5 indoor plants with the strictest leaf patterns

The choice of decorative deciduous plants today can surprise with colors, textures, effects and even unusual shapes. Exots compete for a place in interiors with classic plants, and capricious cultures “not for everyone” are not always more spectacular than the most unpretentious beauties. There are among indoor plants and cultures that offer to admire the absolute perfection of patterns: perfect lines and veins create symmetrical and strikingly accurate patterns. Such plants conquer with their elegant splendor of geometry. And they are perceived as flawless and unusually catchy.

Plants with strict patterns on the leaves in the interior

In the interior, indoor cultures with strict patterns do not always reveal their perfection from a positive side. Such plants require careful selection of placement. The background for them must be perfect, “clean”. But here are the winning textures of fabrics and wall finishes, they will emphasize and highlight the most luxurious decor items. Perfect patterns on plants with their strict ideal leaves set luxurious accents and give the impression of regal beauty that can “stretch” the interior to new heights or, conversely, emphasize ill-conceivedness and negligence.

Plants with the strictest leaf patterns are emphatically modern. They should not be used in nostalgic or historical interiors. Flawless beauty and play of lines organically look only where fashionable atmosphere and the latest trends have reigned. Such plants become real stars in eclectic interiors and in design with a focus on the play of textures, clean lines, and look good with modern and futuristic furniture.

One of the main talents of indoor plants with strict patterns on the leaves is the ability to attract attention and decorate even an empty, uninteresting room. They can replace any number of plants in the collection, easily coping with the task of full-fledged landscaping alone. It’s hard to find soloists better. But in groups, such cultures are able to reveal all the shortcomings of partners, and if they are not placed one by one, then only in the company of their own kind or plants with really flawless lines and leaves.

Chlorophytum in the interiorChlorophytum in the interior

Be prepared for the fact that perfection cannot be achieved without careful care. Such plants, to a greater extent than ordinary variegated plants, are sensitive to the correct selection of growing areas. Plants need careful selection of light intensity and a comfortable temperature regime. But the key factor in whether or not such crops will be able to reveal flawless patterns on the leaves is still care.

Mistakes in watering, dressing, and especially in the humidity of the air can lead to the fact that dried tips, spots or deformation will not allow the plant to reveal all its beauty. That is why, if you decide to buy an impeccable patterned soloist for your home, try to provide him with the same impeccable care.

There are so many variegated plants today that even the most picky buyers can find a plant to their liking. But it is really difficult to find really strict, impeccable patterns, as if drawn on the leaves with clean lines and geometric motifs, with symmetry for a sight for sore eyes.

Let’s take a closer look at the five best patterned plants and their uneasy disposition.

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