Breeding rabbits as a business at home

Breeding rabbits as a business is considered a very responsible business. But is it worth it for a budding entrepreneur? Is this activity profitable? Before breeding rabbits, you need to carefully consider what they are for: meat, skins or valuable fur.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. The choice of legal form of enterprise
  3. Where to start a rabbit business?
  4. Rabbit keeping
  5. Buying animals
  6. Difficulty content
  7. Product distribution
  8. Business expenses
  9. Is it profitable to breed rabbits

Breeding rabbits as a business

Breeding rabbits as a business

We need to weigh the pros and cons, calculate whether it is profitable or not, and also think whether the desire to do this business in 5 or 10 years will continue, whether the forces can cope with such a large economy,

In this case, it is necessary to realize the responsibility placed on the farmer. It is advisable to get pets only if you love animals and are ready to pay attention to them. Those wishing to throw rabbits into cages and try to get a decent income from this will face a cruel disappointment: nothing will come of it. The farmer should love his job and respect his wards.

Advantages and disadvantages

Breeding rabbits as a business is characterized by a quick payback, since rabbits are highly valued. Rabbits both in business and in natural conditions breed rapidly.Their good fertility allows the trinity to return the money spent on the purchase of new rabbits and equipment.

Rabbit breeding is a business for which you do not need to have a large start-up capital. Keeping animals simple and inexpensive, and in the summertime costs are reduced. Also, this type of business in our country is not very developed, so there is practically no competition.

The main minus is the high mortality rate of young rabbits. It is necessary to observe sanitary requirements for keeping animals. Also, do not forget about the documentation for meat.

Choosing the legal form of the enterprise

Anyone who has carefully weighed everything and still decided to start such a business needs to decide on the legal form of enterprise. Here the choice is between individual entrepreneurship (IP) and personal subsidiary plots (LPH).

When choosing a form of enterprise, it is recommended to contact a lawyer: he will tell you more about all the nuances from a legal point of view.

Registration IP is conducted through the tax service. To do this, you must have a certificate for the farm, get a GOST-R declaration and issue a phytosanitary certificate. This form of enterprise is suitable for people with a large volume of production.

With a personal farm, raising rabbits for business somewhat simplifies the existence of such an activity: you do not need to pay a percentage of sales.

To conduct business, you need to have a certificate about the availability of land.LPH is well suited for those who have a small volume of production, and the rabbit will sell meat through his friends.

The rabbit home-based business is not as complex as it might seem at first glance, but in order to profit from its labor, you need to follow certain rules. The business of raising and breeding rabbits at home is possible, you just need to have pets and draw up all the necessary documents.

Where to start the rabbit business

Breeding of decorative rabbits at home includes primarily the definition of the type of activity. Further it is necessary to think over the premises for breeding. If there is no such house, then it must be made independently, taking into account all quality standards. It is also necessary to take care of the sanitary conditions for keeping rabbits.

Each room for breeding rabbits has its pros and cons. Some farmers breed pets on the street in burrows and greenhouses, and someone keeps animals in their apartment.

To create a rabbit business from scratch, you can first get several individuals, necessarily paired.

  • Business on rabbits is suitable for those who have a country house, cottage or a house in the countryside. It is necessary to select a specific area and build on it several convenient cells. In them rabbits should live in comfort and coziness. You also need to make an uninterrupted supply of water, do not forget about feeding and cleaning manure.No need to allow dampness: animals do not like it. It is worth considering that rabbits often breed, so it is recommended to allocate a separate place for young animals.
  • To keep hay and grain, to feed rabbits, you need to build a shed next to which the feed will be protected from rain. You should also feed the rabbits with compound feed.
  • You need to take care of manure: make a hole in the area where the waste will go. Such a pit should be made approximately 2-3 m in depth and diagonally. Animal excrement can be used as natural fertilizer or sold to summer residents.
  • A special room should be made for the mass slaughter of rabbits. After the premises must be carefully cleaned. Good ventilation must also be installed.
  • Food must be stocked several months in advance. In summer, you can feed the rabbits grass: this will reduce costs.

Growing from scratch requires compliance with all rules for the care and breeding of animals. Sanitary regulations must be followed carefully. Rabbitry should be clean and should be regularly sanitized: this reduces the chance of animal disease.

Rodents or insects must be killed: they transmit diseases. Infected rabbits are taken to a special quarantine zone where they are treated.

You can learn more about breeding rabbits for beginners in the video.

Keeping rabbits

The most effective way to keep rabbits is a shed system. It uses a tiered installation of cells, growing in them is more than effective. Cells are placed on top of each other and in a row. A sewer channel is installed under them, which helps to simplify cleaning. Thanks to this system, it becomes easier to feed and care for animals. It also saves time.

