How to treat ear scabies in rabbits

Often farmers and breeders, fearing serious illnesses, absolutely forget to prevent other ailments. However, even rabbit ear scabies, one of the most common infections, could seriously harm pets.

  1. Psoroptosis: causes and consequences of the disease
  2. Symptoms, forms and diagnosis of ear scabies in rabbits
  3. Drug treatment
  4. Alternative methods for controlling ear mites
  5. Camphor against ticks
  6. Prevention of ear scabies in rabbits

Ушная чесотка у кроликов

Ear scabies in rabbits

Solution problems – simple prevention. If you prevent the disease in time, you can avoid many problems.

Psoroptosis: causes and consequences of the disease

Psoroptosis is a disease of rabbits caused by Psoroptes cuniculi ticks.

Ticks are oval in shape and size up to 1 mm Parasites live in the auricle, ear canal, and can also affect the eardrum. The disease is better known as rabbit ear scabies.

The disease is especially active by the end of winter or early spring, but a pet can catch an ear tick throughout the year.

The parasite is able to enter the animal organism from a sick relative, a person, through dirty cells, aviaries and equipment.Very often infection of rabbits from the mother is recorded, therefore, during pregnancy and lactation, rabbits should be given special care. A high risk of getting sick will be in a herd of rabbits, which lives in a cramped room with high humidity. This creates an ideal habitat for harmful insects.

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Many farmers consider the disease not serious and do not provide timely treatment to infected individuals, which leads to sad consequences:

  • refusal to eat and weight loss ;
  • lack of breastfeeding in the offspring;
  • poor functioning of the reproductive system of the body;
  • the development of tumors or cysts in the brain, which leads to the death of the eared.

Monthly prophylaxis will prevent ear scabies in rabbits and avoid losses caused by pain. a fuck. It is necessary to monitor the pet not only during the period of illness but also after healing.

If the fluffy behaves aggressively during the treatment period, he experiences pain. Cooling cream will help reduce pain symptoms.

Symptoms, forms and diagnosis of ear scabies in rabbits

The symptoms of psoroptosis in rabbits are not so pronounced in the early stages of the disease. The stages of the disease in animals are divided into acute, subacute and chronic. The severity of hearing damage depends on the form of the disease:

  • asymptomatic;
  • mild;
  • medium;
  • severe the form.

The incubation period varies from 1 day to a week. The asymptomatic form of psoroptosis in rabbits is determined by a veterinarian during a clinical examination of the animal. At the base of the ear canal, the doctor discovers dry crusts of gray color and protruding red vessels. During a mild form, the disease is expressed in foci of skin irritation, inflammation appears. Outwardly, the rabbit does not look sick, but it can periodically shake its head and comb the ears with its front paws.

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With this form, reddened swelling first appears at the site of the lesion, which is replaced by blisters, after a couple of days, the bubbles burst and a succession flows out, forming an anemone, forming dry crust. During the initial examination of the auricle, the veterinarian in the external auditory canal may notice an increased amount of sulfur, which adheres to small lumps.

If scabies has passed into the middle form, the pathological process affects the base of the auricles, the external auditory canal, part of the neck, back , toes of forepaws. The auricle of a sick rabbit is covered with a dense crust. The skin around the ear is also contracted by a large number of crusts, which leads to hearing loss.

When psoroptosis progresses in the far auditory canals, the process of inflammation and suppuration begins. The fluid from the ears becomes viscous and contains small amounts of blood. This is the most dangerous stage of the disease, because the brain, the organs of smell and vision can be affected.The sick rabbit is anxious, eats and drinks poorly, he has a sharp increase in body temperature, in some individuals he may have a crooked head, throwing along the aviary, sick ears hang down, the rodent is not able to raise them properly. Such rabbits weaken, their depletion is noted, death often occurs.

Treatment of rabbit ear scabies
A simple way to treat an ear tick in a rabbit.
Ear mite in rabbits. Treatment.

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If the disease is complicated before the inflammatory process on the cerebral cortex, convulsions and a nervous tic can occur. When the disease affects the nervous system, the animal is more humane euthanized.

Diagnosis is based on scraping the affected ear skin in special laboratories. With severe damage to the auricle, x-ray photos are taken to make sure the brain is intact. If the veterinary clinic is out of reach, just take a scraping from the ear of the pet and place it in hot liquid paraffin. With the help of a magnifying glass, parasites crawling in the sample can be seen.

