Description of Red Rabbits

Today there are a large number of breeds of rabbits, each of which is distinguished by a special characteristic and color. Red rabbit is the most popular among all.

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Varieties of Red Rabbits

Varieties of red rabbits

general description

Today there are 3 breeds, the main feature of which is the red color of the coat. They differ from each other in the origin, size and tuning of the ears. These:

  • Burgundy red rabbits;
  • representatives of the New Zealand breed;
  • red rabbit mini-ram (the main color of the breed is bright fiery).

Some veterinarians believe that red rabbits have a shorter lifespan than any other breeds, but so far this fact has not been scientifically confirmed.

Burgundy red rabbits

Red rabbits of this species were bred by crossing several breeds. This species is based on California and New Zealand breeds. Burgundy ears are considered the best among meat. They have an unusual and attractive appearance.

The natural color of the Burgundy fur is bright brown with a touch of yellow. The coat looks deceptively soft, but in fact it is dense, short and stiff, reminiscent of an old washcloth to the touch.

The peculiarity of this species is that red rabbits grow very quickly and gain weight. Usually individuals weigh 4.6 kg, rarely – over 5 kg. Already at the age of 4-5 months they gain a lot of adult and eat on an equal basis with others.

One female can give birth to 8 to 12 babies at a time.

Nutrition for this breed is very important. The main thing is to choose the right and balanced food. Burgundy rabbits are prone to obesity. It is necessary to feed babies 3-4 times a day, adults 2-3 times. It is best that the pet’s diet consists of natural foods, vegetables, hay and vitamins.

This species is famous for good health. Diseases most often occur due to the fact that the owners do not clean and do not process hay, that they cut it on their own, or give dill, parsley from their garden without first sprinkling it with hot water.

Burgundy red bunny

Burgundy red rabbit

Rabbits of this species live for about 10 years. Their life span depends on how they are looked after, whether all groups of vitamins provide and how well they are nourished. An elongated body and the same head shape are the main distinguishing features of the Burgundy breed. Ears of medium length resemble huge spoons. The neck is very small, and the chest, on the contrary, is wide and proud.

Veterinarians emit well-developed muscles. The muscles on the hind legs, in the lumbar region and in the sacral region are well developed. Rabbits can jump very high thanks to their powerful hind legs. Burgundians have only a red color in their palette, but their nose can be black or light pink.In the photo you can see how unique this animal is.

New Zealand Reds

This breed was born relatively recently, due to the crossing of several breeds. The following breeds took part in the creation of this variety:

  • Flanders;
  • Silvery;
  • Belgian rabbits.

Adults of this breed can weigh up to 5 kg. Males are capable of gaining 4.5-5 kg, but females are slightly larger. The difference in weight can range from 200 g to 1.5 kg.

In New Zealand Reds, the female is always larger than the male. This is a unique trait of the species, the female must be strong and resistant to protect offspring from predators.

For a long time, representatives of this species were not officially registered, but at the end of the last century this breed was noticed in the old world and began to breed .

Animals are also distinguished by their athletic physique. The body of the pet has the shape of a cylinder tapering to the head. The body is muscular.

Animals are obstinate, but at the same time by nature they are very resistant to stress and can be aggressive to protect themselves or their territory.

New Zealand Red Rabbit

New Zealand red rabbit

The color of these wonderful pets is invariably red, only the contrast varies from light brown with a touch of yellow to dark and rich red color. The nose and nails are always black.Eyes can be pure black or black and brown. In the photo on the Internet you can see what color babies are born and how they gradually change color to permanent.

One female can give birth to from 9 to 13 babies. To get healthy and strong individuals, you need to keep the future mother on proper and good nutrition. The feed should be of high quality, it is also necessary to ensure constant access to vegetables and hay.

The neck is small in size, the legs are short. Due to the fact that the neck of girls is slightly shorter than that of boys, you can see the breasts. The back is very strong and wide, has a wavy shape.

New Zealanders have a large, but at the same time short head, and the body has a rounder shape. The ears are shaped like shoulder blades, which are slightly rounded at the end. Paws are short but strong.

Rabbits of this species are famous for their calm nature, respond well to strange and unusual sounds. For them, climatic conditions do not matter, they can adapt to any living conditions. But this does not mean that they can be kept in cold or too hot places. Good living conditions, good nutrition allows you to get a breed that is quickly gaining mass.

Rabbits Baran

This type of rabbit is distinguished by a variety of colors, but the red one is considered the main one. A distinctive feature of the breed is “hanged” ears. The red-faced crawl has a small body size, 56-71 cm, and a width of 11-17 cm.

Red bunny ram

Ginger rabbit Baran

In addition to ginger , the following colors are characteristic of the breed:

  • black and white;
  • pure white;
  • brown;
  • beige.

In the photo on the Internet you can see how diverse the color palette of this species is. Today, several countries are engaged in the breeding of this breed at once. Animals have a soft and dense coat, as well as excellent meat characteristics. They adapt well to different conditions of detention.

Pets grow large, up to 8 kg, there were several cases when the rams reached a mass of 11 kg. They have dense and wide legs, strong and resilient.

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Each breed is unique in its own way, all have their positive and negative qualities.

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