Benefits and harms of rabbit fat

Few people know that rabbit fat is a useful and necessary product for humans. Animal fat as a whole has a lot of functions and can be used in many areas of human life: from cooking to cosmetology. The daily diet of a person must be filled with plant and animal components so that appearance and health are not affected.

  1. Main beneficial properties of rabbit fat
  2. About the possible harm of rabbit fat
  3. How is fat used in medicine?
  4. Cosmetic use
  5. Culinary use

Кроличий жир

Rabbit fat

With a small amount of fat and protein, the nervous system and brain function deteriorate, memory and testosterone production are impaired. For future mothers it is this element should be q the residual part of the food. After all, this product has the ability to quickly digest and has no side effects. By limiting the intake of fat, the body can lead to a lack of oxygen and constant weakness. What is rabbit fat good for humans?

The main beneficial properties of rabbit fat

The internal interior fat of a rabbit is a combination of nutritional and taste qualities that contains a minimum of cholesterol. That is why rabbit meat is useful and recommended for consumption, unlike feathered meat. To say that this component is useful is to say nothing. Rabbit fat has a lot of positive characteristics.

  1. It has a rich chemical composition, therefore it helps strengthen immunity, provides the body with the saturated acids that a person needs for the active work of organs.
  2. Saturated, monounsaturated, polyunsaturated fatty acid is included in the content of the element in equal amounts. A similar ratio cannot be found in any other animals – it is unique.
  3. The composition is full of extractive nitrogenous substances that affect taste and stimulate the production of digestive juice.
  4. Thanks to the higher CEM (which corresponds to for ensuring the synthesis of the components of the cell membrane), rabbit fat is more useful and high-quality, and also has increased biological value. Its composition is similar to that of the bear, because the cost of rabbit products is quite high.

Rabbit meat is environmentally friendly, which is considered one of the most impressive advantages, and contains a sufficient amount of protein, minerals and vitamins. The assimilation of the necessary components occurs by the body by almost 100 percent.

Due to the physiological characteristics of the rabbit, the animal does not succumb to microbes and viruses and does not accumulate pesticides and herbicides in the body. This factor influenced the fact that pets began to be used for clinical experiments and experiments as mute experimental material.

About the possible harm of rabbit fat

If the benefit of the rabbit’s fat component is no longer in doubt, then the possible negative consequences remain only a question. No matter how wonderful the dietary and beneficial properties a product has, it can be harmful as a result of individual intolerance.

Despite the fact that this is the only negative feature of meat, allergy sufferers need to be careful with it so as not to lead to complications. Rabbit fat can negatively affect the body due to the nitrogenous and extractive substances that make up the composition of uric acid. Its increased content leads to gout and joint inflammation in adults, and to neuro-arthritic diathesis in children. As you can see, the benefits and harms of fat are far from being in equal proportions, because meat and other rabbit “products” can be used without fear in all cases that are not related to individual factors.

How to use fat in medicine?

Rabbit fat gained its fame among folk healers many centuries ago, because its benefits have been proven repeatedly in the treatment of colds and other ailments. It is believed that its use to eliminate colds can heal a person faster.Enough:

  • 1 tablespoon three times a day before meals – for coughing;
  • regular rubbing of the chest – in the treatment of bronchitis and tonsillitis;
  • instillation of the preheated fat in the ear or compresses to combat otitis media.

You can use fat with honey. However, remember that heated honey will have the opposite effect and reduce the possible benefits of the fat component. Mix the components in a ratio of 1 to 3 or use separately. Rabbit fat is a real helper in the healing and restoration of damaged tissues, therefore it can replace even homemade ghee cow butter. For the treatment of burn wounds, you can use homemade ointment. For its preparation, the melted warm rabbit product and beeswax are mixed. Then add the same amount of honey. The ointment is stored in the refrigerator.

Cosmetic use

Rabbit fat is used in the cosmetology sphere due to its unique composition and ability to regenerate tissues. Dozens of years ago, with the addition of fat, they began to make expensive Soviet cosmetics – Dzintars. Below we consider the main cosmetological properties.

  1. Rid of skin from roughness, peeling and excessive dryness – to replenish the body’s supply of vitamins and protect against weather changes, it is enough to grease your face with fat or make masks with honey (in a 2: 1 ratio). Such procedures can have a strong effect and give a quick effect of revitalization and recovery.
  2. Fights against dullness and fatigue of the skin, restores brittle and lifeless hair, prevents the loss and fragility of nails. To do this, it is recommended to use fat with food – this will transform the appearance completely.
  3. Improving the condition of the hair, giving it shine and density. For these purposes, it is enough to regularly apply an effective and miraculous mask to the hair from melted cow or rabbit, goose fat, mixed with honey and chopped garlic. Such a mixture should not be warmed up or used as a tincture. The mask is carefully rubbed into the roots of the hair, massaged, combed with a wooden scallop and covered with any film or bag, wrapped in a towel or hat. Leave the mixture on your head for a couple of hours, then gently and vigorously rinse your hair with medical shampoo and, after drying, comb it with a comb. There are no restrictions for using the mask – it can be done daily.
  4. “Awakening” and giving the skin freshness. It is necessary several times a week to lubricate it with the thinnest grease as thin as possible and pat it with a napkin every 45 minutes.
  5. Elimination of dry hands.To do this, it is enough to use the fat component instead of the cream before bedtime.
  6. Caution against frostbite on the face and hands. To prevent this, goose fat or rabbit fat with a suitable melting point up to 40 degrees will help. Fat can not only protect the integument, but also cure existing problems. The same applies to applying it to wounds, scratches and non-purulent injuries.

Rabbit fat is found in many medical products, perfumes, cosmetics, due to its hypoallergenic properties. The uniqueness and usefulness of refined rabbit fat has been repeatedly proven by scientists in various fields.

Culinary use

The use of rabbit fat in cooking is quite common and occurs, first turn during frying and cooking lean dishes. It is best to combine it with melted beef and pork fats to absorb the components. Rabbit fat is 100% digestible, therefore it can even be used for cooking the smallest children. Dietary meat contains about 80 percent protein, while fat there is only 20.

If you cook the carcass of the animal and achieve good warming, you can avoid the appearance of an unpleasant odor. Basil is used to mask odors. When adding a fat component to home baking or baking, the hostess can achieve an acceleration of the “growth” of the test by 5 times.

The fat content in bakery products gives them a more refined and delicate taste and lasts longer. Meat and any meat products will get a rich and unforgettable taste, if you add a little interior fat. By the way, interior fat is perfectly stored in the freezer. Often the rabbit product is confused with cat fat, the color of which is yellow. To distinguish the products, remember that the color of the fat of the rabbit is white.

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The high biological value of rabbit meat allows it to be consumed not only by a person of any age, but also by a patient supporting therapeutic nutrition. Nutritionists assure that by using rabbit meat you can normalize fat metabolism and optimize the balance of nutrients.That is why rabbit meat is often prescribed in the treatment of peptic ulcer, colitis, gastritis, liver diseases, hypertension, diabetes mellitus. kidney problems can affect the liver of the animal.

As it turned out, rabbit fat is a truly valuable and useful product that can only be harmed if abused. Despite its unpopularity, fat can be used in cosmetology, cooking and medicine.

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