All about abutilone, or cable car – care

Kanatnik, or Abutilon, belongs to the Malvovy family. Very similar to a small maple. Evergreen, branching shrub up to three meters tall with maple leaves. The leaves are green, but sometimes they are found with yellow spots. It blooms from spring to autumn, but if the room temperature is kept cool, it can bloom in winter. Flowers are yellow (sometimes with a reddish tint), hanging on elongated pedicels. Unpretentious, grows quickly. In nature, it lives in South America.

Kanutnik, or Abutilon. Farmer Paul Hermans

Growing abutilone

Lighting: Abutilon is photophilous, so it is better to put it on the southern windows, but you need to make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on it.

Temperature: Loves cool air, no more than 17 degrees Celsius.

Watering: Abundant during growth. In winter, when the plant is dormant, watering should be reduced (make sure that the earth does not dry out).

Reproduction: Propagated best by seeds, but also by cuttings. Seeds sprout for 2-3 weeks (at a temperature of 22-28 degrees Celsius) after planting. And 5-6 months after sowing, they begin to bloom. It also reproduces easily by cuttings.

Kanutnik, or AbutilonKanutnik, or Abutilon. Farmer Mariluna

Trimming: Pruned in spring. Cut off the top of the head (so that the plant grows in breadth, not in height). The side branches are also cut off, but not much (for better flowering).

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Transfer: The plant is transplanted every spring into an earthen mixture, which consists of turf, peat, leaf, humus soil and sand in equal proportions. The dishes should be quite spacious, but the roots should envelop an earthen ball (in order for the plant to bloom well). If there is an opportunity to plant it in open ground for the summer, be sure to plant it.

Diseases: Due to temperature changes, the leaves of the plant fall off.

vermin: Very often Abutilon will be attacked by aphids, whiteflies, spider mites, mealybugs. In case of detection of pests, it is necessary to treat the leaves with a soft soapy sponge (on top of the leaf and under it). If it is a spider mite, then the air humidity around the plant should be increased.

Kanutnik, or AbutilonKanutnik, or Abutilon. Farmer Stan Shebs

The main types of abutilone

  • Megopotamsk ropeway, Abutilon megapotamicum – This species is distinguished by its flowers, which look like red and yellow lanterns.
  • Striped cable car, Abutilon striatum – A very popular look. Its leaves are covered with small yellow stripes. The flowers are pale orange.
  • Cello cable car, Abutilon sello (Abutilon sellowianum) – Also a very popular look. He himself is a shrub, which even in a small room can reach two meters in height. Its orange flowers are like bells, which are covered with a net of pink veins.
  • Kanatnik suntense, Abutilon suntense – Plant up to 4 meters, with huge heart-shaped leaves.
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Features of care for abutilone

  1. It does not hibernate and continues to grow rapidly as well, so be sure to water it.
  2. In the summer, it can calmly grow in your country house, the main thing is that it does not stand for a long time in the sun and in a draft. Growing outdoors, the plant will be less attacked by pests.
  3. This is more likely not a feature, but a disadvantage. The lower leaves of abutilon are very attractive to various pests. You can fight them with various chemicals.

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