Original stands for flowers on the windowsill care

We always strive for warmth and comfort in the house. And, as you know, comfort lies in the little things. Therefore, it is great when everything in the interior of the house is thought out with warmth and love, even flower stands! But now there are many different flower stands on the market. What should you pay special attention to when choosing a flower stand? How to understand all this variety of shapes, sizes and materials? You will get answers to all these questions by reading our article.

Original stands for flowers on the windowsill

Flower stands, what are they?

First of all, I would like to note that flower stands differ in the material of manufacture:

– Wooden – environmentally friendly with a unique wood pattern, but are susceptible to mechanical damage and are afraid of moisture without special processing.

– Plastic – very light, have a wide range of colors, but are sensitive to sunlight, and also do not always withstand heavy loads.

– Forged – durable due to durable material and manufacturing method, but can be corroded.

How to choose a stand?

Also, when choosing a flower stand, you should pay special attention to the stability of the stand – it should not roll over, roll on one side. Also, don’t forget to estimate the size and height. The stand should not restrict the growth of the plant, the pots should be positioned without problems and without damaging the plants. In addition, the stand should not lose support when the center of gravity is shifted from the stem and leaves of the plant. If you have a lot of flowers on your windowsill, then it will also be important for you how many pots the stand is designed for, and what size of the pot it fits, since everything should look harmonious in the overall interior decor. In addition, the stand should not restrict the penetration of sunlight and interfere with the ventilation of the room.

Eight-color wrought iron standEight-color wrought iron stand

Variety of stands

As for the shapes and colors, it all depends on your preferences and the interior of the house. Only one thing can be said for sure, if you want to add a twist to the interior, then pay attention to the forged stands, their design is unique – it can be various twisted patterns, stands in the form of various animals, magic carriages, flower arches and thematic compositions with many color solutions.

Butterfly standButterfly stand
Loft style flower girlLoft style flower girl
Flower dogFlower dog

It is impossible to remain indifferent to the skillful and graceful beauty, especially to the tandem of fresh flowers and a forged stand. Together they will create coziness and emphasize the individuality of each house, regardless of the chosen design, because forged supplies will perfectly fit into any interior. And the ease of use will allow you to enjoy taking care of flowers without fear of harming the plant or flower stand. The forged stand is particularly durable, stable and graceful.

Metal stand for nine potsMetal stand for nine pots

Now there is a huge selection of stores offering various stands for flowers both on the floor and on the windowsill, but you can pick up and buy the most original wrought iron stands for flowers in the HitSad online store. Our managers will help you with the choice, and the terms of payment and delivery will delight you with a variety. And soon your home will be decorated with unique flower stands!


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