Popular types of ducks

Ducks are considered quite common poultry, which can be found in almost any corner of Russia, and ducklings hunting is considered a popular pastime with the highest percentage of popularity among all types of hunting. other animals. Species of ducks are diverse, as they are representatives of both households and wildlife. In order to learn to understand each of the species, you need to know about how all representatives can differ from each other.

  1. Wild ducks
  2. Mallard
  3. Teal
  4. Diving ducks
  5. What other options are
  6. Gogol
  7. Black
  8. Mergansers and Ogari
  9. Pintail <
  10. About the species of domestic ducklings
  11. What are “meat” ducklings
  12. Representatives of the meat and egg direction
  13. Duck egg breed

Виды уток

Species of ducks

An ordinary duck is a bird with a wide and Kai housing, which is located on the legs with webbed. From other birds, such as geese, ducks are distinguished by the presence of a flattened beak, an elongated neck. Birds rarely get wet because of the dense feather cover, aimed at repelling water. Under the skin, a duck can have quite a lot of fat.

Wild ducks

Despite the fact that the number of wild ducks in Russia is significant, hunting for some of them is prohibited due to entries in the Red Book. Below we’ll look at the most popular and most common wildlife species.


Mallard is a duck with a large population. There are 12 subspecies of these birds. Mallard is the most encountered duck in Russia.To distinguish it from others, just look at the photo or read the characteristics of the external reference bird species. Its streamlined body does not exceed 60 cm. The female, like the male, has a flat beak with small inconspicuous denticles, which serve as some kind of filter when eating food. In addition, the main features are:

  • the presence of short but massive wings;
  • the presence of small legs and light body weight (up to 1 kg);
  • brownish-red coloring of the duck, while the male is much brighter;
  • violet-blue overflows on the neck.

Various freshwater reservoirs are considered the favorite habitat for mallards, where there are bushes and reeds. Despite belonging to the wild, mallards can quickly adapt to agriculture, life among people.

Gray duck is found in the territory of stagnant water or in areas with a weak current. From the photo of the bird it can be seen that it is a small feathered one. The main color of her body is gray, although her head is decorated with various impregnations, and her neck is cast in yellow. The drake is distinguished by a bright color, a gray beak. The female has a yellow beak.

Дикая утка

Wild duck


The teal belongs to a rather small species, because the volume of the bird does not exceed 500 g. Similar birds are found in the taiga, they have narrow wings and a short neck.Beautiful feathers shimmer in the sunlight. A characteristic feature of the male is the black beak. It is difficult to hear how the teal flies, because the duck is quite silent. In the Red Book you can find such a species as teal clownfish.

Diving ducks

Diving ducks are found throughout Russia, as there are known species. Divers include red-nosed, red-headed, crested ducks and gogol. You can meet them near the sea. During the winter, dives go to warmer climes.

Diving ducks can delightfully swim and dive, diving under water for 3 minutes. All species are large with short paws. Some dives, such as Baer, ​​the White-eyed, are listed in the Red Book.

What other options are there

The species of ducks are so diverse that they can be considered endlessly. Here are the names of several well-known breeds.


Gogol are medium-sized ducks and drakes with a short neck, a massive, almost triangular head. Males are decorated with bright plumage with black tints. A characteristic and outstanding feature of the gogol is not only the presence of a catchy name, but also a loud, peculiar sound similar to a squeak.


Blacken is duck-duck. They are distinguished by a short neck with a massive head and amazing plumage. The neck area is decorated with black stripe, similar to the collar, it is always clearly visible in the photo. The tail of the bird is omitted, and the mass does not exceed 1 kg.Blackening is found in Russia in five different varieties. So, in the northern part of the country marine species prevail.

This bird is hunted much more often, because it is considered an enviable trophy.

Нырковые утки

Duck ducks

Mergansers and Ogari

Mergansers and Ogari – ducks, which are impressive size and listed in the Red Book. The former are characterized by bright and saturated in color feathers. The head of the male is mainly with a green tint, and the chest is white. The female is always lighter, with clear orange tints.

Ogars are outwardly similar to geese, have high limbs. Ducks of the species are known for their chocolate plumage. Squid is considered a large species of bird, the mass of which can exceed 1 kg. The bird has a bright and catchy plumage, a chestnut head, a red chest and a grayish tail. The back is decorated with ornaments. Females with redness, monotony.




