Description of Hiplus rabbits

Hiplus rabbits are descendants of New Zealand, California and Belgian rabbits. Translation of the name from French means “add”. In the specific case, we are talking about adding improvements to the quality of the precursor breeds.

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Hiplus rabbits

Giplus rabbits

This optimization lasted about 30 years. During this period, it became possible to increase the number of rabbits born from 8 to 12. Rabbits are similar to each other to such an extent that people call them the reproductive abilities of the female individual, lasts from 10 months to one year. Ama rabbit has 10 nipples, which allows her to safely feed a dozen children.

Short description

The weight of these pets has become more than that of the ancestors. 60%. Hiplus rabbits eat less than their predecessors, and their productivity is higher. Since rabbits have the greatest health problems because of the digestive system, this breed was able to improve the health of this organ.

Hiplus is considered a hybrid . This means that the continuation of the family of born babies is meaningless. The reason for this is the possible loss of genes collected in Hiplus. Genes can be lost due to the specifics of the hybrid: they do not have the ability to gain a foothold. Also, heterosis is lost, which is the strongest in the first generation when crossing breeds.These nuances cause difficulties for rabbit breeders, but this cross is worth it.

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Typically, farmers use rabbits in several ways to obtain meat productivity. The easiest way, suitable for beginners, is to acquire little rabbits, feed them, and score. The next method for more experienced farmers is to purchase California and New Zealand rabbits, cross them, and then follow the first option. On large farms for breeding eared animals, the business of which is based on the sale of the Hiplus breed, the best way is to purchase the ancestors of the hybrid, get parents from them, and from parents to breed already target rabbits.


Hiplus’s parents and grandparents are hybrids, and there is no way to breed them as a normal breed. This is a rather time-consuming process, which is practically not subject to amateurs and beginners. You have to constantly buy young animals. Thanks to crossing the crosses, we got a supercross with extraordinary high-level characteristics.

Rabbit appearance


Outwardly it is impossible to distinguish Hiplus from other rabbits. Only if you have a document that confirms this, you can verify this. Features include feeding the eared ears. To reveal the full potential of this cross, it is necessary to feed it only with high-quality food, the price of which is higher than usual.Every day, with proper care and maintenance, the rabbit gains 55 g of live weight. In adulthood, a pet can weigh more than 5 kg, which is just the point, because the rabbit belongs to the breeds of meat productivity.

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Description of appearance:

  • dense short limbs;
  • compact body of a cylindrical shape;
  • head slightly elongated, neck short;
  • ears are small; since there are 3 types of main hybrids, the ears are pure white, black or gray;
  • eyes are red or pink, rarely brown;
  • the hair is very thick: the main color white, black, gray, there are also types of white with gray and black spots.

The main types of Hiplus: White standard, Giant white and Giant black-eyed.

Maintenance and care

The housing of the Hiplus rabbits can be a metal cage measuring 1 m by 40 cm. Ventilation must be installed in the room where the animals live. The optimum temperature should be 19 ° C. This temperature is most favorable for the reproductive function of animals. When the temperature deviates, development slows down, and reproduction also. In winter, a heater is installed, which is closed with a metal mesh (chain-link) from accidental contact of animals.

Be sure to remember about lighting. At least 14 hours a day, the light remains on (given the time spent on the street under daylight).This is especially true in winter, when it gets dark early and dawns late. Lamps should give a soft light. Bright lamps quickly heat the room. From overheating in animals, heat stroke can occur. Direct sunlight should not fall on the Hipplyus.

Hiplus rabbit care

Care for Hiplus rabbits

Care must be taken not to stress the rabbits. Frequent stresses affect the productive function of the animal, including overall health. Like all animals, the Hiplus need comprehensive vaccination. When outbreaks of any disease in the herd, additional vaccinations are made. It is necessary to approach nutrition with all responsibility. Obligatory adherence to the regime, a properly composed diet, the inclusion of all important elements, vitamins, and substances are fundamental factors in the full health of animals. Hay, compound feed, grass, hay flour – the base on which the rest of the food is based. Water should be clean and cool. Automatic nipple drinkers should ensure constant access and clean drinking water.

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Fertilization is carried out artificially. About 12 rabbits can lead a female at a time. Using the sperm of one rabbit, about 20 rabbits are fertilized. The male is able to generate a fertilizing substance every week.After giving birth, after 18 days, the female is fertilized again and returned to the babies to continue feeding. After another 17 days, the rabbit is placed in a specially equipped cage for pregnancy, and the rabbits are left in place.

Further, as the young grows, the young growth also settles. In one cage can be no more than 7 young rabbits. Breakdown of rabbits is carried out on 78 days. Naturally, such an active reproductive lifestyle leaves a mark on the health of the female Hiplus, therefore, in this vein, she is used for no more than a year. Then comes the turn of a new rabbit.

Every 48 days, the rabbit brings rabbits. In one year, she gives birth 7 times to 12 cubs. One female gives a minimum of 70 rabbits a year, a maximum of 84. This is a profitable business that pays off in a fairly short time.

How to choose a rabbit

Any A potential buyer wants to make the right choice and not make a mistake in it. In this case, this is not easy to do, because if you compare the photo of Khiplus and his parent, whose breed is completely different in parameters, it is not easy to distinguish them. The hybrid does not have a clearly fixed color. Pets can be white, white with black or gray spots, gray, black. As mentioned earlier, documentary evidence of belonging to the breed is required.

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It is advisable to pay attention to the behavior of young animals when choosing.Animals must be active, with a good appetite. If the rabbit is sluggish, sleepy, sits in place more than it plays, does not want to eat or does it in very limited quantities, you should not buy it. If an animal has bald patches, watery eyes, incomprehensible discharge from the ears, mouth or nasal cavity, it must be concluded that the rabbit is sick. Having noticed any defects, it is necessary to inform the farm owner about this, perhaps he himself does not know about it.

It is recommended that any buyer buy the animal together with the veterinarian. A specialist can conduct an inspection before purchase, and he will determine if the rabbit is healthy, because there are problems that are difficult for a layman to notice.

Breeding rabbits. Cross Hipplus (Hyplus). Rabbit farm of Sergey Yanchenko. Kabardino-Balkaria.
Rabbits from France.
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The price of Hiplus is at least 20 euros per piece in the homeland of the cross, and if you count the export, customs duties, the cost in our country can differ significantly. The intended purpose of the hybrid is meat. For this purpose, the financial costs of feeding and keeping should be calculated in advance so that This was not an unpleasant surprise. Observing sanitary standards, properly caring, and conducting vet examinations on time is the key to a successful result. These efforts will more than pay off when selling Hiplus carcasses.

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