Rabbivac V vaccine instructions for use in rabbits

It’s not easy to breed rabbits as it might seem at first glance. But if you make enough effort, you can do this is not a bad business. Rabbits, like all animals, can get sick. The most common disease among eared ears is HBV. To avoid this ailment, you need to use Rabbivak V for rabbits.

  1. What is VGBK
  2. Vaccinations from HBVC
  3. Contraindications to the drug Rabbivak
  4. What is part of Rabbivak V
  5. How to use Rabbivac
  6. Dosage for Rabbivac V
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  8. What precautions should be taken
  9. Rules storage and analogues of Rabbivak V
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Вакцина Раббивак V для кроликов

Rabbivak V vaccine for rabbits

Rabbivak V vaccine for rabbits is the most effek effective to prevent many ailments. Among them are not only HBV, but also myxomatosis. These 2 diseases most often affect the eared ears. If the animal becomes ill, it simply dies. It is simply impossible to cure these two ailments.

What is HBVC

HBV stands for viral hemorrhagic disease of rabbits. This disease arose in China in 1984. A few years later, the infection spread throughout Russia and Europe. This disease is not treated and is completely asymptomatic.

The virus destroys the rabbit organism from the inside, and it can only be determined if blood samples are taken. Animals can pick up an ailment through food and food. Also, the person himself can bring infection to the eared ears on shoes or hands. It is worth noting that this disease can not harm a person.The disease affects rabbits for 5 days, during this period it can completely destroy all the internal organs of the puss.

First, HBV affects the liver, then passes to the esophagus, and then to all other organs, which leads to instant death animal. Symptoms can occur about a day before the death of the animal. Rabbits refuse food, begin to behave uneasily, bleeding appears.

Most often, rabbits are affected by HBV in parallel with myxomatosis, also a very dangerous disease. Scientists have proven that it is impossible to cure such complex ailments, therefore it is worthwhile to carry out prophylaxis. For this, rabbivac V vaccinations for rabbits should be given. This is the only way to save the lives of the eared.

Vaccine against HBVC

Hemorrhagic disease is very insidious and dangerous. The virus of this disease can live in the body of the animal for about 5 years. He is not afraid of either cold or heat, so the only way to cope with HBV is to use a vaccine that allows you to maintain a stable immunity. To prevent a dangerous disease, Russian scientists developed Rabbivak V for rabbits.

The Rabbivak V vaccine for rabbits is prescribed in the instructions, so each breeder can safely vaccinate his animals with such a drug. To do this, you need only special clothing and one-time injections.

The main goal of the Rabbivak vaccine for rabbits is to launch a small portion of the virus into the body of the animal. After some time, the eared organism will develop immunity to this infection and this will prevent the onset of the disease in the future. This vaccine will not help animals that have already caught the virus.

The use of the Rabbivak vaccine is absolutely safe, so you can safely inject it into rabbits. The first vaccinations for animals are given at the age of 1 to 1.5 months. The vaccine can only be injected into a healthy pet. The instruction has a detailed explanation of which diseases it is strictly forbidden to inject the drug.

Contraindications to the drug Rabbivak

There is a detailed instruction for use with the vaccine itself. But in addition to the indications, contraindications are indicated there. The vaccine should not be given to animals that are ill with another disease or have weak immunity. Also, Rabbivac nb should in no case be interfered with with other drugs: this can lead to negative consequences.

Vaccination with another drug can be carried out only 14 days after vaccination. Necessarily before giving an injection? it is necessary to give the animals a remedy for worms in a day. These measures will allow you to develop a strong immunity to a disease such as the HCV.

To protect fluffy animals from extinction and allow them to develop normally, you need to do other vaccinations. Myxomatosis is another terrible disease for eared ears.There is also a special vaccine for this ailment. The order of their input can be the most diverse. You can immediately take Rabbivac, and after 2 weeks, vaccinate against myxomatosis, or vice versa.

Vaccination of rabbits against myxomatosis and HBV vaccines Rabbivak
vaccine against myxomatosis and HBV for rabbits preparation of the vaccine
Vaccination of rabbits

What is included in Composition of Rabbivac V

A virus strain was used to make the Rabbivac vaccine.It was treated with special means, which led to the fact that the disease lost the ability to reproduce.

