Strokach rabbit characteristic

Rabbit Strokach was bred 300 years ago. When breeding, the main task was to obtain large meat rabbits. A little later, the Germans crossed Flanders with a local black and white breed and thus secured an extraordinary color. The main difference was the black stripe running along the entire perimeter of the back.

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Описание кролика Строкача

Description of the Strokach rabbit

Exterior and general information

Variegated Strokach retained most of the parental characters. Like Flandram, the weight of Strokach rabbits exceeds 10 kg. The breed is characterized by accelerated weight gain. With good nutrition and appropriate conditions, pets gain a kilogram per month.

The color of the Strokach is similar to that of the Butterfly breed. dark spots resembling insect wings are distinctly distinguished. Case length – up to 70 cm. Ears are long, erect. The paws are massive. Compared to other breeds, the Strokach rabbit is really giant.

The muzzle of the rabbits is painted with a pattern that resembles the wings of a moth. Dark spots are smoothly distributed around the eye sockets, along the cheeks and nose, partly on the chin. The ears are also dark. A black stripe stretches along the back. Besides meat qualities fur is highly appreciated.Pile of medium length has a neat appearance, glossy in the sun. The extraordinary color makes fur popular in the fur industry.


Regarding the early maturity of the Strokach, rabbits of this breed reach puberty in half a year. In one pregnancy, the female is able to endure 10 rabbits. Bunnies do not refuse toddlers. Rabbits are breastfed for 3 months, which strengthens the immune system.

Females and males can be very easily distinguished in appearance. The male has a dense lean body, the head is also large, ears are wide. In females, the exterior is neat, the ears are not wide, and the lines of the head are refined. The most interesting thing is that the female can be easily distinguished by weight. The mass of the female exceeds the weight of the male by 10%.

How to breed

Females of the motley Strokach breed reach puberty much faster than the other representatives of large-breed rabbits. A case is carried out in 5-6 months. You can cover the female in 4.5 months, but this will have a very bad effect on the health of the future offspring and the female herself.

The survival rate of rabbits is very high. Already at 14 days, babies can leave the mother liquor. In the first few days, they creep out only at night, and then can stay in a common cage for several hours.

It is recommended that rabbits be kept from their mothers at the age of 3 months.If you put the babies half a month earlier, when the female has already stopped feeding them with milk, you can lose half of the offspring. The motley rabbit breed Strokach is distinguished by a strong affection for his mother. If the offspring are too early excommunicated, the babies lose their appetite and become lethargic.

Рекомендации по разведению

Recommendations for breeding

A characteristic feature of the breed is uniform weight gain. Most often, 8-month-olds are sent for slaughter. Keeping rabbits longer is not practical, because the meat quality will become worse. Among young animals, individuals subject to culling are very common. Their color is very far from the required standards. It was this nuance that prevented the registration of the breed for a very long time. Breeding involves the use of only the best and most productive individuals. Choose the largest male who has previously shown himself to be the best. The most fertile individual is selected from the females.

Content Features

The representatives of the motley Strokach breed are large in size, respectively, and their dwelling should be spacious. It is possible to keep rabbits in the aviary method or in longline cages. If it is a cage, then the flooring should be made of wooden boards. The net floor rubs the animals’ soles and provokes the appearance of pododermatitis.

One rabbit should have an area of ​​1 square. mFor females with offspring and large males, the dwelling is made even more overall: 1.6 x 1 x 55. The German rabbit is distinguished by good immunity. The only thing that must be observed is the vaccination schedule and periodically carry out the prevention of worms. In order to prevent coccidosis, the cells, as well as their contents, must be kept clean.

What to eat

The motley German rabbit is well-digested. In many European countries where rabbit breeding is fashionable, they have long switched to feeding granular feed. Such compound feed is completely balanced and in addition to it, animals need only water. However, in our country, such feeding is quite expensive, and rabbits have a good appetite. You can confine yourself to traditional rabbit feeds:

  • grain mixtures;
  • mixes;
  • dry branches;
  • green juicy grass.

