How to choose nicknames for lamb and sheep

Every animal, like man, needs a name. Having received the nickname, it becomes an equal member of the family. Nicknames for lambs and lambs are no less important than for a puppy or kitten living in the house.

  1. How to choose a nickname for a ram or sheep
  2. Name by suit
  3. Name by special appearance criteria
  4. Name by character
  5. Names from cartoons
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Как подобрать клички для овец и баранов

How to choose nicknames for sheep and rams

There are a huge number of stories in which the nicknames for the lamb or the nicknames for the sheep sound very funny.The life of pets with original names often develops the same unusually.

We all become attached to our animals and want to be able to call them, to contact them somehow. They say that as you name the ship, it will sail, it can also be attributed to pets. But sometimes it’s not the fate of the animal that depends on the name, but rather, it is selected based on the characteristic features of a particular individual.

How to choose a nickname for a sheep or a sheep

to choose a nickname for a sheep, there are a lot of criteria that can be followed, for example:

  • season or month of birth,
  • external characteristics,
  • behaviors;
  • the nature of the goat.

Quite often, a pet is called based on the time of year in which it was born.Each season consists of three months, and if the goat appeared in March, its name is often Marta. Great would be the nickname for the sheep if they were born in May: Maya or May. If the sheep appeared in July, her name is Yulka or Yulik. August individuals are best called August or Augustine.

There are months that will not be easy to pronounce when remade. For example, those born in November are often referred to as Noyabrina or Noyabrik. The sound can be easily simplified by reducing to Inna or Noah.

You can take as a basis not a separate month of birth, but a whole time of the year. So easily we can call the sheep of Leta (with emphasis on the first syllable) or Spring (with the same emphasis).

Name by suit

Often an animal is given a nickname based on the color of his coat. You can expand this association by recalling any fairy-tale characters of the same suit.

For example, if your pet is white, you can give it the nickname Snezhinka, Snow White, Belyanka. If the lamb is gray or black, then the nickname Chernushka, Smokey, Gypsy or Gypsy is suitable.

Even in choosing a nickname, there is an opportunity to make a start from the presence and location of spots, if any. For example, a goat with a spot on the forehead will be an Asterisk, and if the speck has the shape of a flower, you can give it the nickname Flower or Rosette.

Nickname by special appearance criteria

If you call a ram or a goat by features in appearance, you can get pretty funny and interesting nicknames. If there is a beard in the beast, it can be called an Old Lady, an Old Man or a Beard. Also, pets are born with a hole / dot / earring in the ear, then the name Modnik or Fashionista, Parisian, Aphrodite, Pretty is suitable.

Выбор кличек для овец и баранов по внешности

The choice of nicknames for sheep and rams in appearance

Curly kids or lambs are called Kudrenysh, Tulupchik, Kudrya, Fur coat.

Noteworthy when choosing nicknames and character of the pet. If someone is overly affectionate, you can call him Laska, Businka, Busya, Charovnitsa. If the breed is decorative, the nickname can become diminutive, for example, Masik, Masya, Baby, Baby, Baby.

Name by character

Absolutely any animal has the most unique features, you just need to watch a little. Noticing that the kid loves to play, tease friends, he is given the nickname Jin, Typhus, Toy. Some representatives like to show their voice, they should be nicknamed Singer or Singer, Opera. You can even give a name in honor of any entertainer.

Affectionate individuals are usually called Laska, Mila, Havrosh, Ladusey.If the lamb shows a strong character and sometimes looks down upon others, you can give it the name of a famous artist, then the herd will have its own Michael Jackson or Cher, Philip Kirkorov, Basque, etc. Goats or rams with the character of a warrior, which are often seen in brawls, are called Perun, Zeus, Ariadne, Diana or Apollon.

Funny nicknames are obtained, given the nature of the pet. They are called the names of animals in which similar traits are pronounced, for example, Fox, Hare, Elephant. This helps to demonstrate their cunning, cowardice, clumsiness.

Cartoon Names

Well, of course, you can’t do without the names of your favorite Disney cartoon characters :

  • Peter Pan,
  • Cinderella,
  • Ariel,
  • Rapunzel,
  • Mickey (from Mickey Mouse).

There is an amazing opportunity to recall Soviet fairy tales, such as “Koza-Dereza”, “Havrosha”, “Kotigoroshka”, “Boy with a finger”, “Kolobok” .

Nicknames that have a connection with food sound funny and very cute. You can call a goat or a lamb Cheesecake, Plush, Bagel or Bagel. You can also recall the names of your favorite fruits: Lemon, Orange, Apricot, Strawberry, Peach, Cherry. So you can name a pet, based on the color of the coat or the taste preferences of the animal.

It is also not necessary to do with a large variety of fruits, because there are still vegetables, berries and already cooked dishes.It’s interesting when a pet is called Kartokh or Buryachok, Salatik, Pyureshka, Pie, Malinka, Watermelon, Zucchini, Mr. Tomato, etc.

Sheep in the pasture
Sheep in the pasture.
Sheep in the pasture


When choosing a nickname for a ram or a sheep, you should turn on your imagination and choose a name that will appeal to you. It may also happen that the most appropriate names are simply invented sounds.Then you can get Agusha, Aulka, Kukusha or Kukus, Vozya, Zyazya and so on.

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