There are also disadvantages: that the animals are kept in a closed space and walk a little. Basically, this content is used for breeding rabbits for meat. Pets are actively eating fat and moving a little.

Rabbits can also be kept in holes: they dig a small hole that is protected from dogs or other animals. You also need to take care of the roof so that rain does not get into the hole. Inside, one male and several females should live. There they will breed.

Breeding and raising pets in burrows is close to the natural conditions of living and there are no disadvantages with this method of breeding. When keeping rabbits in burrows, pets have a more developed and stronger immunity, as well as increased life expectancy.

The contents in the pit badly affect the fur of animals: it becomes dirty and rough, and therefore those who are going to breed eared for skins should abandon this method of growing .

Buying animals

For meat, large breeds such as the Belgian Giant or the Gray Giant will be the best choice.

For acquisitions, it is best to go to the farm where rabbits are bred: this way you can independently check under what conditions the animals were kept and what their parents were. Before buying, make sure that the pet is active and has no external signs of disease.

It is better to refuse the purchase if at least one of the listed symptoms is observed:

  • the coat is upright and not glitters;
  • the rabbit is inactive or, on the contrary, too groovy;
  • a dull look;
  • unnatural behavior;
  • the rabbit is not given into the hands , eats and drinks a little.

When buying, you need to ask the breeders about their fecundity, how often they die, the quality of the fur, etc. It is worth paying attention to their maxim ny weight. It is necessary to take rabbits so that about 30 females per male.

Difficulties in keeping

One of the most common difficulties is increased mortality of animals. To avoid such situations, you should often conduct a veterinary examination. You should also wash the cells as they get dirty, feed the eared ears with high-quality feeds, and always drink fresh water.

During the autumn vitamin deficiency, you need to add a large amount of vitamins, fresh herbs and mineral fertilizers to the rabbit’s diet.

You should not save on feed, because this directly affects the quality of the meat, the skin and the health of the rabbit.Many farmers prepare mixed feeds at home on their own.

The best advice for farmers doing business from scratch is to learn as much information about rabbits as possible, to get in touch with experienced entrepreneurs or farmers: they will answer all your questions.

Product distribution

Before you start selling rabbits, you need to study the market. In places with many suppliers it is easy to burn out. The sale should not be delayed, since meat tends to deteriorate, and rabbits age. It is recommended to find profitable shops or individual entrepreneurs who sell meat in order to conclude a sales agreement with them. Do not forget about certificates confirming the health of rabbits and their particular farm.

Animal fur can be sold at various factories for the production of fur coats and other fur clothes or in an atelier.

Do not be afraid to install Price yourself, however, it is not recommended to overestimate them, especially at the beginning of a career.

Searching for buyers usually takes a lot of time, and this can badly affect the budget, therefore it is recommended to take care of all contacts. Products should be delivered on time and in the required quantity with all the necessary documentation. Each businessman should prove himself well from the first day of activity. He needs to prove his operability and reliability.

Costs of a business

An approximate business plan needs to be drawn up.You need to calculate how much you need to spend to start rabbit breeding. Materials for the manufacture of cells should be considered. On average, about 50 thousand rubles come out. The average number of cells involved in production is taken into account: primary and secondary.

Then, young rabbits are procured. Typically, a small business involves the purchase of 100 goals at a time. It takes 30 thousand rubles. The price may vary, as different breeds are valued differently. Also, the price in which region the purchase is made may affect the price.

Feed is purchased for several months at once. A special expensive compound feed is also bought. An average of 70 to 150 thousand rubles. It remains to take care of veterinary services, water supply, heating and other services. In the year it takes about 20 thousand rubles.

These are the main costs at the initial stage. It is also worth taking into account various emergencies, it is worth putting money into the budget for such an event.

Is it profitable to breed rabbits

To find out whether it is profitable to conduct such a business , what is its profitability, it is worth calculating the income and estimated costs. First, let’s calculate the average income for the sale of meat. About 2 thousand kg of meat product can come out of 100 rabbits. If you take the average price of 200 rubles per kilogram, it turns out that the profit will be 400 thousand rubles. in year.In addition, there is still fur that can be sold in factories or in the studio for 200 rubles per skin. A total of 1,400 skins will bring another 280 thousand rubles.

With all expenses of net profit, 500 thousand rubles will be obtained. in one year. Over time, costs will decrease, which will affect revenue growth, so rabbit breeding can be considered a profitable business.

Everything pays for itself in about six months. But this should be done only by those who really like the idea of ​​starting a farm, as there are many difficulties that not everyone can handle. If all aspects are observed, even a novice farmer will succeed in raising and breeding rabbits.

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