Singolo Orchid Care

Singolo orchid is a one-color plant. Observing the features of transplanting, fertilizing, watering and feeding, it is easy to get a beautiful and healthy plant.

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Орхидея Синголо

Singolo Orchid

Description of the orchid

According to the description, Phalaenopsis Singolo is a compact orchid with one large flower.It has a small rosette with a low stem (15-20 cm), the roots are short and thick, the leaves are dense and fleshy.

The maximum length of the leaves is 18 cm, x quantity – from 3 to 6. The diameter of the flower is about 13-15 cm.


The flowering period and its features depend on the climatic conditions of cultivation. The duration of flowering lasts 2-3 months, in some cases during the year, with a break for the development of the root system and leaves.


Suitable for Singolo standard substrate “For orchids” or “For epiphytes”. Independently at home they prepare the soil with the help of such elements:

  • well-boiled pine bark with a fraction of 1.5-2 cm;
  • charcoal;
  • inert materials: vermiculite, expanded clay, perlite or polystyrene;
  • moss sphagnum.

The root system of Singolo along with leaves is involved in photosynthesis. The pot should be transparent, with air entering the roots. For planting a flower, a flowerpot made of plastic with drainage holes on the bottom and side walls is suitable. The pot is chosen 2-3 cm larger than the root system.

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Singolo propagates by dividing the main outlet or by the “children” – newly emerged shoots growing on the peduncle after flowering. Growing an orchid with seeds is a laborious process, so it’s better to use a vegetative method.


An orchid needs favorable conditions for growth and development. Caring for a flower at home includes observing:

  • temperature conditions – 22 ° C-24 ° C during the day and 17 ° C-18 ° C at night, the temperature difference should remain within 4 ° C – 5 ° С;
  • lighting rules; well diffused light is important 10-12 hours a day;
  • humidity level – 40-60%.

When these conditions are met, phalaenopsis will grow and bloom.

The flower should be protected from stressful situations:

  • temperature differences;
  • drafts;
  • transportations in cold weather.


If after acquiring problems with the root system, instability in the container, a small amount of substrate, tightness in the container for the roots, the plant needs to be transplanted into a new pot.After transplantation care includes soft watering, competent lighting and temperature stability.

Пересадка орхидеи Синголо

Transplanting Singolo orchids

Watering and feeding

Watering is carried out with soft and warm water with Ph 6-7, melt, rain water is also suitable. Watering is carried out along the edge of the tank. After watering, the roots are allowed to dry until the next moisture intake.

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The orchid should be fed with complex fertilizers for every 3 waterings. The saturation of fertilizers is reduced by 2-3 times from the recommended by the manufacturer.


The flower stalk is cut off after flowering and complete drying. The green part of the peduncle is not cut, it can still bloom.

Stimulation of flowering

After continuing flowering, the phalaenopsis needs rest to gain strength and growth. This takes about 3 months. If the plant does not bloom, it is stimulated:

  • reduce watering;
  • reduce the temperature to 12 ° C-15 ° C for a short time period.

The Bud and Ovary preparations are used for stimulation.

Prevention of diseases and pests

If fungal, infectious diseases or pests are detected, the cause of their occurrence is removed, otherwise the plant dies. The most common pests of orchids are spider mites and aphids. Among the diseases, powdery mildew is isolated.

The following measures are used for prevention:

  • create normal conditions;
  • ensure proper care;
  • make vitamin supplements with cocktails;
  • carry out the treatment with fungicidal preparations after acquisition.


Behind the orchid Singolo is easy to care for at home.The correct temperature, humidity, lighting, compliance with simple care rules are required. Then the plant will grow and decorate the house with flowering.

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