10 Best Houseplants for Gift-Care

Houseplants are the best alternative to cut flower bouquets, because, unlike the latter, “live bouquets” can delight for years. And even the most seasonal options can bring a lot of joy! Choosing a houseplant for a gift requires an individual approach. But there are copies that everyone will like. Blooming or flaunting original leaves, extravagant or cute, these 10 houseplants can make a great gift.

10 best houseplants for a gift

An individual approach to choosing a houseplant for a gift

You can give a “live bouquet” instead of the usual one for literally any reason. A traditional pot of lush-blooming bushes for a birthday, bright flowers for your favorite spring holidays, touching bulbs for Easter or unexpected accents for winter holidays, small surprises and family celebrations …

The choice of the plants themselves, which can be presented as a gift, is even more extensive than the list of “reasons”. Indeed, in fact, absolutely any houseplant can become a gift – the only question is who it is given to and whether it will be able to provide proper care:

  • Florists who are passionate about the cultivation of rare species can be presented with exclusive novelties or the plants they collect.
  • For those who keep a large collection of plants, any “reliable” species that does not require special conditions will do.
  • For those who have a strict style in the interior, a gift in the spirit of “furnishings” is more suitable.
  • With poor landscaping at home, it is better to choose real “Spartans” who are content with minimal maintenance.
  • If a bouquet is literally replaced with a houseplant, the choice should be made in favor of flowering species, strewn with flowers.
  • For men, it is always better to prefer decorative deciduous species, shrubs and small-sized woody ones (for example, bonsai). But the fair sex is often presented with flowering or extravagant plants.

Houseplants are chosen as a gift in the same way as an ordinary bouquet – taking into account your favorite colors, the symbolic meaning of plants and, if desired, even the influence of feng shui or “energy”. The simplest advice always works: choose indoor plants that make you smile.

When buying houseplants as a gift, they often forget about the purely practical side. Having chosen a spectacular option, try to get “instructions” about its cultivation and requirements. It is better if the information is written down or printed for you (if there are no accompanying cards for the plant). The new owner does not have to clarify various little things himself. And you can always navigate whether a plant is suitable or not, and make the final choice.

Let’s take a closer look at the top ten “gift” favorites.

1. Phalaenopsis out of competition

The popularity of these most unpretentious and adapted to room culture butterfly orchids does not seem accidental. Phalaenopsis (Phalaenopsis) with minimal maintenance, they delight with ultra-long, colorful and elegant flowering. And you just need to water them correctly (by immersion in water) and occasionally feed them during the period of leaf growth. A large selection of colors and sizes for different varieties allows you to find a beautiful gift for any occasion. And versatility and modest requirements will easily keep the plant on any windowsill.


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2. Pelargonium in a new guise

Boring and familiar zonal pelargoniums have long been supplanted by colorful hybrids and varieties pelargonium grandiflorum (Pelargonium grandiflorum)… Under simple, semi-double or double flowers – large or miniature, capable of competing in color and sophistication with orchids – the cushion of bright leaves is almost invisible. At the same time, aromatic pelargoniums remain unpretentious and are content with standard care. They are luxurious and always appropriate, because such a gift can even be taken out on the balconies and in the garden for the summer.

Pelargonium grandiflorumPelargonium grandiflorum

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3. Miniature clouds of rhododendrons

Unlike whimsical camellias or gardenias, indoor rhododendrons (Rhododendron), or azaleas, as they are called according to the old classification, can be grown by anyone. The inflorescence shields of romantic flowers, decorated with long graceful stamens, hide beautiful, leathery dark leaves gathered in whorls. The beauty of potted rhododendrons is in no way inferior to spectacular garden forms. Their luxurious palette of white-pink-purple tones seems to have been created by nature for a luxurious gift.

ододендрон (Rhododendron)ододендрон (Rhododendron)

4. Laurel tree

Among the “useful” indoor plants, there is no better candidate for a gift than a laurel tree, or Lavr the Noble (Laurus nobilis)… And it’s not just that the dried leaves of the plant can be used in cooking. Fragrant, always elegant, with beautiful classic leaves, inimitable matte color and very beautiful bark, the laurel tree will be a great addition to any interior and style. This is a gift for decades – and much less capricious than the demanding “gift” citrus fruits, figs, coffee or pomegranates, demanding for conditions and care.

Laurel noble (Laurus nobilis)Laurel noble (Laurus nobilis)

5. Anthuriums for every taste

The impeccable favorites of the modern interior are so elegant that they are suitable for the role of a gift for any occasion. This plant has a brilliant appearance in every sense. Large leaves and multi-colored bedspreads around funny inflorescence cobs, the ability to choose colors to your taste and enviable endurance are just a few of the advantages of this truly versatile plant. Yes, and difficult care anthurium (Anthurium) then it will not be needed. This is one of the safest options for a live gift.

AnthuriumAnthurium. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com ProMed

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6. Dazzling Kalanchoe

A unique succulent with fleshy leaves, compact bushes and dense umbrellas of flowers of the most cheerful colors looks like a real bouquet. Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe) – the plants are so neat that they will be appropriate in any setting. Their flowering is long-lasting and colorful, and the leaves capable of storing water allow minimizing maintenance. Among the abundantly flowering plants, there is no species that would be closer to the status of “indoor Spartan” and “living bouquet” at the same time.

Kalanchoe (Kalanchoe)Kalanchoe. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Jacques Rollet

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7. Rosemary in a pot format

Thanks to ligneous shoots and beautiful bush shape, in decorative containers rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus) looks amazing. Its pubescent, silvery, flat-needled leaves, sitting tightly on the twigs, and the colorful spikelets of the inflorescences are equally fragrant. Rosemary can be put in the kitchen and used in culinary experiments. This natural aromatherapist easily forgives care mistakes and only needs warmth and bright light.

If the idea with rosemary seems interesting, you can look at other spicy herbs – from marjoram and tarragon to mint, lemon balm and even lavender with santolina.

Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus)Rosemary (Salvia rosmarinus)

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8. “Indestructible” sansevieria

Whichever type of sansevieria you choose – the usual “pike tail”, rosette species or the fashionable “stick” cylindrical sansevieria – you will present a gift that will withstand almost any care misses. A large selection of varieties with bright stripes will allow you to find plants that are far from boring. But still the main plus sansevieria (Sansevieria) – endurance.


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9. Bonsai never loses its relevance

The most prestigious category of indoor plants are real works of art, in the formation of which a lot of time, love and effort have been invested in miniature. The inimitable silhouettes of myrtles, elms, bonsai-shaped olives are the first candidates for a status gift for a special occasion. It is wise to choose bonsai, because they can be both not capricious and very whimsical. But you can’t find a more elite version of gift plants.

Bonsai myrtleBonsai myrtle. Farmer Burea-Uinsurance.com Kristi Sauer

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10. Gift boxes “Grow yourself”

On the shelves of souvenir shops, flower and stationery stores and even supermarkets today you can find do-it-yourself kits with everything you need to grow indoor plants, annuals, herbs, greenery, create succulent gardens and even forcing bulbs on the windowsill.

Pots or original vessels, tools, drainage, substrate and detailed instructions allow even a child to grow their indoor pet. From special gift boxes to funny figurines stuffed with herbs and “pencils” with seeds of your favorite herbs, the choice is simply huge. Stimulating creativity, allowing you to discover a new hobby, fun, such a gift is no less appropriate than a beautiful plant in a pot.

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