Rabbit iodine solution

Why is rabbit given iodine? It is necessary? Experienced rabbit farmers and farmers know that iodine solution is the main preventive measure against infectious diseases in animals. It is also used in the treatment of coccidiosis.

  1. Why do rabbits need iodine?
  2. Prevention of Coccidiosis with Iodine
  3. The method of preparation of the solution
  4. Summarize

Rabbit iodine solution

Rabbit iodine solution

Neutralization with iodine solution is necessary for rabbits at the end of pregnancy and at the beginning of the lactation period: in this way they will receive this useful element with breast milk, which will help save the entire population.

Why do rabbits need iodine?

Rabbit iodine tincture is well known to everyone since childhood as an antiseptic. They process the edges of the wound, draw grids at the injection site.

This substance is toxic and poisonous. It is forbidden to take it inside, but not always. For rabbits, it can become a saving elixir.

Rabbits are small animals, they are very susceptible to infectious diseases, which often cause mass deaths of livestock and newborns. To avoid losses, farmers use iodine.

It is given for the following purposes:

  • prevention of the development of gastrointestinal diseases;
  • treatment of acute symptoms of coccidiosis.

A few drops of iodine can be added to rabbits in water to prevent infectious diseases.Special recipes are often used for the purpose of therapy.

The medicine is also used as an antiseptic for external use, when it is necessary to lubricate the animal’s wounds or sores on the skin.

Prevention of coccidiosis with iodine

The rabbit becomes an object of attack of coccidia from the moment of birth. To avoid the death of the livestock, care must be taken to prevent it.

Prevention of the incidence of offspring must begin with the health of the mother. Pregnancy in rabbits lasts 28-30 days. From the last day of pregnancy, the female should be soldered with water with iodine.

Instructions for use:

  • 25th day of pregnancy – 5th day of lactation. The sucral females are soldered with a 0.01% iodine solution. It is given every day instead of water.
  • Stop for 5 days.
  • 10th – 25th day of lactation. Rabbits are soldered daily 0.02%.
  • 10 days after deposition rabbits from their mother. The babies are drunk with a 0.01% solution.
  • Stop for 5 days.
  • From 15 days after jigging until reaching 60 days of age. They give 0.02%.

First, the rabbits will receive iodine with breast milk, then they need to be soldered separately. The substance fights coccidia, oxidizes toxins, supports the thyroid gland.

Iodine solution cannot be prepared in metal containers, poured into metal drinkers. Iodine will act on the metal, poisonous oxidation products will get into the drink.

Treatment of coccidiosis in rabbits with iodine

Treatment of coccidiosis in rabbits with iodine rabbits

How to water rabbits with iodine? To drink the solution, they need to leave only one drinker, then the animals will have no alternative. Rabbits are not needed to drink from the nipples.

Method for preparing the solution

Eared with iodine to treat and prevent coccidiosis wisely. It’s easy to prepare the medicine, you won’t need big financial expenses.

For rabbits, iodine solution should be prepared in an enameled bowl. Preparation Instructions:

  • 0.01% iodine solution. For preparation in 1 liter of water you need to dissolve 1 ml of 10% or 2 ml of 5% tincture.
  • 0.02 percent iodine solution. To prepare 1 liter of water, add 2 ml of 10% or 4 ml of 5% tincture.

The solution can be divided into several days. The dosage depends on the number of rabbits. Shake the container before using it.

To summarize

Iodine is an important substance for maintaining the health of an eared stock. Most often it is used for the prevention and treatment of coccidiosis, and it is better to discuss with the veterinarian how much it is necessary to add drugs for soldering.

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