Planting hydrangeas in autumn in the open ground

In order for the garden to please you with beautiful inflorescences at any time, you need to take care of the proper planting of ornamental shrubs. in autumn, it’s not easy to move the flower from the pot to the open ground. There are a number of important factors that influence the development of the plant. .reachGoal (‘sood’); “>

  1. General information
  2. Selecting a location
  3. Characteristics of the soil
  4. Preparation of the soil mixture
  5. Planting <
  6. Highlights of leaving
  7. Feeding <
  8. Watering <
  9. Trimming
  10. Shrub rejuvenation
  11. Winter care
  12. Useful tips
  13. Conclusion <

Посадка гортензии осенью

Planting hydrangeas in autumn

General information

Hydrangea is a heat-loving flower that needs moisture and good fertile soil.If these components are observed by the grower, the autumn planting of hydrangea will be successful.

There are many different species of this plant, the most popular of them:

  • tree-like;
  • frayz;
  • garden (another name for large-leaved);
  • petiole;
  • vanilla;
  • panicled;
  • Sargent, etc.

Each of this species during landing has some peculiarities. But there are a number of general rules.

Choosing a place

Hydrangea is a photophilous flower, so it can be planted in warm regions where most of the time the sun prevails.

Seedlings must be protected from strong winds and excessive solar activity.At peak heat, tree and panicle hydrangeas are best protected with a little shading. If there is scattered light above the plant, then these are ideal conditions for development.

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Large-leaved hydrangea planted in a slightly darkened place is characterized by late flowering with a small number of flowers.

It is better to plant hydrangea in autumn on the eastern side, so that it gets the necessary amount of light before noon.

Soil characteristics

the bush grows well on good clay soils with a high humus content. Red earth soils are worse, sandy ones are not suitable at all.

Acceptable acidity is 5.5-6 pH, i.e. slightly acidic soil. In such areas, in large-leaved hydrangea, the most vivid inflorescences can be observed. If the pH is neutral, then the Shrub develops longer and the flowers lose their saturated color.

If hydrangea is planted in alkaline soil in the fall, this will lead to the development of a disease such as chlorosis. When plants grow on such soil, there is also a lack of Fe and Mg, therefore leaves and flowers turn pale.

When seedlings are planted, the soil is prepared in advance and the bush is additionally treated with a specialized solution.

Глинистая почва лучше всего подходит для выращивания гортензии

Clay soil is best suited for growing hydrangea

Preparation of the soil mixture

An excellent solution in this situation would be to prepare a balanced soil mixture. It includes:

  1. Sod, leaf and garden (chernozem) soil;
  2. Humus;
  3. Peat;
  4. Sand ;
  5. Urea (urea);
  6. Superphosphate (bone meal).
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To properly plant hydrangea in the fall, you should adhere to the following proportion: sand ground humus peat 1: 2: 1: 2. To this add 1-1.5 tbsp. l urea, 160-200 g of bone meal or 50-70 g of pure superphosphate.

If there is a pine or spruce forest nearby, then you can dig up suitable (loose) soil. If a seedling is planted in such soil, then there is no need to fertilize. It is strictly forbidden to add ash or lime to the finished substrate.


The distance when planting bushes is calculated based on varietal characteristics.

Planting panicle hydrangea in autumn should be at a distance of about 1.6-2.4 m, tree 1.4-2 m, garden up to 1-1.4 m. If the grower wants to plant a bush in spring or fall in a row, making a flower fence, then for such targets digging a trench 0.8-1.2 m wide.

To obtain earlier flowering, pits dig closer to each other, at a distance of 0.6-0.8 m. After 2 years, if necessary, shrubs cut and thin out.

The depth of the planting pits is small 0.3-0.4 m, width 0.5-0.65 m. The second parameter is greater, because the root system grows predominantly in breadth.

To properly plant hydrangea in the fall, it is better to adhere to the following instruction:

  • 15-25 days before the planting digs a hole;
  • the prepared soil mixture is poured into it;
  • then a seedling is taken and placed at a certain depth (the neck of the root is 2-3 cm lower than the soil level, if this indicator is not observed, the flower will not be able to grow normally) ;
  • the roots are straightened as much as possible and covered with soil from above;
  • the bush is poured I am a bucket of water and sprinkled on top with peat or sawdust so that moisture lingers inside the soil. Layer thickness up to 10 cm, circle diameter up to 25 cm;
  • the plant must be covered to protect it from gusty winds and excessive solar activity.

