Decorating your home – indoor plants from seed care

Growing indoor flowers is an interesting and exciting business. The emotions that you will experience when you see a sprout emerge from a seed and become an adult plant, beyond words! You do not need to be afraid of something new, but on the contrary, you should arm yourself with everything you need and start improving your gardening skills, especially since you can do this right at home.

Decorating your home – indoor plants from seeds

Indoor flower seeds can be sown almost all year round, but the best time is February, March-April. At the same time, it is very important to select flowers for the microclimate of a particular room: there are more whimsical and less whimsical cultures. For indoor gardening, mainly ornamental plants of tropical and subtropical countries are used, which do not tolerate drafts and like abundant watering.

In summer, greenhouse evergreens need to be kept outdoors. This will strengthen them and contribute to their further development. Air temperature and lighting will also play an important role (if necessary, additional illumination with fluorescent lamps is possible). It is also important to maintain adequate air humidity.

Now let’s get acquainted with very beautiful and at the same time unpretentious indoor plants.

Hypestis “Red marble” and “Pink marble”

Hypestis "Red marble"Hypestis “Red marble”
Hypestis "Pink marble"Hypestis “Pink marble”

Decorative deciduous plant (25-20 cm). Its main decoration is the leaves, which depict a bizarre interweaving of green lines and contrasting (red or pink) spots and strokes. The brighter the light (but not in the sun), the juicier and more elegant the color. Hypestis is shade-tolerant and resistant to heat. As a rule, it is grown as a pot plant, and in summer it can be an addition to a flower bed with annuals. Since the plant does not have a dormant period, it is necessary to provide it with moderate watering throughout the year and feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers (in the summer – once every 2 weeks, in the winter – once a month).

Gloxinia “Impress Blue Picoti”, “Impress Red Picoti”, “Blue Ink”

Gloxinia "Impress Blue Picoti"Gloxinia “Impress Blue Picoti”
Gloxinia "Impress Red Picoti"Gloxinia “Impress Red Picoti”
Gloxinia "Impress Blue Ink"Gloxinia “Impress Blue Ink”

Spectacular gramophones! Attractive popular potting culture. Under favorable conditions, up to 20 buds appear on one plant at the same time. The colors are varied, two-colored (with a border or speckles).

Grows well in well-lit places, but without direct sunlight. Requires constant abundant watering (while it is necessary to avoid getting water on the leaves and flowers, it is better to use watering in the pan). After flowering, the plant begins a dormant period.

Pelargonium zonal “Shokoladnitsa Coral”, “Shokoladnitsa Gentle pink”, “Shokoladnitsa Purple”

Pelargonium zonal "Chocolate Coral"Pelargonium zonal “Chocolate Coral”
Pelargonium zonal "Shokoladnitsa Gentle pink"Pelargonium zonal “Shokoladnitsa Gentle pink”
Pelargonium zonal "Chocolate Girl Purple"Pelargonium zonal “Chocolate Girl Purple”

Magnificent pelargonium with unique foliage! Plant height – 25-35 cm. Leaves are brown-chocolate with a bright contrasting green border. Their color appears gradually as the plant grows and may not be visible on the first few leaves. Inflorescences are large, numerous. Ideal for potting, in summer it can be planted in open ground and balcony boxes. The plant is drought-resistant, prefers sunny locations and loose fertile soils.

Terry primrose “Rosella Mix”

Terry primrose "Rosella Mix"Terry primrose “Rosella Mix”


Charming terry primrose! The flowers are formed into exquisite miniature rose-like buds that sit above the foliage. The size of the flower is 2-2,5 cm, the color is varied. Plant height – 12-15 cm.

Primrose is ideal as a pot culture, in addition, in summer it can be planted in open ground and balcony boxes. Flowers retain their shape over a wide temperature range.

Prefers well-lit places without direct sunlight. Watering is regular, moderate. Top dressing – once every 2-3 weeks with complex fertilizer.

