How to make a drinker for ducklings with your own hands

Big and small ducks like to drink water. It is important for people involved in bird breeding to provide birds with a regular and clean drink. Do-it-yourself drinking bowl for ducklings is very simple, but it should be multifunctional. The materials for the drinking device are strong and safe. There should be no inconvenience with cleaning and replacing water. You can make a drinker for ducks with your own hands, given the features and differences between devices for birds of different ages.

What you need to work

How to make a drinker for weft?To design a drinker according to the vacuum type, such devices and materials will be required:

  1. Plastic bottle. It is preferable to use a 3-5 liter bottle.
  2. A medium-depth tray. Instead of a pallet, any plastic or enamel bowl is suitable.
  3. Wire or fasteners.

When all the parts are ready, you can proceed with the construction. It is important to pay attention to the details, as the smooth operation of the future water supply device depends on their quality and functionality.

Production order of the drinker

It is easier to make a drinker from a plastic bottle with your own hands simple. The instructions and video will help:

  1. The bottle with the side surface using frame mounts is connected to the wall at a low height.
  2. Pour liquid into the bottle and screw the stopper.
  3. A pallet is installed under the neck. Put the bowl so that there is a gap between the bottom and the lid of the bottle.
  4. Unscrew the lid.

A hole is made at the bottom of the bottle to simplify the process of replacing the liquid with ducks. Drinking ducks will come from the bottle as the pallet is empty. The liquid will always be clean and fresh.

This device is one of the important details for the healthy growth of little ducklings and the life of adult ducks.

The feeders also need attention, but the device for water should be as functional as possible.Being able to ducks will adapt to the outside world is the responsibility of the owner. Birds are very fond of drinking, so it is important to provide ducks with a regular supply of water. It is important that the drink is clean. Automatic designs of the required volume can be bought in the store or made by yourself using simple instructions, photos and videos.

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