Tradescantia – signs and superstitions about the flower

The signs and superstitions about tradescantia are not always unambiguous, but for the most part they are positive. It is noted that plants have a specific energy and are able to influence people.If the indoor flower is placed correctly, it will protect against external negativity, improve the atmosphere in the house and increase the well-being of the family.

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  2. Is it possible to keep at home
  3. Tradescantia in Feng Shui teachings
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  5. How to achieve positive effect from the flower

Традесканция — приметы и суеверия о цветке

Tradescantia – signs and superstitions about the flower

Famous beliefs

There are many signs and superstition about the home tradescantia. This flower is literally shrouded in various rumors, passing word of mouth.

For example, with yes In those times, people believed that if a plant withers and dries after being rearranged, this can serve as an indicator of a pathogenic place. Try to spend less time here and move it to another part of the house.

Other popular beliefs:

  • A healthy and well-groomed flower enhances the self-sufficiency and independence of the host. A person becomes more solid and confident – from now on it is not so easy to confuse or deceive. This is not about stubbornness, but about strength of mind, insight and clarity of thought.
  • A motley tradescantia will protect against evil eye and envy during the reception of guests. Outsiders are not always conscious of the desire for evil – sometimes they can harm even ordinary irritability.If large companies leave behind a headache, weakness and emptiness – put a flower in the living room in a conspicuous place.
  • With apathy, loss of strength and low mood, take a little time for the home plant. Wash it in the shower, loosen the ground in a pot or wipe the leaves with a damp cloth. After 15-20 minutes it will become much easier for you.

It is believed that in a house with a given flower, people smile and laugh more, which means they live longer. The owner develops a sense of humor and the habit of looking at the world positively. At the same time, the power of negative thoughts, obsessive states, melancholy, constant mental “chewing gum” disappears.

Is it possible to keep at home

It is believed that tradescantia can absorb and process negative energy, and also – create energy protection for the room in which it is located. This colorful flower will not give complete peace and tranquility, but on the other hand, it will not allow gloom and stagnation. It should not be started too nervous and excitable people who are unable to concentrate.

A person prone to fuss and excessive talkativeness, too, should not hold this plant, because character weaknesses worsen. To everyone else, the tradescantia will be an excellent neighbor, stimulating the imagination and creating high spirits.

To protect the flower, you can put it in the hallway, to enhance conjugal passion, in the bedroom.It is not recommended to place a flowerpot in a nursery, as children can sleep poorly.

A good place for it will serve as a living room, as well as a dining room or kitchen. The violet variety should not be kept in houses where scandals, conflicts and misunderstandings are frequent – it will not become a “buffer” for the negative, but will only reflect it on households. (She would prefer quiet libraries, strict reception rooms, official or private rooms.)

Tradescantia in Feng Shui teachings

Цветок может укрепить здоровье

A flower can enhance health

According to feng shui, indoor flowers represent the element of the Tree that supports Fire. A special feature of the tradescantia is its colorful coloring and branched stems, which also enhances active fiery energy.

A good place for this plant is the southern corner of the house. There, it will best serve to strengthen the health and financial situation of the family. This placement is especially recommended for kidney and liver diseases, severe puffiness, and depressive states.

To enhance love passion, you need to put a flower in the south of the bedroom. The western part should be avoided due to the concentration of the elements of Metal: in combination with the Tree, it can provoke quarrels and conflicts between spouses.

It is not worth placing a tradescantia in the northwestern and southwestern directions: this can cause undesirable events and increase the irritability of the mistress of the house. In addition, you can not put a flowerpot in the room of a person prone to allergies, diseases of the skin, teeth, liver and stomach. In such a state of health, it is necessary to increase the energy of the Earth, which plants weaken.

Signs depending on the species

Signs and superstitions also depend on the type of plant:

  • Zebrin is the best amulet against envy, evil eye and idle curiosity. It is useful to put it on the window sills: not only for decoration, but also for daring bad looks.
  • Garden beauty – Andersen’s tradescantia is considered an excellent catalyst for optimism and good mood. Planted in the courtyard or in the garden, it will improve relations in the family: between husband and wife, children and parents.
  • Argentinean Blosefeld – will attract good luck and prosperity, help to settle minor problems and establish a life. In the house where she lives, equipment breaks much less often.
  • Virginia is another garden variety that can serve as a talisman for the house and household. Landed near the house, she will discourage uninvited guests, and she will give her owners confidence, fortitude and excellent health.

How to achieve a positive effect from the flower

The first thing to remember: tradescantia benefits only with proper care and caring for it.This is a flower with active energy, enhancing the intentions of the owner, raising tone, accelerating vibration. It helps to cope with a depressed state of mind, strengthens self-confidence, stimulates action.

However, you should not approach it in an angry, irritated or disappointed mood. The plant will only enhance aggressive emotions and painful sensitivity of the person.


If the owner has no goal or any serious aspirations, the flower will not be able to him to help. All reasoning will remain at the level of conversation. But if you know what you want, although you doubt yourself – the tradescant will become the best talisman of confidence and good luck. Her energy will give the necessary courage and faith, clarify thoughts, charge with optimism, help to notice new opportunities for success.

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