How to carve a rabbit

Many rabbit breeders, especially beginners, when the moment comes to let the animals go for meat, do not know how to cut the rabbit. If the meat goes on sale, a moment such as cutting a rabbit plays a key role in generating income.

  1. When the rabbits are cut
  2. Tools
  3. Preparations
  4. How to remove the skin
  5. Skin treatment
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Разделка кролика

Cutting the rabbit

Wrongly carved unattractive carcasses are unlikely to attract a lot of buyers. How to carve a rabbit carcass at home?

When a rabbit is cut

Young rabbits from winters it is fired at the age of 4 months. Slaughter time will depend on the production orientation of the breed. If it is meat rabbits, then time is not significant. Fuzzies weigh 3 kg at the age of 3 months.

For of sandy rocks slaughter time is of great importance. They let animals on meat only after molting has passed. This can be verified very simply. If there are small hairs under the bulk of the hair, then the shedding is not over yet. You can also determine the end of the molt by the color of the skin: if it is over, the dermis will be white under the fluff.


For slaughter and carcass cutting, you need the appropriate equipment.First of all, this is a tool that will be used for slaughtering. You can use wooden scrap. It is not recommended to use metal objects. Experienced breeders who have been doing this for a very long time can kill the rabbit with the palm of their hand.

A spacer stick will be needed to hang the carcass while skinning. Its approximate length is about 30 cm. Such a stick is fixed on the ceiling at the level of its eyes.

Knife, or better yet two. One cut the skin, and the second carry out cutting. Separate plates for offal and portioned pieces. For further use of the skins you will need a frame. Be sure to put water next to you in a separate bowl so that you can wash your hands and take a towel.

Preparatory work

Before you slaughter a rabbit in a home-farming environment, it is planted on a hungry ration. In 12 hours, the animal’s gastric tract will be freed almost completely. This method facilitates bleeding and internment.

The skin of an individual intended for slaughter should be cleaned with a special brush. First you need to prepare a well-sharpened knife, as well as a crowbar or hammer. A live rabbit is taken with one hand on its hind legs and is well fixed, turned upside down. For some time you should hold the rabbit in this position until it calms down.

With a stick or hammer, you need to deliver a precise blow to the back of the head, behind the ears. The crawl dies instantly from a rupture of the spinal cord.The correctness of the stroke will be indicated by the emerging trickles of blood from the nose and ears. Then, by the hind legs, the carcass is suspended on special hooks and incisions are made in the area of ​​new moves or the eyeball is removed.

There is a certain scheme for slaughtering rabbits. They do this in several ways:

  • you can pierce the skull with a hammer;
  • collapse the neck, grabbing the area of ​​the head from the back of the head to the chin with your fingers and making a sharp movement to the side;
  • the most humane method is slaughter by means of an electric charge.

To have a more accurate picture, it makes sense to watch a video on how to slaughter and carve a rabbit. When slaughtering, it is very important not to damage the skin and remove it correctly. Most often, the skin is removed using the stocking method, which can also be found in the video.

How to carve a rabbit
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How to remove the skin

The shelf life of the skins and the quality of the fillet will directly depend on the processing speed of the carcass after slaughter. at home begins with peeling. You will need a well-sharpened knife. After complete bleeding, they make cuts from the tip of the tail to its root, and then from the hock of one foot to the other on the inside of the thighs, and then make cuts around the metacarpal joints of the paws. [Skin removal instruction:

  • with one hand grasp the edge of the skin;
  • with the index and thumb of the second hand, separate it from the muscle mass alternately on both limbs;
  • go to the inguinal region;
  • move smoothly to abdomen and upper limbs;
  • place the thumb and forefinger under the skin and grab the shoulder howl joint;
  • similarly separate the skin from the muscles on the opposite joint;
  • pull the skin from the head, while cutting off the cartilage tissue of the ears, eyes, nasolabial area.

Leather processing

Every farmer strives to make his farm non-waste. As you know, rabbits are not only delicious dietary meat, but also valuable fur. However, in order to be able to use it, it is necessary to learn how to make skins correctly. The quality of the skin and the cutting of the rabbit are interrelated concepts.

