not immediately abandon it. As a separate food, not everyone likes it, and when there is a lot of it in the diet, it can negatively affect the body of the pet.

Do rabbits like quinoa

Do rabbits like quinoa

How to properly collect and store the plant

Under what conditions do you need to collect and store quinoa

  • It is undesirable to collect a plant near plants and the roadway, because it will contain a large amount of harmful substances.
  • The best option is to collect weed in your garden. So you will be sure that it is of high quality and does not contain bad substances.
  • It is advisable to store the plant in dried form. To do this, tear off all the leaves and lay them on a clean and dry surface. Then they are taken out to fresh air and dried. Often before drying, they are finely chopped
  • You can’t pick a plant when it has just begun to bloom, since its flowers contain toxic substances.

To summarize

Is it possible to give a rabbit a quinoa? Of course, but you should adhere to certain rules and regulations. This food contains a large amount of calcium, iron, salts, minerals and carbohydrates.Serving it to rabbits is not only allowed, but even necessary.


Is it possible to feed the rabbits with a quinoa? Of course, it is possible, but at the same time mix it with other types of grass.If the rabbit eats only this weed, he will have to sort out some vitamins and very few others in his body. To avoid this, the rabbit is best to bring a reliable and have tasted the food.

Is it possible to give a rabbit a quinoa
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