Rabbits, their varieties and lifestyle

Domestic rabbits are perhaps the most popular pets. Therefore, their future owners need to know how to understand them, what to feed and where it is better to keep. Animals are not particularly demanding on living conditions and diet, but there are certain rules, the observance of which will be the key to longevity of the eared.

  1. Did the pet need friends?
  2. How much space is needed
  3. Keeping animals indoors and outdoors
  4. What to feed?
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  7. Too long teeth
  8. Papillomas
  9. Coccidosis <
  10. Digestion problems
  11. Myxomatosis and viral hemorrhagic diseases
  12. Ticks
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  14. How to deal with worms
  15. Behavior of rabbits
  16. How it goes pregnancy in rabbits
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  18. Meat breeds
  19. Pelt breeds
  20. Downy breeds
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The life expectancy of rabbits with proper care is 12-15 years. Wild rabbit in nature lives less and rarely reaches 2-3 years of age. Maturity occurs simultaneously with the first molt, at about 3-5 months. The smaller the breed, the more mature it is.

Do you need friends of your pet?

A person who keeps rabbits for a long time will tell you that these animals are sociable, playful and curious . Having recognized their master, they joyfully clap eyelashes and move their tails.In the western habitat, rabbits are grouped, the exception is an earthen rodent, he is the only one who prefers solitude. The rest, both the rabbit and the hare, remaining alone can get bored and even fall into depression.

If you do not plan to breed, it is better to keep in the cage either one pet or a couple of individuals that have the same gender. Sterilization and castration – will help to solve the problem with living space.

These animals are characterized by a struggle for territory, so cage newcomers to the cage carefully and as soon as possible watch the behavior of the pets as often as possible. This way you can minimize stress.

Little rabbits must be picked up gently and slowly, try not to scare them. It is undesirable to take pussies for only ears or only for scruff. It’s right to do so, with one hand, press the ears to the body, through them take the animal by the scruff, and slightly raising it, with the other hand, support the body from below.

How much space is needed

The rabbit will not be able to live in the dark, he will become bored there, why he can get sick and even die. Always keep this in mind when choosing a cell. If you plan to build a house for two medium-sized individuals, keep in mind that each should have at least 0.5 square meters. In order to save space, you can build a two-level cage. The main thing is that it should be warm and bright, but not let in drafts and direct sunlight.

If animals live on the street, they must be protected from rain and wind. Do not forget, when the colds come, move their house to a warm shelter, which is perfect as a barn or other outbuilding in the country. Some even breed rabbits in the garage by installing special pallets inside it.

Is it possible for domestic rabbits to live in an aviary? Of course, it’s not only possible, but also necessary if the climate allows the area of ​​the site. Fuzzies require constant physical activity, and for a rabbit to frolic he needs a lot of free space. Whether they live in an aviary or a spacious cage does not matter.

If the rabbit is one of the pets, be sure to let it out of the cage run around the rooms at least once every two days for several hours. First remove from the floor all the wires and other objects that your fluffy can gnaw upon getting into his eyes. So that the claws of the animal do not scratch the parquet and the walls of the apartment they can be trimmed with special scissors. A very interesting rabbit is playing with flowers.

Always keep track of where your pet is climbing. Do not let him jump from a height onto a hard surface, remember that this is life, not a computer game overgrowth, so even a small flight can cause injury.If this nevertheless happened and your pet is limping a little or trying not to step on one of the legs, the tip of which is slightly swollen, most likely he damaged it. It is necessary to treat fractures after a preliminary examination in the clinic, and just as the doctor wrote.

Keeping animals indoors and outdoors

Adult individuals of some breeds can round year to live in an aviary, provided that the frost is not severe. But the wintering of young animals, which still have growth and maturation of thick undercoat, should take place in a warm, specially equipped room where wind and snow cannot penetrate.

Regardless of whether the rabbit hibernates with friends under the open heaven or walk in the barn, they should always have free access to water and food. In winter, you should change your drink more often.

Many are interested in the question, is it possible for domestic rabbits to lay old newspapers in a cage as a filler? Of course. This material can perfectly replace purchased wood shavings or cellulose. In addition, an excellent litter is obtained from straw and ordinary white paper.

In rabbits living in cages with a trellised floor because of the nets, corns often form, use traps to prevent them from appearing. You can buy a mini-gangway at any pet store. Recently, patching rabbits has become popular, it is a low-cost and very profitable business.

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