Torenia “Strawberry marmalade”, “Raspberry marmalade”, “Blueberry marmalade”

Torenia "Marmalade Strawberry"Torenia “Marmalade Strawberry”
Torenia "Marmalade Raspberry"Torenia “Marmalade Raspberry”
Torenia "Blueberry Marmalade"Torenia “Blueberry Marmalade”

Long lasting flowering and easy to grow. A compact, fast-growing annual plant with a height of 20-25 cm. It is distinguished by lush green foliage, early and long flowering. Tubular flowers up to 2,5 cm. The color is bicolor (red, pink, blue) with a white throat. It can be used as a pot, bed plant or for balconies and terraces.

Persian cyclamen “Victoria”

Persian cyclamen "Victoria"Persian cyclamen “Victoria”


One of the best plants for winter flowering. Height – 20-30 cm. Leaves with a white edge, streaks or stripes.

Blooms from November to March. The flowers are white with a pink center and a thin fringed pink border, up to 5 cm in length.

Loves coolness and does not tolerate direct sunlight. Watered evenly (always with soft water), preferably in a tray.

Lemon eucalyptus “Citrus”

Lemon eucalyptus "Citrus"Lemon eucalyptus “Citrus”

Fresh citrus scent! At home, it forms a bush up to 1 meter high. Leaves are green, oblong, 12-15 cm long and 1-2 cm wide.

Due to the content of essential oils, the leaves exude a strong lemon scent. Scares away insects.

Suitable for growing in pots and containers. Loves bright diffused light and abundant watering.

Silver eucalyptus “Bingo”

Silver eucalyptus "Bingo"Silver eucalyptus “Bingo”

Fragrant silvery leaves! At home, it grows up to 1 meter. Heart-shaped-rounded leaves, which have a bluish bloom and look silvery-ash, give the plant a stunning look and decorative effect.

Suitable for growing not only in pots, but also in containers.

Eucalyptus likes abundant watering and bright, diffused light.

Exakum “Juliet” and “Romeo”

Exakum "Juliet"Exakum “Juliet”
Romeo ExactRomeo Exact

Persian violet! Dense compact bush 10-15 cm high. Numerous miniature fragrant flowers with a diameter of 1,5 cm. Coloring is white or blue. Grown as a pot culture. Prefers sunny places and does not tolerate high temperatures. Feels great at + 17-20 ℃. Requires frequent spraying of leaves and abundant watering (as the soil dries up).

Large-flowered eustoma “Suite White” and “Suite Lilac”

Large-flowered eustoma "White Suite"Large-flowered eustoma “White Suite”
Eustoma large-flowered "Suite Lilac"Eustoma large-flowered “Suite Lilac”

Genetically undersized large-flowered series. The plant is compact, well-branched, 15-20 cm high.

The leaves are gray-green, as if covered with wax. Flowers are large, funnel-shaped, non-double, 5 cm in diameter. Does not require pruning and pinching. Grown as a pot culture. Prefers a sunny location.

Requires abundant watering (as the soil dries up) and frequent spraying of the leaves. Winters at + 10 ° С. Weekly dressings promote lush and longer flowering.

Terry eustoma “Rosy White” and “Rosy Pink”

Terry eustoma "Rosy White"Terry eustoma “Rosy White”
Terry eustoma "Rosy Pink"Terry eustoma “Rosy Pink”

The plant is undersized, terry, large-flowered. Good branching, height – 15-20 cm. Leaves are gray-green in color with a waxy effect. The flowers are funnel-shaped (white or pink), 5 cm in diameter. It does not need pruning and pinching. Most often grown as a pot culture. Prefers sunny places, watering is abundant (as the soil dries up), spraying of leaves is frequent. Winters well at + 10 ° С. If you feed every week, then the flowering of terry eustoma will be lush and long.

Eustoma Sapphire “Pink Haze” and “Blue Haze”

Eustoma Sapphire "Pink Haze"Eustoma Sapphire “Pink Haze”
Eustoma Sapphire "Blue Haze"Eustoma Sapphire “Blue Haze”

Original painting! Plant, 10-15 cm high, with gray, wax-like leaves. The flowers are large, funnel-shaped, bicolor with a border. Like previous eustomas, it loves sunny places, abundant watering and weekly feeding.

Growing indoor plants from seeds is a rewarding and exciting hobby, thanks to which we can create a very cozy atmosphere at home or at work. Following our recommendations, you will certainly be successful!

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