The planting dates for hydrangea are in autumn in September , and in the spring at the end of April or beginning of May.

If a flower is to be transplanted into the open ground, then in the northern (cold) regions this is best done in the spring. In the southern (warmer) regions this is autumn time.

Highlights of leaving

The first 2-3 years after the hydrangea was planted in the open ground in autumn, the inflorescence is cut off at the moment the first peas (buds) appear . This is necessary so that the root system receives enough power for normal growth.

Первые 2-3 года у гортензии срезают соцветие

First An inflorescence


is cut off for 2-3 years in hydrangea before planting hydrangea in the open ground in the fall, it is not fed. It is better to apply mineral and organic fertilizers at a certain time. Before mid-summer, acidic top dressing (ammonium or potassium sulfate) is added to the soil. From August to mid-autumn, bone meal and superphosphates are added.

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During the flowering period, potassium phosphate top dressing is added. This extends the laying of new kidneys. In order not to harm the bush, the grower should not:

  1. Allow excessive nitrogen. It contributes to the development of rot, reduces winter hardiness.
  2. Use ash. As a substitute, you can apply fertilizers suitable for rhododendron.
  3. To allow an excess of organic matter in the substrate, it contains bacteria that infect the flower.


A flower loves water, but in the fall it suffers from natural rainfall. In the summer, the bush is watered every 14-15 days for 10-20 liters of soft water.Under normal conditions, the irrigation frequency is reduced to 1 time in 7 days, the amount of water does not change.

To prevent the appearance of rot in the water, add 2 g of potassium permanganate. Irrigation is done in the near-stem region in the evening or in the morning. After that, the land around the bush will surely break up.


When planting hydrangea in the ground in the autumn, the bush can take root and prepare for winter. With the onset of spring, the grower must take care of the pruning of the bush. One-year-old hydrangea, which has only recently been planted on the street, cannot be trimmed.

According to the type of pruning, all known types of hydrangeas are divided into groups.


This includes petiole, garden, serrate , Sargent, prickly and oak-leaved. These species need cosmetic and standard (sanitary) pruning. With the onset of spring or autumn, each 4 branch that is older than three years is pruned. Much attention is paid to weak, broken and growing inward branches. In addition to giving a unique shape, pruning increases the level of flower formation.

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Planting a tree of hydrangea in autumn, as well as panicled, allows pruning until the eyes open. The most favorable period is the end of March. These plants are made formative pruning, if the bush is oversaturated with flowers, then the inflorescences will be small. Frozen stems are cut to the first living kidney.

Rejuvenation of the bush

Regardless of when the bush was planted, it should be rejuvenated. To do this, the stems are trimmed at a height of 4-6 cm from the ground level.

Even if the garden hydrangea was planted in the autumn, they need to be trimmed a bit so that young shoots grow in the spring. So the decorative bush is preserved.

Even in autumn, wilted inflorescences are cut. This is done so that under the snow cover, the stems do not break.

Winter care

Hydrangea can be planted in autumn with cuttings and fully formed bushes. The main thing is to carefully prepare the bush for the cold at this time.

Some varieties have excellent winter hardiness, so to preserve them it is enough to mulch. In the southern regions, gardeners manage with hilling. But in conditions of the middle and northern strip, hydrangea must be covered or dug up for wintering in the house. They begin to prepare the measures at the end of October and beginning of November.

Young seedlings should be brought into the house, or insulated with something else.

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Useful tips

Cultivation and care:

  • If you plan to dry the flowers, then they are cut after blooming. Then they are connected and left in a dark place.
  • It is recommended to plant ground cover plants in the trunk circle.
  • the shrub is also grown as a pot culture. In winter, transferred to an enclosed space.With the onset of springtime, they are placed in a warm place where there is no direct light. In the summer, the flower is taken out onto the street. In the fall, hydrangea can be planted in open ground.

How to plant hydrangea? Planting hydrangea in the ground.
05 04 17 Landing spring tree hydrangea seedling
Planting Hydrangeas 7 cottages


Hydrangea is also suitable for home and for personal growing conditions.In order for the Shrub to develop normally, it is necessary not only to plant it, but also to organize timely watering, fertilizing, pruning and preparation for winter time. Another important point to consider is the prevention of diseases and pests

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