First, the remnants of subcutaneous fat and flesh should be removed. To do this, you need a special blank. The blank is a board in the shape of the letter A with a movable horizontally standing bar. The skin is scraped out while holding the knife at an angle of 90 ° to the skin. After scraping, the skin is pulled onto a blank and dried. Put the skin down with fur.

The lower part is neatly straightened and fixed so that it does not wrap when drying. The frame with the skin must be placed in a well-ventilated, dry room. Do not allow overdrying, otherwise the skin will be brittle and its quality will significantly decrease. In a damp, cold room, the skins quickly mold and deteriorate.

Then the skins are soaked in a disinfectant solution. Before the skin is ready for industrial use, it must go through several stages of processing.

Next stage

After the skin has been removed, its inner side is cleaned of fat and muscle and soaked in saline. Cutting the rabbit carcass begins with an examination of the meat mass. The filet should be pink.

How to carve a rabbit carcass? There is a certain scheme for cutting meat into pieces.

Along the carcass make a neat cut along the white line of the abdominal part. Offal is taken from the inside. Separate the gallbladder from the liver with extreme caution: if it bursts, the whole carcass will be damaged. The liver should have a bright red tint, but if it has spots or is lighter than it should be, you will have to get rid of the carcass.

After gutting, cut off the head in the region of the first cervical vertebra. More accurate information can be obtained from the video about the correct cutting of the rabbit.

Этапы разделывания тушки кролика

Stages of carcass cutting rabbit

The carcass must be cut, avoiding the cutting of bones. All incisions should pass only along the articular parts. First, the limbs are separated. The next step is to separate the fillet, it is divided into portioned pieces, depending on size. Some do not separate the loin, then the back pieces are fleshy.

After hind limbs are cut off if the carcass is cut for itself. If you plan to sell meat, you will have to leave the limbs and tail intact. Having separated the hind limbs, the carcass is cut into 2 halves, cutting a ridge in the lumbar region. Then ribs are cut with kitchen scissors. What size each piece needs is dependent on the size of the rabbit. Meat should not be cooked warm.At first it should be cooled, but in no case should it be frozen. Cooling significantly improves the taste.

What should be the blade

To prepare the fur for further processing, do not use a knife too sharp, otherwise there is a risk of tearing the dermis. The skin of the rabbit is very delicate, so you can tear it even with careless removal from the carcass. With special care, it is necessary to process the skin in the groin area.

Cut rabbit tails are often used to make all kinds of souvenirs, crafts and charms. Immediately after cutting it should be gutted from the internal cartilage. Drying and treating the tail is similar to skinning.

To handle the carcass, you need to use very well-sharpened knives. This will make it possible to quickly cut the tendons of the joint bags. A sharp sirloin knife is perfect for separating meat from bones.


Rabbits are bred for meat and high-quality fur. Many novice farmers face the question of how to properly hammer and butcher a rabbit. Of course, the easiest option is to find someone who is involved in this business. If you are going to breed rabbits and build on this business, you need to learn how to do everything yourself.

Before slaughter, rabbits are put in separate cages and starved for 12 hours. This approach allows you to empty the stomach and simplifies the subsequent process of processing meat.Rabbits are killed in several ways. The most humane is electric shock. After slaughter, the carcass is suspended upside down by making incisions in the nasolabial region or by cutting an eyeball so that it becomes bloodless.

The process of removing skin with fur follows. If you plan to sell skins, remove them from the carcass should be extremely careful. The skin of rabbits is very easy to tear, so for beginner rabbit farmers it is far from immediately possible to remove it correctly. Then, the remains of adipose and muscle tissue are removed from the inside of the skin.

Before proceeding to the cutting, the appropriate treatment of the skins should be carried out. After that, they start to gut the carcass, gently stretching the insides. Particular attention should be paid to the color of the internal organs. If the liver is not dark red, then the carcass should not be eaten. Then cut the carcass into portions, optionally having previously separated the fillet.

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