How to use Gamavit vaccine for rabbits

Gamavit is a broad-action drug used for a wide variety of animals. This allows you to increase immunity, restore the body after various ailments, and even increase the viability of domestic animals. All of the above is the reason why rabbit gamavit is used extremely often.

  1. Gamavit spectrum of action
  2. When to give the drug to rabbits
  3. How to vaccinate newborn rabbits
  4. Newborn artificial rabbits
  5. Gamavit for poisoning
  6. For diseases
  7. For myxomatosis
  8. For childbirth
  9. From stress
  10. When mating
  11. Gamavit dosage
  12. Buying Gamavit
  13. Output

D This product is sold as an injection The price of Gamavit is quite reasonable, so any breeder can buy it.

Gamavit’s spectrum of action

Gamavit is used for a wide variety of purposes. the drug can be called universal. It allows you to cope with any ailment and increase immunity.

The advantage of Gamavit is that it is completely harmless and has no side effects. The drug interacts well with other drugs and does not cause allergic reactions. Any previously prescribed drug can continue to be given even when using Gamavit.

Another advantage is the absence of an effect on the quality of rabbit meat.This tool does not contain chemical elements leading to such an effect. It includes only water, sodium nucleinate, a placental hydrolyzer, a set of vitamins, salts and amino acids.

When you need to give the drug to rabbits

Gamavit can be given to absolutely all residents of the farm. It is great for cows, goats and a variety of birds. Rabbits in this case are no exception.

How to vaccinate newborn rabbits

In the first 5 days of the life of rabbits, they should not be soldered with a smelling product: because of it The rabbit can abandon her children. She does not recognize them by smell.

On day 6, you can start injecting babies with Gamavit, only the dosage should be minimal. It is necessary to carefully study the instructions for use, which comes with the drug, and consult a veterinarian. Little fluffies need to inject the drug with an insulin syringe, after mixing the product with saline.

Newborn artificial rabbits

This drug is perfect and is necessary for rabbits who are fed . Not a single mixture can replace a mother’s milk with a baby. In order for the rabbits to grow well, they need to chop Gamavit from the moment of introducing artificial nutrition. Thanks to this tool, they will grow intensively and gain weight. Also, this will avoid a disease such as rickets.Gamavit gives babies all the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary for normal development.

Gamavit for poisoning

Gamavit is also prescribed for rabbits that have been poisoned. Fluffy can be poisoned by grass or even grain. An injection should be done in the marginal vein of the ear. You can do this on your own or call a veterinarian, the latter option is preferable.

If the veterinarian for some reason cannot come, you will have to prick yourself. To do this, wipe the ear with alcohol, slightly slap it on the palm of your hand, then squeeze the edge and make an injection.

For diseases

The instructions for use of Gamavit clearly state that it can be used for a wide variety of diseases. This drug allows you to increase the chances of recovery.

If you decide to give your pet prophylaxis against worms, then the day before you need to inject Gamavit. It is also used after any vaccination. If the fluff has a wound, it is also worth injecting the drug: this will allow the wound to heal faster and fight harmful viruses that could enter the bloodstream.

With myxomatosis

One of the most frequent and dangerous ailments is myxomatosis in rabbits. As soon as this disease became noticeable in the puss, you immediately need to give a shot of Gamavit. It is recommended to combine the drug with a medicine such as Fosprenil. But they need to be pricked separately.

The injection must be done at the withers.It is necessary to inject the drug daily until the animal feels better.

During childbirth

People who have been working with rabbits for more than a year know that they have a lot of birth complicated. This is especially true for animals that give birth earlier or later than the due date. To stimulate childbirth and relieve spasms, a Gamavit injection is administered.

The dosage and the number of injections given are clearly stated in the instructions for use. The use of such a drug allows not only to facilitate childbirth, but also to recover quickly after them. If the fruits froze in the womb, then you need to do 2 injections of Gamavit.

From stress

Rabbits, like any other creatures, can give in to stress. For them, it can occur even when moving from cell to cell. Therefore, if your animal has been in a stressful situation, it must be taken out of it, otherwise the rabbit may lose its appetite or cause some infection.

In order to avoid such consequences, it is necessary to give a Gamavit injection: this will allow the animal to transfer easier stressful situation and take root in a new place.

When mating

There are malfunctions during mating, and it does not always work out as the breeder wants. There are situations when the female does not perceive the male or vice versa. In winter, it is even more difficult to conceive rabbits, because frost interferes. Because of this, animals can become aggressive.

Gamavitize to reduce aggression and increase sperm activity

Gamavit is used to reduce aggression and increase sperm activity

To reduce aggression and increase sperm activity, Gamavit is injected into rabbits. In this case, you can expect a 100 percent result. The instructions for use indicate the same. You can also see the dosage in it.

Dosage of Gamavit

The animal world is full of surprises. Pets, like a person, can feel fear, get sick and much more. Their place of residence plays an important role. If it is warm and comfortable, the animal will not be sick and will be able to have healthy offspring. In order for the rabbits to feel even better, they need to stab Gamavit.

Gamavit injections for rabbits of different ages have different dosages. To strengthen immunity, it must be pricked every other day 3 times a day. It is recommended to carry out the procedure from the first or sixth day from birth. Artificial babies begin to give it from the first day, because the milk that they use does not have all the beneficial properties.

Gamavit also promotes active growth. The frequency will already be 3 days. To inject the drug, they begin with a period of active growth.

For mating and proper development of babies, the rabbit is injected with Gamavit every 7 days. The animal should receive 2 doses per day. To make labor better, an injection is done once.

In the instructions for use, the dosage in ml is clearly prescribed for each individual case.

Rabbits need to be helped to develop and live normally. Due to the dwelling in the cells, they cannot receive all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Gamavit helps them in this, which contains everything necessary for furry people of different ages.

Buy Gamavit

You can buy Gamavit in any veterinary pharmacy that is nearby. This drug is used for a wide variety of animals, so it is not uncommon. It’s better to spend an extra ruble to prevent a variety of diseases than throwing hundreds later to cure your pet.

How to avoid fake

How to avoid fake

You need to know some rules that allow you to purchase a quality medicine:

  1. Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. Gamavit can be stored 24 months from the date of manufacture.
  2. The packaging must be airtight; it must not be damaged in any way.
  3. The liquid in the bottle is red. The drug of a different color is a fake.
  4. Store the open product in the refrigerator for no more than 10 days.
  5. The instructions must go along with the drug, if it is not there, you should ask the seller to replace the packaging.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the country of origin. This is the only way to be sure that the drug has really passed all the necessary checks and complies with GOST.

Experienced breeders recommend buying the product only in trusted veterinary stores. You should not get Gamavit from your hands, because it is not known what they can slip there. Today there are a lot of fakes, and therefore, to avoid harm to the pet, you should carefully check the packaging.


Gamavit is one of the best tools not only for rabbits, but also for all farm animals. Everyone involved in their breeding, such a drug must be in the refrigerator. This will help the pet in time.

Rabbits are not picky, but careful care is needed. Proper nutrition and a good habitat are only half of what a fluffy needs. An animal needs vitamins that are in Gamavita for normal development.

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