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Once in the market, in the rows of flowers, I saw something in a crumpled coffee can that amazed me. On a small plant, bright yellow and pink flowers bloomed at the same time, and the buds on the unblown umbrella inflorescences were cream. The leaves are pubescent, rather rough. I have a lot of flowers, different and rare, but I have never seen such a thing.

Lantana Chamber. Farmer Mercewiki

So I got this plant, which bears the name of lantana camara. It comes from Brazil, where it grows up to 2 m in height, and in indoor conditions it usually does not exceed 40 cm. Lantana grows quite quickly, therefore it must be systematically trimmed. This promotes the formation of new shoots, on which charming flowers appear. Strangely, in the photographs in the books, lantana loses a lot and looks more than modest, even insulting for her.

This plant blooms from spring to late autumn, then a short rest for the winter, and lantana camara blooms and smells again. For the summer, it is better to take the bush to fresh air. Lantana loves the sun, but it is better to protect it from the scorching midday rays. If lantana does not have enough light, then it does not bloom profusely.

West Indian LantanaLantana Chamber (West Indian Lantana). Farmer Mercewiki

In watering, moderation and accuracy must be observed. If the plant is flooded, it will have a bad effect on flowering, and if the earthen lump dries up, the leaves will fall off. The dry air of a city apartment is tolerable, but from time to time the leaves can be sprinkled with water at room temperature.

The soil requirements are modest – a mixture of garden soil with leaf and sand. But for good growth and full development during the growing season, it is necessary to feed the lanthanum every two weeks with a weak solution of a complete complex fertilizer. An excess of it can cause a strong growth of green mass to the detriment of flowering. And during the hibernation period, lantana does not need to be fed. And in general, in winter, it is advisable for her to find a place colder, 5-8 degrees, but so that it will be light.

Lantana ChamberLantana Chamber. Farmer Zeynel Cebeci

Yes, and more. If you have enough willpower and your hand does not tremble when pruning plants, then by methodically removing the side shoots, you can grow lantana in the form of a tree, and give the crown the shape of a ball. When the time comes, flowers will appear on this tree – cream, bright yellow and pearl pink. What do you think? Quite right. Beauty is a terrible force.

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