How to use agricola for orchids

There are factors that contribute to the proper development of indoor plants. These are illumination, temperature, humidity and appropriate top dressing. Agricola for orchids in is the optimal nutrient mixture.

  1. When feeding the flower
  2. Benefits of the drug
  3. Chemical composition and use
  4. Safety precautions
  5. To summarize

Как пользоваться агриколой для орхидей

How to use agricola for orchids

When feeding a flower

Orchids belong to the orchid family and the phalaenopsis genus. Phalaenopsis plants belong to epiphytic species, which means that they do not grow in the soil, but attach to the bark roars or substrate irregularities on the mountain slopes.The main supply of the necessary components comes from the moist air of the rainforest.

Phalaenopsis needs periodic top dressing. It is carried out both by the root and extra-root method. In both cases, with great success they use agricola .

Orchids feed in the following cases:

  • According to the biological clock of the plant. Top dressing is applied no more than 2 times a month: before flowering and during active growth. The plant tells you whether to feed it: if new shoots form at the growth point, it is time to bring in a mineral cocktail.
  • In autumn and winter, during dormancy. The feeding process at this time is carried out no more than once a month.
  • Foliar top dressing (spraying) is carried out during a period of intensive growth and if phalaenopsis develops poorly. At the same time, the leaves become pale yellow or begin to wither.

Refrain from feeding:

  • Immediately after buying a flower in a store. The plants are delicate and adapt to new conditions for a long time, so you don’t need to do anything for 2-3 weeks.
  • During flowering.
  • In summer, when the air temperature rises.

Advantages of the preparation

The fertilizer has a composition specially developed for plants of the phalaenopsis genus. The drug effectively protects the flower from fungal infections. Easy digestibility of the nutrient mixture contributes to faster flower growth. Flowering begins earlier and lasts longer. Leaves and flowers acquire a brighter color.

This mineral complex provides a quick restoration of the vitality of the plant after the autumn-winter period of rest. It resists diseases much better and tolerates adverse environmental conditions.

The preparation is convenient to use, since it has a liquid consistency that is most suitable for root and foliar feeding of orchids. Also note the safety and low price of the solution.

Chemical composition and application

Поливаем орхидею удобрением

Water the orchid with fertilizer

Agricola is available in the form of a concentrated liquid solution, in granules or in the form of special sticks. The composition of the liquid form is as follows: nitrogen – 4%, phosphorus – 5%, potassium – 6%, sodium humate – 0.8%. In addition, it contains trace elements: boron, copper, zinc, manganese, iron and molybdenum.

The package contains 250 ml of fertilizer.

The instructions for use are simple. For root dressing, 5 ml of the solution is diluted in 1 liter of water. For the convenience of preparing the working mixture, the bottle with concentrated solution is equipped with a measuring cap. The process is repeated after 10-14 days, without exceeding the rate of application of the nutrient.


According to the instructions for use, the concentrate should be handled carefully. When diluting the solution, be sure to work in rubber gloves. Drops of the mixture should not be allowed to come into contact with the skin, and especially in the eyes. After preparing the working mixture, wash your hands and face thoroughly with soap and rinse your mouth.

Store the drug in a cool, dry place as far from food and medicine as possible.

If the solution gets on the skin, this place washed with running water. Do the same if it gets in your eyes.


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