Description of the breed Blagovarskaya duck

Blagovarskaya duck cross is one of the most profitable acquisitions, because it is much easier and more profitable to breed it than any other breed of ducks: feed will go less, but feathered it will increase very quickly in size. Growing good ducks in an incubator surprises with a high percentage of hatching. Ducklings are tall, unpretentious, especially if there is a pond near the site.

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Благоварская утка

Blagovarskaya duck

Poultry farming is one of the most popular types of agriculture in the world producing meat. Poultry farming produces a number of products, the main of which are meat and eggs.

Description and characteristic indicate that we are describing I was bred about 20 years ago in the Republic of Bashkiria, so the cross is also called Bashkir ducks. The ducklings first appeared on the poultry farm in the town of Blagovar, which gave the name to the breed.

Peking duck was the progenitor of cross brevar. Blagovar ducks have high early maturity and are characterized by low feed consumption (1 kg of weight per 3.5 feed units). If a good duck is needed for intensive breeding, calcium must be added to the feed, since without it individuals can no longer be carried. The rapid development of this breed allows it to reach a weight of 4-5 kg ​​by 2 months of age.

Egg production is also at a high level, birds can produce more than 200 per year.The color of the duck is mostly white, which simplifies the implementation of feather and fluff. Benevolent individuals live up to 20 years, but they cease to lay eggs by 5-6 years. The line of the Bashkir breed is very popular among farmers, so before you start such a breed, it is easy to find out what characteristics the ducks have, a full description and photo of the breed.

Breeding ducks

For Successful breeding of breeding products requires the right choice of producers. The ratio of ducks to drake should be 5: 1. When feeding ducks, it is necessary to add calcium to the feed, if this is not done, they will skip a little. It is advisable to keep the laying hen for up to 3-4 years.

An incubator is used to breed the Bashkir cross breed. This individual was artificially bred, so the natural appearance of ducklings is almost impossible: ducks simply do not sit on their nests or throw eggs after a short period of time. The appearance of ducklings from a mother hen is a rarity, they are not indigenous, they do not have a developed maternal instinct. If there is no incubator, you can lay eggs in other ducks or hens.

Before you can start hatching, you must select the eggs: they must be of the correct shape, without damage. First they are collected up to 7 days, kept at room temperature, and then placed in an incubator. It is already useless to use eggs with a shelf life of more than 10 days in the production of young animals.The term for hatching ducks in the incubator is 26-28 days, while the temperature needs to be set at a level of 37.5 to 38.5 ° C, humidity is about 50%, but at the time of hatching it must be increased to 80%. Blagovarskie ducks are good because only 15-20% of eggs that do not hatch are left. Well-bred young ducklings weigh about 50 g, the plumage color is yellow.

After successful breeding, the ducklings must be properly fed. The first 3 days the ducklings are kept in a warm room under a lamp, then they gradually begin to accustom them to grazing. At the age of ten days, ducklings are allowed to approach the water. Feeding ducklings in the first 1-2 days must be done independently. At first they are watered with a weak solution of potassium permanganate, and then pounded egg and boiled porridge are poured onto gray cardboard. They are sprinkled with this food so that newborns can peck food from the backs of each other, because their instincts suggest taking a moving food. After 3 days, the blessed ducklings themselves will begin to eat. From 15 days of age, young animals are transferred to good nutrition. By 2 months of age, the ducklings will weigh up to 4-5 kg.

How to feed the blessed duck

The blessed ducks should eat well, so you need to approach this issue responsibly . Blagovarskaya duck breed should receive all necessary vitamins and minerals along with nutrition. Blagovarsky ducks are omnivorous; they do not require an abundance of feed.

To save on feeding, some farmers use agricultural waste:

  • Beetroot meal is a very nutritious feed, 5-8% of grain mixtures.
  • Bran should make up 10-20% of the weight of grain feed.
  • Cake and meal are used about 5-10% of the weight of grain feed.
  • Meat and bone meal has a huge protein content, reaches a ratio of 1 / 2 to all other components, it is necessary to apply no more than 5%.
  • Milk and milk mixture are used to prepare mixes.
  • Cottage cheese really like ducklings Am, it is necessary to feed cottage cheese up to 15 days of age.
  • It is advisable to use root crops and succulent feeds from 20% or more, since they have a good effect on the taste of the resulting meat.

If it is possible to feed with algae, then you can save up to half the grain feed. Small shells are an excellent source of calcium, but they must be used up to 2% in a mash. Compound feed from cereals is the most necessary for poultry: it is well digested and quickly absorbed in the body. Feathered birds should eat at least 3 times a day.

Water is very important for winged animals, therefore it should be constantly available, it is best to have a body of water. If there is a lake nearby, then feeding can be reduced to breakfast and dinner, because the birds will spend all day there.

Content of the Bashkir duck

Cultivation and breeding of such a breed should be carried out according to all standards, since the requirements for it are very serious, it is only possible to get healthy and strong individuals. To keep ducks, you need a room, even if their breeding occurs in the summer. Ducklings, you can build a house out of anything, for which there is enough imagination and money. The room should be equipped with sockets and special sills for easy access to them.

The nests should be in the form of wooden boxes 50 * 50; their height should also be 50 cm.

In one box will climb several birds. They need drinkers, in the role of which you can use a trough, feeders should be wooden and have a partition-handle on top so that the birds do not climb there. It is necessary to sprinkle the floor in the house with litter, in the role of which you can use sawdust, peat, straw and wood shavings. Breeding ducks is a convenient form of agriculture, where large labor costs are not needed. The feed costs are minimal, and after 2 months, with proper care and breeding of cross ducks, the breeder will have an environmentally friendly product.

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If the farmer has even a little experience in to breeding birds, then the duck cross-brewer takes root in the compound. The main thing is to daily monitor the ducklings and monitor their condition. A high risk of various diseases is possible only if you do not deal with birds at all. It is enough for ducklings to pay attention and care, to feed on time and give time for walking.

It is recommended to arrange walks daily in the presence of good and warm weather. If the ducklings are not allowed to walk, they can fight and pinch each other.To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to install good ventilation in the house and not to grow a lot of birds in a small space. Each individual must provide its own corner, nest, drinker and feeder.

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