The device cages for rabbits according to the method of Zolotukhin

Cages for rabbits according to the Zolotukhin method are a convenient and practical option for self-production. In addition, a similar design, invented several decades ago, allows rabbits to get sick much less and grow faster. Nikolai Ivanovich conceived the cage in such a way that it can accommodate several families of rabbits, or up to 6 individuals per tier.Zolotukhin cells are a great option for making yourself. The low cost of future space and the optional drawings are some of the most pleasant bonuses.

  1. Distinctive characteristics of cells
  2. What constitutes cell construction
  3. What are the nuances
  4. How to make a cell yourself

Клетки для кроликов

Cages for rabbits

Distinctive characteristics of cells

Zolotukhin’s cell – a construction, consisting of several distinctive elements that make it functional. Zolotukhin (Nikolai Ivanovich) believes that the best choice for the cage is 3 tiers with a sloping floor and a tipping trough. Among the residential units are installed containers for hay. What is the advantage of each element?

  1. The inclined floor of the cell according to the known method should be made of slate or plywood material. It is not worth using a metal network: it is installed only for the back wall. Also a feature is the missing pallet. According to Nikolai Ivanovich himself, this is due to the fact that animals most often defecate near the back wall, where most of the feces penetrate.Only 30% is distributed throughout the cage.
  2. According to the well-known method, the three tiers of the cage for rabbits are of different sizes in order to correctly distribute animal waste – they should not dirty individuals living from below. The structure has 6 cells, each floor is shifted to the underlying. The function of the front wall is to form a slope.
  3. In the design for Zolotukhin rabbits there is no stationary mother queen, which is replaced during the winter with a special house / mink for females. In the summer, a nest forms in the hay. The hollow queen is a wooden box that extends to the back wall. To provide protection, wooden doors are made, and double walls are used to insulate.
  4. The presence of a tipping feeder is considered to be another significant advantage of the cage, drawn up according to the Zolotukhin schemes, because it simplifies feeding. A tray of such a plan easily tilts to fall asleep with food and closes without disturbing the cell itself. The feeder is inserted into the door frame and secured with hinge nails. You can save it from rabbit sharp teeth by making a tin upholstery.
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To simplify the maintenance of rabbits according to the Zolotukhin method, you can use the goose wing as a broom, which perfectly cleans the cage floor. The advantage of building with your own hands is the low cost and the ability to focus on video during manufacture.In addition, according to Zolotukhin, to make a cage, no drawings and diagrams are needed. For the money you save, you can buy feed for the rabbits.

What is the cell structure

Zolotukhin has been breeding rabbits for quite some time, because his advice is popular with modern farmers. As already mentioned, the room is a simple structure, although there is not one option for the manufacture of side walls. For these purposes, mesh, slate, wood, plywood, etc. can be used. To make a frame, a tree is used as the door of the mother liquor. Mesh covers the rear floor and the cell doors. Slate is used to make the floor and ceiling for the tier, which is located below. Polycarbonate is needed to equip the back wall of the cage for rabbits by the method under consideration. Sheet metal is studded with bars. Boards can be a good substitute for slate.

There is nothing complicated with the dimensions of the structure itself: its width reaches 2 m and its height is one and a half meters. The depth of the building should not exceed 85 cm. In order not to complicate the breeding, it is necessary to remember the importance of a sloping floor: its dimensions are up to 8 cm. The floor back wall should have a 15-20-cm width, and the tier can end in height by 60 cm.

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The tier is partitioned into 2 parts, resulting in 2 cells, between which space is left for the installation of the sennik.Mostly the floor is covered with slate, but in the area of ​​the back wall it is performed using a grid with certain sizes: its width is 20 cm. Drawings of the cage of Nikolai Zolotukhin for doors intended for fattening, walking and doors of the mother liquor will vary. In the first case, the cell doors are a grid of greater width. In the second case, a tree is used, which contributes to darkening of the nest, protection from temperature changes and weather conditions. To prevent small pets from dropping out of the house when the door opens, according to the Zolotukhin method, you need to nail a small side up to 10 cm wide.

What are the nuances

As already It was noticed that in summer the floor of the cage is laid with hay, which only simplifies the maintenance of rabbits. The mother liquor is fenced off from the main structure using a board measuring 15-25 cm in width. As soon as the rabbits grow, the board is removed, as a result, an extensive room for the existence of the kids is obtained. In winter, the mother liquor cages for rabbits according to the method of a famous person is a wooden mink box with dimensions equal to: 40 by 40/30 by 30 cm for the ceiling and floor; 15-17 cm – for the device of the main wall; about 26 cm – to equip the back wall; 15 cm high – to make an inlet. Uneven measurements are simply explained: in this way an extension will appear in the mink for rabbits.

When installing the motherboard do-it-yourself drawings are not needed, however, remember the importance of touching the bottom of the hole to the floor. The female herself will kill the queen mother with the help of hay and for a crescent month she will hide small rabbits from others there and bury in the litter itself.

How to make a cage yourself

After examining the information, analyzing the training videos and possible finished drawings, you can begin to make the design with your own hands. You need to start work by ensuring the availability of a sufficient number of nails, a good working hammer, future drinkers and materials such as:

  1. Polycarbonate. It is necessary to make many of the details of the cage, it also covers the back wall of the structure.
  2. Chests for heck or door hooks.
  3. Boards made of wood. Their thickness should not be less than 1.5 cm.
  4. Thick slate and welded mesh.
  5. Sheet metal or sheathing.
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To start and to successfully complete the work, it is necessary to adhere to the following steps without changing their order.

  1. Put together a wooden frame, taking into account the previously described measurements.
  2. Do sawing out doors and partitions for the mother liquor. It is worth paying attention to winter boxing for rabbits in advance.If you don’t want to do additional boxing, you should provide for the presence of a solid door, which does not have any gaps, for the place of the room where the kids will live for 2 weeks.
  3. Cut the network based on the number of structures. / li>
  4. Cut the floor and the roof of the lower tiers using thick sheet slate.
  5. Cut the back walls using polycarbonate, boards, chipboard, plywood.
  6. Start filling the bars, protecting rabbits from falling out. At the same time, care must be taken to stuff them at the junction of the front edge.
  7. To partition all tiers into equal parts, you need to leave a free area for B-shaped senniks with any convenient size.
  8. Set up an inclined feeder (angle 35 °). Attach it to the door with nails that were used for the side walls. The hole for the nail must exceed the diameter of the nail due to the capacity of the container to be in constant free movement. The tray is supplemented with a grid in the middle so that it does not allow excessive rashes of feed and grains.

A net is used for the feeding door. This door should have a greater width than the one that closes the queen. For the doors of the second, wood is used. If you have a separate mother liquor box for newborns, you need to remember that in the summer it needs to be removed and the rabbits accustomed to hay. Expansion of the mother liquor back creates the feeling of being in a real mink.

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Cages for rabbits Zolotukhin – a budget and multi-functional version of the design. Such a cage can simplify the life of not only rabbits, but also their owner. To do it yourself do not need drawings, you will need inexpensive materials and a minimum of time. Special videos will help simplify the task of building a cell.

Cages for rabbits N and Zolotukhin
Nikolai Zolotukhin and rabbit cages
Cage for rabbits from Zolotukhin checked with his own hands! works !!!

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