How to trim duck wings

One of the most popular poultry in the world and, in particular, in our area, is considered a duck. She belongs to the family of ducks, which includes, in addition to her, about 100 species. The domesticated bird was from wild mallard even before our era. It is a valuable source of meat and eggs.

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  2. Let’s not fly away
  3. An effective way to solve the problem
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Many people mistakenly believe that the goose is a male winged: in fact, it is only one of its relatives , but belongs to a different order.

Each poultryman inevitably faces the question of how to trim the wings of ducks. On the technology of the procedure and on which area, in addition to the farmer’s, it is relevant, read below.

Why is undercutting

Do you know the expression “ decoy duck? ”So the people call the person who is used as bait. But what kind of bird is this, which expression owes its appearance? So the hunters christened the drake, planted by man in the swamp in order to attract other birds – game. The decoy is tied to a peg, and he shouts “calls” to wild relatives. When a sufficient number of individuals flies, the hunter crawls out of cover and shoots.

Of course, the feathery is entangled with ropes, but it still has the opportunity to free itself by waving its wings and to tear the stake out of the ground.To deprive the bird of the opportunity to fly away, wings are cut to it. It is important not to go too far, completely “bleeding off” the bird and exposing its sides (thereby visually lengthening the body), and not to disfigure it in the eyes of the opposite sex.

The blue “mirror” in the plumage is a matter of pride for the bird, and some species are characterized by sexual differentiation in color, therefore, the pet should not be allowed to lose its attractiveness. To do this, you must carefully follow the rules and not remove the superfluous.

As for the owners of the poultry yard, they are forced to radically solve the problem, because their pets can try to fly out of the yard, rising up even above a high fence. Timely pruning will protect farmers from “runaway” pets.

Let’s not fly away

How can we prevent the inhabitants of the poultry yard from flying beyond it? What is the difference between pruning methods depending on the purpose pursued by the owner of the drake? It is important to choose the most suitable and humane way in relation to the pet. In any case, when preparing, it is worth stocking up with high gloves made of durable material and scissors. It is necessary to prepare for the fact that the bird will resist and pinch. Such a reaction to pruning does not occur in her because she is in pain, rather the fact of forcible restraint is unpleasant for a duck.

Important!Only one wing needs to be handled so that the feathered bird loses its sense of balance and is unable to control its flight. When you try to take off, it will only fall on its side and eventually stop vain attempts.

An effective way to solve the problem

Cropping will work in relation to the decoy duck, because partially, the ability to fly when using this method is still preserved, and the effect obtained will be sufficient for the hunter. If you look at the photo of the goose wing, you can see that it consists of narrow and wide lobes and core. Further, it is enough to pay attention to the longest feathers – fly feathers. They should be of interest.

The procedure is as follows:

  • sit on the stool and firmly, but gently grip the drake with your feet so as to hold it, but not to hurt;
  • turn it sideways towards you;
  • hold scissors in one hand, hold the duck’s wing with the other;
  • to thin out the plumage, you only need to cut a wide blade without touching at the same time narrow.

Some experts believe that a decoy can cut two wings, because then the imbalance is not violated, but it’s stopped tsya ability to fly high. This is what you are achieving in this case.

“Chess” option – will it help

The “chess” method is universal in its use: it is applicable to both poultry and “bait” :

  • on the first feather, remove the wide blade, as described in method number one;
  • cut the second half in half, capturing the core;
  • third – like the first;
  • the fourth – as the second and further on a similar principle.

What other options are there

The method under consideration is ideal for the owners, which set as their goal so that the drakes do not fly even on ru meters skyward. This is especially true for some breeds: indigenous (musky), for example, inherent increased love for flying and altitude. It is important to cut off half from each fly feather before the tubular shaft appears.

When carrying out the procedure, it is important to remember that you are dealing with a living creature and be careful when implementing it. There is little acquaintance with the theory, you should definitely watch a video on how to trim the wings of a duck, and it is better to turn to an experienced poultryman for visual help.

Trimming the wings of musk ducks and a small overview of the young.
Decoy ducks. How to cut wings?
How to Trim Wings of the Decoy Duck Correctly
How to trim duck wings correctly!

You can’t repeat this haircut more than once a season. In addition, in most cases, ducks lose their desire to fly after the very first haircut. Consequently, even when the feathers grow back after molting (sometimes summer and autumn), the need for repeated trimming most often does not arise. Basically, according to the poultry farmers, the representatives of the duck family subjected to the procedure no longer fly outside the yard.

The materials of the article, together with watching a video on this topic, will help to trim feathers for duck flock members at home. Finding information is not difficult, just enter in the search engine “how to trim wings of ducks”. You should be careful, be patient, then everything will certainly work out!

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