What you need to feed indonesians from the first day of life

Among all the birds, the content of which at home is very popular, Indochka is far from last. The second name of this remarkable bird is a musky duck, but turkey, as many might think, has nothing to do with it.

Table of Contents
  1. General rules for feeding indonesians
  2. Features of feeding on the first day
  3. Food during the first week
  4. Diet of young animals under the age of 20 days
  5. Features of subsequent nutrition

Special attention should be paid to breeding indochka, which he wants to do every year an increasing number of farmers.To do this, you need to know how to feed indigenous chickens from the first day of life, so that they grow faster, getting the whole range of nutrients they need of substances, minerals and vitamins.

Чем кормить индоутят с первого дня жизни

How to feed indigenous people from the first day of life

General rules for feeding Indochis

First of all, it should be noted that such chicks grow much faster than most representatives of other poultry of the same age. For this reason, the formation of their diet should be approached with utmost care, otherwise the desired results of the development of ducklings can not be achieved. So, if you feed these babies correctly, to achieve an increase in their mass by 16 times is quite realistic in just one month.If we highlight the main points that provide for the proper feeding of indigenous chickens, their list is as follows:

  • recommended number of meals – 4-8 times a day (a specific option is determined by the age of the chicks: the smaller it is , the more often they need to be fed);
  • when choosing food for such ducklings, it is reasonable to give preference to compound feeds, which make feeding unnecessary and sold in specialized stores;
  • in case if the owner of the indo-kitten feeds considers economically nets appropriate, he should form his own diet, including grain products, vegetable and animal proteins, herbs, shells and fish oil.

As for the detailed description of the process of feeding such ducklings from the first days of life at home conditions, it will be presented below, providing a separate consideration of each significant period of development of these babies.

Features of feeding on the first day

Practice shows that overestimate the importance of proper nutrition of daily allowance Indoor people hardly imagined is possible. This is explained by the fact that on the first day of life, the digestive system starts up in small birds, and if the start of the latter turns out to be incorrect, irreparable damage can be caused to the health of the duckling.

As for the nutritional rules for newborn induckling ducklings, their list looks like this:

  • The first feeding suggests that a finely crushed hard-boiled egg should be scattered on the backs of the babies. The reason for this is simple: at first only the stirring food suits ducklings, they don’t want to take another in the first days of life.
  • In a situation where the chick refuses to eat, it must be force-fed, of course, with extreme caution (this topic a lot of relevant videos are dedicated). To solve this problem, you can use a pipette – a simple tool that is sold in any pharmacy.
  • On the first day of life of small indole, it is advisable to give them 8 servings of the egg food mentioned above.
  • No less important teach ducklings to drink by gently dipping their beaks in the drinker, tapping on its side in parallel. It is worth noting that the water must be properly disinfected, for which it is necessary to dissolve several crystals of potassium permanganate in it (so that its color becomes slightly pinkish).

It should also be added that every baby is taught to drink no water needed. It is enough that several of them develop this skill, after which the rest will simply copy their behavior.

Nutrition during the first week

As soon as the second day of the life of babies begins , their feeding is significantly expanded by introducing additional nutritional sources into the diet.If you highlight the main points, the accounting of which is provided for feeding ducklings for a week from the moment of their birth, then they are listed below:

  • On the second day, you need to add corn flour to the crushed egg. If there is none, then it can be replaced with barley or oat.
  • Regarding how to feed the little Indians on the third day, it is worth noting that their nutrition needs to be expanded. Such an addition involves the addition of zero-fat cottage cheese (approximately 5 g per individual), spinach, onion feathers and finely divided grain crops to the diet. Also, the nutrition of the chicks at this stage may include the use of chopped beet tops.
  • The fourth day of feeding small indole is remarkable in that, with its onset, the gastrointestinal tract of babies can already digest boiled meat products, of course, finely shredded. Then the chicks gain the ability to eat motionless food, which is desirable to lay out on dark paper, so that the kids notice it as quickly as possible. In addition, after four days of life, boiled eggs are removed from their diet.

As for water, it must be decontaminated with potassium permanganate for all 7 days.It is important to remember that the body of small indigenous mothers at this age is still very weak, and therefore the content of these birds during this period should provide for their protection from any threats, even those that are completely harmless to adults.

Diet of young animals under the age of 20 days

After the first week of keeping the babies left behind, their owner should start forming a diet for the next 13-14 days. So, the food from the second week provides for the following points:

  • during this period, the growing chicks can already be transferred to combined formulations and homemade wet food (the so-called “mixers”);
  • to make babies feel comfortable, it is enough to feed them 6 times a day;
  • in the diet of ducklings you need to add vitamin and mineral complexes that contribute to the faster development of birds;
  • feeding the chicks with greens is simply necessary, otherwise their full development is not possible.

If you list the ingredients that make up the mash, then these can be a variety of cooked vegetables, the herbs mentioned above, as well as whey, yogurt or broth (both meat and fish are suitable for it). It is also recommended to add yeast, meat and bone meal and chalk. As for table salt, which is necessary to maintain the appetite of growing ducklings, it should be introduced into the diet of babies without haste, starting with small doses.In general, 110-120 g of food per day should be consumed per 10-day-old chick, and twice as much food should be fed to the 20-day-old chick.

Features of the subsequent nutrition

As soon as the age of young indoutos is 20 days, they should be fed even less often, namely, four times a day. It should also be noted that a prerequisite for keeping growing birds at this stage is the gradual addition of whole grain feed to their diet. As for the nutritional basis, it includes:

  • pasture;
  • combination formulations;
  • mixers.

In addition, young animals should have free access to gravel, shells and chalk. The first is necessary for birds to grind solid food in the stomach, and the second and third – for the formation of the shell of their eggs. The owner should pay special attention to the amount of water consumed: for birds, whose age is approaching a month, it should be 1 liter per individual per day.

And last: it is important to monitor the quality of the feed that birds feed, so that it fresh and did not contain hazardous chemicals.

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Following this simple recommendation, can grow indouto livestock Whose health is fair to earn the highest possible evaluation.

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