The vaccine, in addition to the strain, includes aluminum hydroxide. This component allows the rodent to strengthen immunity. Formalin is also used, it is a preservative that allows the vaccine to retain all its properties.

Rabbivak vaccine is sold in any veterinary pharmacy and is available in the form of an ampoule or glass bottle. It can be designed for one or 100 doses. Externally, the vaccine resembles a light brown liquid.

How to use Rabbivak

The instruction provides the user with detailed information on how and in what doses to use the drug. The use of the drug allows to achieve almost 100% of the result, makes it possible to fully exist.

Vaccination should take place in accordance with all the rules. Before vaccinating animals, they need to poison the worms. The following preparations are excellent for rabbits:

  • shustrik;
  • albendazole;
  • gamavit;
  • pyrantel.

Of all the above funds, Gamavit is the most common and effective. It allows not only to cope with worms, but also to increase immunity.

The use of the drug Rabbivak involves the use of a disposable syringe, so rabbits must be purchased by injection.You should also buy antiseptic agents that will prevent infection during vaccination.

Dosage Rabbivak V

The instructions tell the breeder in detail what dose of the drug should be used for one animal. Rabbits of any age need to be injected with one dose of the drug, which includes 1 ml. Before vaccination, Rabbivac should be shaken well to dilute the sediment with the remaining components, after which the drug is taken into the syringe and injected intramuscularly.

To get the vaccine, the eared beetle should be put on its knees. At this point, you need to hold it tight and stab it in the back of the thigh. Pregnant and lactating rabbits cannot be vaccinated. This is done only if the epidemic has begun.


After the required dose of the drug has been introduced, it should take 7 days. It is during this period that immunity to the disease is formed. The tool is valid throughout the year, so veterinarians recommend vaccinating at the same time. But if the epidemic suddenly begins, it is better to be vaccinated once every six months.

The instruction says that vaccination should be carried out clearly according to the scheme. The pet should be vaccinated for the first time after reaching 5 weeks of age. The next vaccination should be carried out 3 months after the first. Further Rabbivak is injected, depending on the situation. If there is no epidemic in your area, one injection per year is enough.

Using a tool like Rabbivak V? allows you to achieve a healthy livestock. Many breeders use it in their practice. Other similar remedies are less effective.

What precautions should be taken

The use of Rabbivak V requires certain precautions, because you can’t explain to rabbits that this is done for them health, so before you get vaccinated, you need to wear special clothes, mittens and gloves.

If it happened that the product got on the skin, you should quickly rinse it with water. If it happened that the breeder accidentally pricked himself, you need to go to the hospital. In this case, it is necessary that the instruction from the drug was with you.

There are situations when the drug is on the ground. This place is recommended to be treated with bleach or a substance that contains alkali. Such funds should always be at hand.

Storage rules and analogues of Rabbivac V

The shelf life of Rabbivac V is 18 months, so many breeders purchase the drug in reserve. The packaged product must be stored in a cool, dark place. An open bottle should be used immediately. If the product is still left, then it must be boiled in an alkali solution for half an hour.

In the modern world there are 2 more such drugs. One is called Pestorin, and the second – Lapimun gemm. Both drugs are designed for 10 rabbits.Before purchasing these drugs, you should carefully read the instructions. Experienced breeders still recommend using Rabbivak V, because it is the most effective and its price is quite reasonable.


The health of animals primarily depends on their owner therefore, it is worth doing all vaccinations on time, because not all diseases can be cured.

HBVC, if it enters the body, the rabbit will die with 100% probability. Even if you discover an ailment at the initial stage, it will be impossible to help the animal with anything, because this virus multiplies very quickly and infects absolutely all internal organs.

Rabbivak showed himself perfectly. Many breeders not only recommend using it, but they themselves use it in their practice. Also during this period, it is necessary to regulate the nutrition of animals: they should receive more vitamins and minerals. Such a vaccine and care will save rabbits from a terrible and painful death.

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