Coral tree – care

The most common name coral tree is Jatropha multifeda from the Euphorbia family. This is a rather rare species of 150 species of jatropha. However, in specialized stores you can see the seeds of this plant. Jatropha is an evergreen graceful tree that can grow up to 2 meters in a few years. The leaves are feathery, somewhat similar to a fern.

Jatropha Multifida. Farmer Atamari

The plant is unpretentious. He loves spraying and washing off dust with a rain of cool water, but he can do without it. Shading also tolerates without problems, although, like many other plants, it loves sunlight.

The tree is quite drought-resistant. But remember, with frequent drying out of the earthy coma, the jatropha loses some of its leaves. But stagnation of water is simply not allowed: roots can rot! Therefore, take care of good drainage.

In winter, watering is reduced, and in summer it needs to be increased.

If in winter, due to unfavorable conditions, leaves are shed, then in spring they grow back.

The temperature of the content cannot fall below 15 degrees.

Jatropha Multifida
Jatropha Multifida

Jatropha is usually not susceptible to disease and pest attacks.

Blooms in summer in the very heat. It is covered with abundantly scarlet flowers with a diameter of about 1 cm, collected in an umbrella-shaped inflorescence. At this time, the plant looks like a bizarre coral bush. The contrast of scarlet and bright green leaves an indelible impression.

It is not necessary to artificially pollinate. The plant is self-pollinating, it regulates the number of fruits by itself.

Pinching the crown at the ends of the tree makes the crown more luxuriant.

Attention! The plant is poisonous enough, and all its parts, so the fruits are used only for planting new plants.

In summer, it is better to take it out into the open air, waiting for the air temperature to drop below 15 degrees. And prepare a large pot, as soon your coral tree will be a strong and tall plant.


Coral tree - care
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