How to grow an orchid from the root

A classic way of propagating flowers is to separate the babies from the mother stems that sometimes appear on the plant, or from a handle on which a leaf is present. But there is a third method – growing orchids from the root.

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  2. How to prepare the root for transplanting
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Как вырастить орхидею из корня

How to grow orchid from the root

When using the method

The method of growing from the root is applied even when the plant drops all the leaves, but in this case the root system must be healthy rovoy.

If the flowers were brought from Vietnam, you will have to abandon this method, because the plants from this country are picky and require special care and treatment. To grow such an orchid from the root will not work. Flowers by dividing the bush into several parts, followed by planting into transparent pots and thorough care.

How to prepare the root for transplantation

Root transplantation is the best method for those whose plants wither but leave good rhizomes. You can’t rush to throw away such specimens, because they contain enough material for planting and cultivating new seedlings.

It is real to grow an orchid from the root only if there are several pseudobulbs in the root system.First of all, the orchid is removed from the pot and gently shaking off all the soil from the root. After that, the root is carefully cut with a sharpened knife. A pair of pseudobulbins should remain in the areas planned for further propagation.

The size of the seedling must be monitored. If you accidentally trim more than you should, it will be difficult to breed a plant from such a small piece. If this happened, do not despair. From a small residue, it is possible to grow a full-fledged flower, although in this case the growth will take a longer period of time. To avoid diseases, root infections and prevent the occurrence of pests, the places of cuts must be treated with cinnamon. Then the prepared roots should be planted in fresh soil.

Soil Selection

For future shoots, the soil is used the same as for adult specimens. There are no differences in the soil, but there is no need to add ordinary soil to the seedling pot: it cannot germinate. You can grow an orchid from the root on specially designed soil.

Садим в торф

We sit in peat

Composition of the soil for planting:

  • small pieces of pine bark,
  • coconut fiber,
  • peat.

Using this filler helps to grow a healthy and beautiful orchid.


An individual pot is prepared for each root.Next, the seedlings are covered with prepared soil. After some time, new roots appear, and it becomes possible to enjoy the appearance of the first leaves. All these signs indicate that the cultivation is carried out correctly and all conditions are met.

Once the sprouts have taken root, you can not make additional efforts: after a while the seedlings will turn into real flowers.

Subsequent care

Growing an orchid from the root is not a difficult task, although it requires a certain amount of care for the flower.

Temperature conditions

It has taken root and has taken root the orchid must be provided with fresh air, while trying to observe the correct light regime. It lasts about 8 hours.

The plant is suitable for temperatures not exceeding 24 ° C and not lower than 16 ° C.

Proper watering

The flower should not be poured: he does not like the abundance of water, because of the engo the roots begin to rot. Drying the soil also leads to adverse results. It is better to provide the orchid with moisture by pouring water into the pan: this way it regulates the fluid intake.


Also, top dressing is added to the soil, which enrich the nutrition of the leaves and bud with useful substances.


Subject to all the rules, from soil selection to watering, at home it is really possible to grow an excellent plant that will delight the owner with a healthy appearance and abundant flowering.The technique of growing a flower from the root is even within the reach of beginners in floriculture.

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