Dormant period in indoor plants – care

A lot of different literature tells us about plants, but practically the same thing: fertilizer, air humidity, water, light, heat. Although no one anywhere mentions almost no less important period accompanying the life of plants. This is a period of deep rest. It is connected with the fact that daylight hours are shortened so much that there is not enough light for active growth. Like trees, plants also have this period. Throughout the year, for most plants, it occurs in the winter.

Dormant period in indoor plants. Farmer ♥ ellie ♥

Some indoor plants expressively show this period, which can be noticed even without being a specialist. It can be determined by the following signs: the ground parts of the bulb die off (cyclamen, hyacinth, gloxinia), in tree-like, deciduous leaves (pomegranate, poinsettia) fall off. In such cases, care needs to be changed: watering is reduced or stopped altogether, depending on the type of plant.

For evergreens, such a period also comes, but it is almost impossible to visually determine it. But you still need to apply the following recommendations.

It is necessary to “cut back” a little watering and feeding, and also to provide the plant with cooler conditions. When the indoor temperature is higher than recommended, and watering occurs as often as in spring, the plant can be severely damaged.

Indoor plant
Indoor plant. Farmer Avia Venefica

Although there are plants that do not need a dormant period, these are winter flowering ones. And caring for them in winter is no different from spring or summer.

The beginning of plant growth is a signal that the dormant period is over. After that, you can begin to resume your normal care regimen, but only slowly and gradually bring them back to normal conditions of detention.

So it came to an end, I think that a useful article about the dormant period of domestic plants. Take proper care of your “favorites”, and let them grow and develop for your happiness. All the best to you and see you soon.


Dormant period in indoor plants - care
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