What is the dream of a sheep or ram

Like any other symbol, a sheep or a sheep in a dream can have different meanings, depending on the dream context and the dreamer’s personal perception. For a successful interpretation of sleep, it is very useful to know the generally accepted meaning of this symbol, but you should also listen to your own associations and the voice of intuition. To find out why a sheep is dreaming, try to understand what it means to you personally in this particular situation.This value can either coincide with the generally accepted one or completely differ from it.

  1. General value
  2. Sheep or sheep
  3. Coat color
  4. Dead or Alive
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К чему снится баран или овца

What does a sheep or sheep dream of

General value

A sheep entering each dream book is most often interpreted as wealth and well-being. Modern dream books: esoteric, English, Miller, Islamic and Muslim – they all agree on a common interpretation of the symbol. (However, the last two have their own nuances related to the culture, religion and life of Muslim countries.)

According to most dream books, a sheep or lamb, peacefully behaving, represents prosperity, comfort, wealth and stability.

It should be remembered that the appearance and behavior of the lamb, as well as the feelings that it causes in humans, can make significant changes in the interpretation of the symbol. Try to remember the lamb from the dream in detail: one he was either in the herd, large or small, kind or aggressive. The coat of the animal matters: its color and general condition.In addition, it is very important to analyze what role the lamb plays in the dream and what feeling the dreamer evokes.

A ram or a sheep

In fact, it doesn’t really matter who becomes the guest of dreams is a sheep or a sheep, if each of them grazes calmly, has light coat and well-groomed appearance. However, there are still some differences. So, the lamb, which has larger sizes, impressive horns and gender, symbolizes the active principle. The lamb is associated with meekness, and therefore is a more passive symbol.

Applying these characteristics to dream situations, you can get additional information for their interpretation (the upcoming profit will be passive, success will require active actions, etc.). Such a feature may relate to the character of a certain person from the environment or symbolize the dreamer’s personal attitude to the situation. As for the little lambs, they have both characteristics (lambs are affectionate and harmless, but restless and frisky). Often, lambs symbolize young children, and therefore have a similar interpretation: care, vanity, permanent employment.

Color of hair

One white lamb or a whole herd of white animals is a good a sign that portends well-being and prosperity. Accordingly, a black ram or a black sheep have a negative meaning: failure, betrayal, an insidious friend.Seeing in a dream a whole herd in which all the lambs are white and one is black suggests that soon the person who had a dream will be able to stand out and draw attention to himself. Most often, this dream relates to the business sphere: management will note and appreciate your efforts.

If you dreamed of a white but dirty lamb (to such an extent that its coat is almost black), this means that to achieve success you will need to make more effort than expected. If the sheep in the dream is not just white or black, but flaunts with an unnaturally bright color (green, pink, etc.), unexpected events await you.

Some dream books believe that such sheep dream of unrealizable expectations and in vain dreams, however, they can denote a reality so amazing and extraordinary that it is difficult to believe in it. To see a whole flock of colorful sheep means a kaleidoscope of bright events and exciting experiences.

Alive or dead

To dream a dead sheep or a ram is a bad sign. Such a dream promises failure, loss, loss and disappointment. Also, most dream books attach a negative value to dreams in which the dreamer cuts sheep or rams with his own hands. A dream warns of the possibility of a foolish act that will lead to unnecessary regrets. In general, a living sheep in a dream (even weak and sick) is much better than a dead one.

However, Muslim dream books often give dreams about the “slaughter of the sheep” a different meaning and see in them a prediction of the successful completion of affairs. Perhaps this is due to the traditions of the Muslim people to serve the ram to all sorts of celebrations and significant events. In addition, according to Muslim dream books, it is considered a good sign to eat lamb dishes in a dream. It is believed that such a meal promises wealth, success and good luck in business. (It is interesting that Muslims especially believe in the last night’s dream, just before morning: it is he who is most important.)


To see a huge flock of sheep in a dream – to the forthcoming gain of wealth and a prosperous life. If the herd is scattered in different directions and you can’t put it together in any way, this means that there will be obstacles in the affairs of the team. It may be difficult for employees to achieve cohesion and understanding. In general, grazing a large number of sheep means organizational work with employees or subordinates.

If in one of your dreams a flock of sheep attacks you, this indicates conflicts with people around you. If you do not just meet these sheep, but are forced to graze a herd, conflicts will arise in relations with subordinates. To dream in a dream a lot of lambs or rams, from which one animal was beaten off, to the appearance of a special person in life. It will have a significant impact on the worldview or the current state of affairs (and, possibly, on both).

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Other interpretations

  1. What is the dream of a sheep or a sheep, from which the hair is sheared? A lot of trimmed wool indicates a good profit. If you cut your hair crookedly, there may be obstacles and annoying misunderstandings in your business.
  2. In a dream, seeing a sheep waiting for a litter is a valuable gift or an inheritance.To see newborn lambs in a dream, being present at childbirth, to new acquaintances, which will become the beginning of a good friendship.
  3. To saddle a sheep in a dream means to be warned that it will be possible to achieve the desired goal. If you dreamed of a ram that you saddled, this indicates a difficult matter that will succeed.
  4. If an avid bachelor dreamed of a ram that he buys (or a sheep), you should expect marriage. The positive significance of such dreams is also that the party promises to be very successful, and family life – happy.
  5. Dreaming of an aggressive butting ram and running away from it – to doubtful acquaintances and relationships. The conclusion that should be drawn from such dreams: be more discriminating in acquaintances and take a closer look at people.
  6. If you dream of peaceful and well-groomed lambs that you are happy to stroke, this indicates an upcoming pleasant conversation with friends or new nice people.
  7. The Japanese dream book claims: if you dream a ram’s head, it promises unexpected profits. And if in a dream it happens to see a lamb or a sheep without a head, you can not regret the recently done stupidity, because it will turn out to be an unexpected benefit.
  8. If a person thinking about marriage suddenly dreamed of a black lamb, he should think better. The subconscious mind gives signs: perhaps this partner is not very suitable for living together.
  9. If you dreamed of one little lamb steadily following on your heels, you will become the object of courtship of a person from whom you do not expect manifestations of feelings at all.
  10. If you dream of bleating sheep, you will be unhappy with the statements of your friends .
  11. To family people sick sheep and rams dream of a warning: someone is trying to harm the marriage.
  12. Some dream books believe that the sheep caught in a dream are also a warning. They dream if a person is in danger of being involved in a lawsuit.

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