Rabbits, which are prepared for slaughter, must have free access to feed. To do this, it is better to construct hopper feeders in cells or aviaries. Such designs are automatic and can accommodate a sufficient amount of feed for 3 days. The same systems should be hung in the cells of breeding rabbits. If rabbit breeding is not included in the plans, it is necessary to cut down the rabbit’s diet.

Females are fed grass and hay in unlimited quantities, but grain and concentrated feeds are given to them in portions once a day.The German rabbit is prone to obesity, which for females this threatens with infertility. If an individual is constantly used to reproduce offspring, there is no risk of obesity, because milk production burns a lot of calories. Portion feeding is also used for breeding rabbits, because obesity has a bad effect on the sexual activity of males.

Qualitative signs of thoroughbred

If the plan includes high-quality breeding with further sale of meat and skins, the breeder should know by what signs a purebred individual can be distinguished:

  • the animal must have a bright pattern;
  • dark spots have an exclusively black or brown hue;
  • weight from 5 to 10 kg;
  • brown eyes;
  • the pile may be variegated with blue shine com, black, snow-white;
  • the character is friendly and calm;
  • females never abandon their offspring.

Adult representatives differ in large physique. Rabbits can be born monophonic, and the color begins to appear as they grow older. If the adult is aggressive, it is immediately discarded: it is not a purebred German rabbit.

Care for the puppet females

After mating, when determining pregnancy, the rabbit is placed in a separate the cage. Succulence can be determined by behavior: the animal becomes restless and during the control mating does not respond to the male.The female carries the babies for a month. During the entire period of pregnancy, the rabbit should receive a sufficient amount of balanced food and drinking water.

Before the birthing, in about a week, the rabbit begins to tear out the fur on her chest. With fur, she lays a nest for future offspring. Rabbits are born naked, so they need constant heating. If the nest is not sufficiently insulated, you should independently put cotton in it. After the bunnies, the rabbit should have enough water to start milk production sooner.

Often in the articles they write that with a lack of water the rabbit eats offspring. This is an erroneous opinion, because the rabbit is not a vampire. Most often, this only happens to female primogenitates. Rabbits are herbivores; they cannot eat flesh. Gnawing occurs by negligence when the female tries to bear the babies.

Before giving birth, the rabbit should cut its claws so that it could not injure the offspring. The cage should be spacious enough so that the female does not crush her babies. Basically, the death of the offspring is due to the fault of the owner, who could not provide the necessary care and did not take all the precautions in time.

Disease Prevention

Although the German crawl is distinguished by good immunity and it adapts perfectly even to the climate of cold regions, there is a risk of getting sick with improper contents.In winter, rabbits should be kept in warm, enclosed rabbitry. The room must be equipped with a ventilation system and protected from drafts.

Поддержание здоровья

Maintaining health

Rabbits can become infected with an infectious disease from carriers of the disease: sick individuals, only bought and not quarantined, rodents and insects. As soon as the first sick individual was discovered, healthy rabbits were transferred to another room and periodically checked for infection. Prevention of any disease and maintaining immunity at a normal level is a timely vaccination.

Before vaccination, all animals must be treated for helminths. If there are parasites in the body, the vaccine will not work. Inoculations are given to females during pregnancy only as a last resort, if there is a risk of infection, therefore, females are vaccinated before mating for a couple of weeks or a month.


Apparently In the photo, the rabbit Strokach is a giant in comparison with other breeds. The variety belongs to the meat-and-peel orientation. The performance characteristics are simply impressive. The weight of the rabbit at 4-5 months is 5 kg. The description of the characteristics of the fur and the extraordinary color make it popular among experts in fur business.Unfortunately, breeding of rabbits of this breed in our territories is not welcome.

Rabbit div>
Weighting the line rabbit.
Strokachi (German Motley Giant) 100 days.
Overview of the Strokach. Kroli breed German giant Strokach. Samets and the female Strochachi.
German motley giant (STRIKER)
Rabbit breeding workshop. Examination of the German motley giant rabbit

Strokachi is too expensive to maintain, but you can easily keep such a fluffy giant in your apartment as a pet. Contrary to prejudice, rabbits have a highly intellectual mindset, quickly get used to the owner and can be trained.Watching a look at these beauties is simply impossible not to fall in love with, because the Strokach rabbit is especially beautiful in the photo or video.

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