Ornamental indoor plants in the lobby and stairwells – care

Decorating a hall or staircase with indoor plants is not easy, but here you can fully express your imagination. Drafts coming from an open door, poor lighting and a small number of places for plants promise little good. But even in these rooms, plants can be placed with decorative success.

Indoor plants in the hall

In multi-storey buildings with central heating, it is warm in the hallway and on the staircase, just like in other rooms. But in a private house in these places it is much cooler than in its other rooms. But, despite such disadvantages as the lack of necessary lighting and heat, many people keep plants in the hall. Plants must be hardy enough to survive in such, say, imperfect conditions. Where it is warm, lighting can always be improved by artificial lighting. One or two healthy and lush plants, well placed in the hallway, is always better than a mass of eternally sick exotic specimens.

The large plants that greet your guests in the lobby will impress them. They are placed depending on the hall and its layout. So, you can place one large plant at the end of the corridor, and another in the lobby. If space permits, then you can mark the plant on the landing of the stairs: upper or intermediate. Indoor plants such as Benjamin’s ficus variegated, monstera gourmet, radiant cheflera, dracaena deremskaya, Hoveya Forest, elephant yucca are suitable here.

If these areas are very poorly lit, use a special plant point light or fluorescent lights. Plants should match the decor of the room. Behind the plant there may be a smooth light wall or a mirror in which the light will be reflected. At the same time, both the hall and the plant will seem much larger. Ceiling white or cream also reflects light. With light walls that reflect light, some plant species can thrive without ever being near a window.

If the staircase is wide enough and movement along it is not difficult, then many climbing and climbing plants are installed on its spans. The shoots hanging over the railing will look like a beautiful living curtain. A climbing plant located at the very base of the stairs will look very unusual, thanks to its shoots climbing up the railing of the stairs. Of these plants, you can advise the Roicissus rhombic or small-leaved ivy and its varieties.

Indoor plants in the hallIndoor plants in the hall

Ivy can also be used as ampelous plants. The hanging long shoots of the climbing philodendron and the golden epipremnum “Neon” look interesting. The hanging curtain very quickly forms the southern plectrantus and the coleus-shaped plectrantus “Marginatus”.

If there is a small table at the front door, then flowers can be placed on it, but this is only if the door is glass and allows light to pass through. But as a rule, our entrance doors are always steel. Therefore, it is best to use fresh cut flowers there. With sufficient lighting, ferns of citromium crescent and nesting bone ferns, as well as chlorophytums, will grow well there.

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