Drug treatment method

First of all, it is necessary to find and put sick individuals in a free enclosure for quarantine. After consultation with the veterinarian, the indicated medications should be purchased. Medicines vary in effectiveness and method of application. It can be a spray, ointment or a vaccine. The disinfection procedure is quite simple and similar to using many means: you need to apply the medicine to the damaged area and then remove the parasites with a cotton swab.

The spray is sprayed 6 cm from the rabbit’s auricle. Also, do not forget to cover the eyes of the pet, among other things, you need to massage the ears after the procedure. Among the popular drugs, these are also noted:

  • psoroptol;
  • dicresil;
  • acrodex;
  • ciodrin and others.

Creolin, one of the most readily available drugs, is well suited. Creole should be treated with a cotton swab, and then massage the rabbit’s ear. Ear canal disinfection should occur every week. The rabbit is considered healthy a couple of days after the cessation of discharge from the auricle. Vaccination is a radical but more reliable way to kill a tick. The Baimek and Ivomek preparations also do an excellent job.

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A small list of known drugs that will help in the fight against parasites:

  • Sulfidophosis;
  • Chlorophos;
  • Foksim;
  • Tsiodrin;
  • Neocidol.

Which drug is better able to help in each case, can say only vet. He will determine the correct dosage.

Folk methods for controlling ear mites

Many farmers prefer to treat ear scabies in rabbits at home. To do this, use a solution of sunflower oil and kerosene in 1: 1 proportions. In some cases, kerosene is replaced with turpentine. The auricle of an infected animal is wiped with a mixture using cotton wool, after which it is massaged for some time. At the end of the treatment, cotton buds are used to remove the dried crust. One procedure is usually enough to remove a tick, but it is worth observing the rabbit: if the anemone flows again from the ear and a scab forms, the procedure should be repeated.

In its pure form, kerosene or turpentine can burn the skin of a pet, so the treatment mixture is made on the basis of vegetable oil. Turpentine can also be softened with a moisturizer or glycerin.

Tick camphor

There is another treatment method used by many eared owners. They advise treating scabies with camphor oil. It is enough to add 2-3 drops to the auricle and massage the ears with a cotton swab. If the tick does not hatch the first time, the procedure should be repeated after a week.

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Experienced hosts treat rabbit psoroptosis with sulfur and vegetable oil, maintaining a 1: 1 ratio. The method of application is the same as when using kerosene. A good method of treating rabbit ears with scabies is a mixture of iodine and sunflower oil in a ratio of 1: 4. The animal’s auricle is smeared from the inside every two days.

Treating ear scabies in rabbits at home may be no less effective than using medication, but you should consult a veterinarian before using folk methods.

The most important thing in all procedures related to ear scabies in rabbits is to avoid reinfection.To do this, it is enough to observe a number of simple rules:

  • carry out acaricidal disinfection of aviaries, inventory, things, surfaces, premises;
  • monthly inspect the ears of the rabbits;
  • the rabbit must be examined 2 weeks before the birth; if necessary, be treated;
  • new individuals must be kept isolated for at least 3 weeks;
  • must not be allowed to contact people and other pets with the patient rabbit.

Psoriasis in rabbits becomes dangerous for the surrounding animals on the second day of appearance Fluffy on the skin. So the disease during the progression period can quickly dissipate to the entire brood, and later to infect the whole rabbitry.

Treatment of psoroptosis in rabbits should be carried out under the supervision of a veterinarian. It is easiest to stop the spread of the infection than to lose all the pets later.

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Prevention of ear scabies in rabbits

In order to avoid an epidemic of psoroptosis, it is necessary to observe sanitary norms and rules for keeping rabbits. Every year, disinfection of enclosures and animal feeders is required. New individuals should be isolated from the rest of the herd for 3 weeks. If the rabbit has scabies, this will become noticeable in a short period of time. The place of keeping rodents should be clean and spacious, rabbits should not feel crowded. In addition to the threat of scabies, this is fraught with muscle atrophy and bone deformation.If the animal goes for a walk on the streets, be sure to wipe its paws with a wet rag: rabbits often rub their faces and ears with their paws and can easily bring a tick.

A timely preventive measure will reduce the risk of rabbits getting an illness like scabies. Do not underestimate this disease, because a protracted form can seriously cripple a pet or even result in death. Timely examinations and consultations with a veterinarian will help rabbits to stay healthy and live a full life.

So, only timely prevention will help the pet survive such an unpleasant disease as psoroptosis. The treatment of the disease in the early stages is quite simple and budgetary. However, it is worth remembering that in an advanced state this disease can be fatal and the animal will suffer for a long time. The life of a pet depends only on human actions!

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