The name is associated with the feather-like feathers on the tail of the birds. Feathers are often chestnut and gray with black and white markings. The feathered bird is distinguished by the presence of a long tail, an oblong neck, and sharp wings. Pegans are unique and inimitable in color. The dominant color is white, although the head is black and the chest is red.The belly is complemented by black stripes. The limbs are pink. The weight of the female reaches 1300 g, and the drake – 1500 g.

Wild duck species in Russia are represented in large numbers. Each of the representatives is a unique and special instance. Many of the wild ducks are of great value to the hunter because of their unique appearance.

About the species of domestic ducklings

Everyone needs to get acquainted with the description of domestic ducks who has a farm, or who wants to start it. Species of domestic ducks are interesting in that they are grown for dissimilar purposes. Thus, the directions can be:

  • meat;
  • decorative;
  • egg;
  • meat and egg character.

In agriculture, meat and ornamental species are found. Representatives of the meat industry are widespread due to the high level of fertility, early maturity, quality vitality. Meat species have tasty and nutritious meat, as well as satisfactory egg production. All representatives stand out for their large weight and size, which makes it possible to obtain large quantities of meat of the highest grade. Each duck brings up to 50 ducklings per year. Meat-egg duck representatives are of average weight and good meat quality, but egg production still prevails. Orpingtones, hacks-campbells are meat-bearing. Breeding of egg ducks is not widespread at home due to their low weight and weight.

Caring for all ducks is not difficult, as the birds are picky and unpretentious. It is enough to provide them with access to a pond or lawn in order to save themselves from difficulties.

To keep ducks at home without problems, it is important to provide birds with timely and complete nutrition, a warm and dry room. When choosing a particular duck species, you should pay attention to the climatic conditions of the region. So, some representatives may not be suitable for breeding in the Northern zone due to severe weather conditions.

What are the “meat” ducklings

Consider those breeds which are considered the most common in the household.

  • Peking. The breed is considered one of the best in the meat direction. It gained its distribution in the northern, eastern, southern parts of China. Ducks are early ripening and well-fed, but have a negative attitude to the cold. From the photo you can see that these are massive birds with a large and wide head. They are distinguished by thick red legs and blue shiny eyes.
  • The Bashkir color breed is funny with an interesting plumage combining khaki and black.
  • Black White-breasted duck with black plumage of the head, abdomen, neck, torso, while her chest is white. Her eyes are also dark with shine, large size. Meat and tasty eggs are in demand, because the bird is often bred at home.
  • The Moscow white breed is represented with a large and long head, with a wide pinkish beak. Moscow poultry meat products are considered the most tender and pleasant.
  • Gray Ukrainian birds stand out with gray-brown painted wings with black-and-white borders.
  • Indians stand out with a massive body with a red-skinned head. Due to the pinkish fleshy growths they are sometimes confused with turkeys. The breed does not differ in precocity.
  • Mulard have the most lean meat. The breed is in demand due to the high quality of meat, cleanliness, noiselessness.
  • Rouen ducks are massive and voluminous. The color of the body can be either light or dark brown. Their meat has a delicate taste, and egg production reaches 95 eggs.

These are not all representatives of the meat direction, since listing them all is almost impossible due to the large number.

Representatives of the meat and egg direction

In agriculture in Russia and the CIS, some breeds are also known, which we will consider in more detail.

  • Mirror ducks, which has almost completely white plumage with wings shining in the luster of the mirror. The breed has a wide round chest with a wide and long body. In general, one duck brings up to 135 eggs in one year.
  • Saxon ducks, despite the focus, have a beautiful and memorable color plumage. By weight, they are voluminous and dense, have the correct body and a strong skeleton.A characteristic feature of the drake is a dark blue metallic tint. The breed is considered productive with high egg production.
  • Haki campbell can have different plumage options: from sand to black. Their meat has a delicate and pleasant taste, but ducks can hardly be called good hens. Campbell is loved for their calm and peaceful behavior, mobility.

Egg duck breed

The breed of Indian runners is mainly referred to the egg direction. In appearance, the duck resembles an exotic animal with an interesting bottle-like body. The unusual appearance makes her a regular at exhibitions. Runners are mobile, shy.

The quality of the meat also deserves attention, because it is considered a delicate and juicy delicacy. Amazing egg production can not be compared with any of the listed breeds. give 350 eggs, and an ordinary female – no more than 200.

Thus m, the variety of ducks amazes and delights. In order to learn to understand these birds, it will take more than one day. Interesting and specific features of ducks make birds unique and curious.

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